Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Thank you!! Eventually I will open an etsy shop…


Checking in day 60 - 2 months sober! :tada::sparkling_heart:going to celebrate by taking myself to the beach in the morning!


Day 22…checking in friends. Visualise it…its yours :slight_smile:


71 days of continuous sobriety are complete. Good night.


Day 9 sober. You are welcome! I hope this time to do things well


Checking in day 278 from beautiful Hawaii. In spite of the beauty, there are so many triggers.


On day 10! Double figures. Wowza to me. Thankyou TS. :rainbow:


Near the end of day 3. Sitting here watching tv at 8pm and suddenly realised I hadn’t thought about having a drink for a couple of hours. Then thought how awesome is that!! And I don’t even feel like any!! Bring on Day 4 tomorrow :facepunch:


Congratulations! That sounds like a perfect way to celebrate!


Day 377. Man, my moods have been terrible! Anger, anger, anger! Chemical depression has been full blown. But this is what happens when we reduce my Seroquel. It’s a bit easier knowing that this just happens and that it won’t last forever, but nothing helps the hours at work when I hate everyone. Haha, my co-workers find it somewhat hilarious when I’m expressing my hate. I’m completely open with them about what’s going on. The shitty part is that my mother is making this worse. She’s an opioid addict and just had major surgery, so pain killers were in the mix. She’s straight up lying to me know. I have texts from a week after surgery where she is all stressed out about getting more Percocet, then Thursday she straight up lied and said she was only on morphine the day after and hasn’t touched a pain killer since. It’s killing me to be honest. On top of that neither her or my dad have said shit about my one year anniversary. Uggh! This too shall pass!

Anyway, life marches forward and the days still keep piling up. Never give up people! Let’s get another 24!


Good morning friends. Had a great day yesterday and looking forward to the same today. Just 2 work days this coming week and then we’re off to Denver to visit our youngest and her husband. Have a great day!


Haha. I kept thinking I better get the starts of an ass from this lol.


Checking in day 34. Feeling pretty good.


Day 21! Off on a bike ride and it will probably take me to the beach. I miss the ocean but so triggering during tourist season. Should be early enough to get a swim in before all the bikinis show up. I’ll be back on here when I get home to check in again.

Edit: I made the decision NOT to ride to the beach. I realized that this is Sunday and Sundays have been the hardest days for me to stay sober so why even do that to myself? The Ocean will be there tomorrow and I will stay sober today.


Yay!! Amazing job! @MandiH was supposed to take ME to the beach today too…


Go you @Gabe.G you have been half a month ahead of me the whole time and I Hope it stays that way, one day at a time. Great to see your recovery and that you check in :muscle::muscle::muscle:

Day 471 here! Just came home from the Sunday breakfast, two speaker meeting. Sobriety, recovery and life is currently on a steady upward spiral and things are really working :blush:

Hang in there you all out there! It is so worth it! :purple_heart::blush::unicorn::pray::seedling:


Day 182
I’m laying on my balcony chair and sipping veggie juice. I’m starting to get a little nervous about tomorrow when my new job starts. I had an appointment there last week on thursday so I already met the whole team. This situation would have been a huge problem last year. I think I would’ve taken some pills for calming down in combination with a glass of wine and then fuck up the first day of work.
But I won’t :blush:
I wish you guys a beautiful sober day :heart::pray:


@MandiH and I are having coffee. Talking about sobriety and life. Day 5 for me!!


Congratulations! Fivr days! Is amazing, if you were anything like me, five days took everything in you to get too. While in active addiction the most I could ever go was 2-3 days without using. Keep it up and always remember everyday is a victory for yourself! Keep it up and your life will only continue to get better! One day at a time. We stay


Yes!! It takes everything I have to contain my anger. But I’m doing it, day by day.