Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Thank you for the prayers. I’m not going to let them get to me and my sobriety. This place is too beautiful and I’ve come too far to blow it over others.


Checking in day 61 sober :blossom:


Day 472 :sun_with_face:

Work time and it’s all good. Sharing my story in my home Group tonight. Scaaary!


Day 23…checking in friends. Whether you believe that YOU CAN DO THIS or that you believe that you can’t…your right. :slight_smile:


One week sober! :tada::tada::tada:


I’m coming to the end of my day 4. I havent been able to get to the end of day 4 for the past 5 months… this afternoon I had to go to the pharmacy for my daughter and normally I wouldn’t be able to resist stopping in at the bottle-o. As I approached the bottle-o my mind was in turmoil… should I? Shouldn’t I? Over and over… gripped the steering wheel, thought about the impending hangover, the disappointment on my daughters face and said no damn It! I want my day 4 and my day 5 tomorrow! Feels bloody brilliant!


Checking in day 15.71. Survived the dentist today, 2 fillings and $300 later! Slowly working through all the damage done from drinking and smoking :blush:. Cleaned the oven, made a Trifle and mini meringues with the kids who just started their school holidays. All in all a pretty good day! Night all :sunflower:


This is the spirit!! I have to live like this!! Today 10 days


Way to go! You are a strong woman! You’ve got this!!


Checking in… day 6 for me. I can’t believe tomorrow makes a week!! Eeek!!


Day 114. Spent most of the weekend lazing around, super hot and I felt nauseous and dizzy often this weekend. Still not at all feeling 100% but I’m actually excited to go back to work today lol. Happy Monday all!


Day 6 and first time in 3 months making it past day 4.5. Can’t wait for day 7.
Have a great day everyone x


Day 22! Another weekend down and I’m past 3 weeks. I’m not really looking forward to work today. It has always been a respite from my addiction so it was relieving, but now I just don’t want to go in. Things are getting better with my wife and I, she let me hold her for a while last night which is a huge get for me. :heart_eyes:


Thanks Alison! You’re a champ too… omg day 7 tomorrow woohoo :facepunch:


Way to go! Days 4 and 5 are the most difficult for me as well! You are doing great x


Cheers, you’re doing really well also, go get that 7 days! :blush:


I know right! I can’t believe it!


Checking in. Day 538. The hot weather returns to DEN today. Thank God there is no humidity (FYI - Denver is a high plains desert.) Urban hiking his morning then coffee with an AA friend. Keep Sober and Carry On.


Day number 173. Went out with friends for a tour around the cities drift stores and fleemarkets…Found a new hat…It’s been raining since yesterday and it’s quite cold aswell. No matter, I’m in a good mood. Now I’m going to hit the gym and then a meeting and that’s it for today…hope Mexico will end Brazil in the WC…Have a nice one where ever you are :wink:


Checking in day 35… some pretty rough stuff happened yesterday. Will chat about it later as I’m in a huge rush to get out the door right now, but wanted to check in.