Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I know exactly what you mean, if we are having to even think about this scenario we know we aren’t going to stop at 1. So best to stop.

He isn’t missing out and I certainly don’t think he is missing out either.


Checking in. I managed almost a year of not drinking and then messed it up. I started not working hard enough on it, not taking it seriously enough, not doing the things that help me not drink, like checking here and yoga. I haven’t been drinking in crazy way, its quote unquote moderate; but I can feel that I could easily slip back to wanting to drink every night, and I dont want to go there. I’m healthier and a better parent and more clear minded with zero alcohol. So, starting over, I hope with more humility and mindfulness about how it’s not something I can take for granted.


Keep it sober and don’t listen to that “maybe I wasn’t so bad” voice ever. I get it talking to me saying “it’s been two years now, you nailed it… Have a drink”. Thing is, why would I want a drink? Even if I could moderate, why would I want to? Do I really need to take a drug to enjoy life?

On that point, when you first come off drink, it will seem like life is very grey at times. This is called PAWS and used to hit me about every three months. You’ve been bathing your brain in a stiff that mimics seretonin. The brain starts shutting down its seretonin receptors and producing less of its own. You also train your brain to expect this drug hit whenever it’s Friday, you’re feeling down, celebrating, relaxing, just back from work, on holiday, etc etc. Your brain is good at learning.

So you’ve got to retrain your brain to no longer expect that hit and for brain has to recalibrate to get used to no longer being bathed in alcohol. It takes time. When it’s done, you’ll be in a much better place. Happier than when you used to drink and also not just happy in the time you were drinking. Alcohol is a depressant as we all know. That “feel good” feeling only lasts about 15-20 minutes and then you need more and we all know where that leads.

We’re not supposed to drink ethanol, even if it is flavored and chilled and diluted. It’s poisonous. Drinking it is stupid and life without its so so much better.

Case in point, today I’ve picked up and fixed my daughters bikes (they’re now cycling on them), I’ve fed everyone a meal they loved, I’ve mowed the lawn, chopped some wood and fixed three doors which were not closing properly…and cleaned up after myself! Had I been drinking last night, I’d have achieved screw all today. I’ve enjoyed doing what I’ve done. I don’t need a beer to appreciate a nice sunny day, a glass of chilled water is just as nice… And it’s way better for me and cheaper too!

Right, off to check on the girls.


Just a Note on the 83rd birthday of AA. These two men met on the 10th of June 1935 in Acron, Ohio. No matter what you may think of the program and fellowship, these two men started off something that has saved lives worldwide. The basic idea is Actually One alcoholic talking to another, helping each other. That is what we do on here, regardless of program, fellowship or whatever is helping us :purple_heart::pray:

I am wondering if these details are against anonymity? But it was posted on a site online so I am Hoping it is ok. They are the founders after all!


I grew up not to far from Akron, oh…never new that. Thank you for the info!


Back again, not a whole day yet… Ugh


But, you came back.


Day 29. Unpacking some major childhood baggage.


Welcome back!


151…last gym of the week and then just hanging out with a friend…Saw Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and some 55 year old wanna be guitar player…not impressed…


I very much agree and listening to the lies I have told myself since my 1st rehab 31 years ago, I need not listen to the psycho voice inside of me. And YES, soooo productive when sober.


3 days in 2 hours!


Keep it up, add 1 more day


Heyyy!! It’s been pretty rough!! But I’m staying strong!! Kudos to you!! Stay in the fight! We got this!!!


Day 180, can hardly believe I’ve made it this far.

I wish I had something inspirational to say about how I did it, but I’m sick and have felt like garbage all day. On the bright side though, being sick has afforded me the ability to lay on the couch and watch TV all day guilt free, something I haven’t done in years.


Day 1, again… why is this so hard?
I got into a fight with my fiancé last night and drove away drunk to the nearest bar. Luckily I got back home without hurting anyone.
The thought of being completely sober terrifies me, but I also know I need to do it.
I’m so tired of feeling the shame and guilt that comes with drinking, and not remembering things I’ve said or done.


Half hour away from 3 days, out at my boyfriend’s gig, having fun, drinking tonic and lime or ginger beer and lime and having a fucking dumbass craving. Anxiety radiating through my body. Cool…:rage:


Mike, getting after it for 6 months! Every day, getting better at getting better!


Congratulations everyone! We are doing it, one day at a time. I’m sober 40 days today. I’m working through a lot of anger I never let myself feel as I child, that I pushed down very very deep. I am working with a psychologist and have been for the last 5 years. I’m finally ready to face the things that alcohol was - initially- helping me manage. But then the alcohol became unmanageable, and here I am. It’s extremely confronting, to feel the things alcohol stopped me feeling, but despite all the pain, it feels so much healthier and honest this way. :blossom:


7 days, today. Stoked!