Checking in daily to help maintain focus


No, not international. But there are always a lot of Samba festivals in the summer. At least here in the Netherlands :grinning:


I tossed everything!


Hahaha WHY!!! And how do these wrappers/papers materialize??? I feel like this is my every morning. Have a great day :slight_smile:


Sending strength and sober vibes. I do a lot of charity golf tournaments and never close to sober. You’ve got this! Plus, you have us :slight_smile:


Checking in day 13… yesterday we started packing for our move. Found lots of empty bottles hidden during black outs. Pretty humbling for a gal that likes to convince herself she doesn’t have a problem.

I am super grateful for a 2nd weekend of waking up sober! I love this.


I am still finding empty beer cans, 78 days later…it was like I was trying to hide how much I was drinking…from myself


Thank you for the support…this forum appeared just when i needed it most. Very inspirational to know i am not alone in this battle against addiction…and neither are you :slight_smile:


Day one off alcohol. I slipped again last night. I was doing so well but lately stress has taken control. I’M DONE. I will not go back anymore. This is it. Checking in from now on to make sure I keep accountable.


Drinking is simply not an option, repeat…thus goes thru my head…over and over…hang in there…you will get it…


Well done! And what about the rain?


Day 1 check in


2.5 days! Feeling good. Going to cravings is not fun and I’m thinking about alcohol almost 24/7 - thoughts of should I really give this up? Why am I giving this up? Will I miss out on having fun? Why am I giving something up that I enjoy? I’m happy and fun when I’m drinking so why stop?

Weight loss, clearer, brighter, better skin, better sleep, no hangovers, no worrying about driving or how to get home, no fuzzy memory, better focus and clarity, saving money, feeling empowered. There are a ton of people who don’t drink that love life and have a great time who look better, feel better, and love better than those who drink.


Sounds like you are having a great week!


Hi I am on day 2, I am having all the same thoughts, but I guess we need to keep reminding ourselves of why.

I binge drink not drink everyday so I can put myself in stupid situations so enough is enough, either a happy life sober or never fully being happy.

My partner hardly ever drinks in fact he would prefer if he didn’t and he sure isn’t missing out on anything.

I do worry though it’s the only thing that makes me fun or interesting.


No. It isn’t want makes you fun and interesting.
Being an alcohol free version of you will :blush:


That worry…is that horrible little voice that we all have…its just trying to get you to drink…i hate that little voice…ignore the crap out of it…


Have a realy bad day today, feel like having a drink the whole time. Today I am sober for 1 week.
Dam this is hard… :disappointed_relieved::roll_eyes::rage:


That’s reassuring to hear he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out. My thing is too I start thinking, it’d be nice just to have a glass of wine on a nice day sitting on my deck. But I know that one glass will turn into 4 or 5 because why drink if you’re not going to get buzzed at least. Which is a feeling I love but why? You’re focus is off, you’re in a day dream state not really engaged fully in whatever it is you are doing. It’s just not worth it.


You can do it! Great job!


No rain at all, a lot of sweat instead! :joy::drum::sunglasses: