Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Wow! Hit this number today…woot woot


That’s Super Sober Rosey, getting better at getting better, each and every day!


That’s amazing, way to go!! And look how nicely life is rewarding you, I love it!!


Haven’t “checked in” in a few days but I’m at 23 and 1/2!! Feeling good. A month is closely but surely creeping up!!


Had to reset. I’m disappointed but not giving up. I hate hitting reset. My life is so good without alcohol so I have to stop letting myself have that first drink. I know better just have to stick to what I know and not what my impulses want!


Get back at it.


Today I look at my disease of alcoholism like shingles. (If you’ve had chicken pox, the virus stays in your body, lays dormant & can emerge at anytime your immune system is down). My ‘immune system’ today is my sober state of mind. I stay humble, fly under the radar, keep my ego in check, remain grateful, trust God & show others the way. It’s working!


For real? 26+ yrs? Goodonya! I’ll bet you did that one day at a time, too. :wink:


Way to go, kinda twin!


You bet! No other way. And still do :slight_smile:


Nicely done!! Keep it up!! I’m only 5 short (long) days behind you!! Get it!!


28 days. Stoked, and staying positive, despite having dealt with some mild annoyances today.

Have a strong day!!!


Keep up the good work fella. U have to keep focused on yourself. Once you are better in yourself then you can help the marriage and people around you.
Keep strong :muscle:


Mild annoyances are the worst…I very seldomly make coffee at home…well today I really felt like I could enjoy a cup…some dark roasted brewing…opened a carton of milk, poured it in…and the milk had gone off…FOR FUCKS SAKE…nearly impossible to recover from such disaster :wink:


Whatever isn’t working, change it up and action those plans… one day at a time - you can do this!


Day 4 :facepunch: woke up with that sick anxious ball in my chest… “urgh hungover again” then remembered I didn’t drink! Best feeling ever :blush:


377!! Wow! You, are an inspiration!! Keep up the amazing work!!


Yay for no hangovers!!! You got this!


Praying you will resist the temptations. You have a beautiful amount of sober days


Day 51. Still in the same apartment. Maybe we’re staying another month? I don’t know, I’ve given up asking. My name isn’t on the lease, so my husband is the one communicating with the manager, and this is one of the most insecure living situations I’ve been in. Depressed but still sober, so that’s something. I miss my parents and wish I was spending 4th of July with them.