Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Yeah. :joy: his first one ever. He was a champ.


I’m sorry you’re having these challenges. You will come out the other side stronger I’m sure. Hugs


Are they as bad for people as they are for dogs? I’ve never seen 1!


Day 1. Found this app & forum and feeling thankful.


Ooh, where do you live? I may want to move there. They are terrible in Maine and just as bad for people, yuck!


Qld :joy:. I know they’re really dangerous on dogs, other than that I dont know a great deal about them. There’s probably plenty here too just maybe more in the country/bush I guess. I’m in the burbs!


Great job girl!! I hear you about the lack of sleep, but in the end it will be well worth it! Get it!


Oh are you are on the gc? Me too!


We caught it pretty quick, so I think it’s ok. I’ve had a few over the years. Never caught anything. :woman_shrugging: they are definitely more in tall grasses/ wooded areas.


Almost 16 months of sobriety, and I have never slept better! Just keep it up. Life gets really awesome after you get through the beginning rough stuff.


I’m totally exhausted, but it’s going to be worth it in the end! I haven’t been this excited yet terrified in a long time!


I’m in good old Logan :joy:


Day 52. Feeling better than yesterday. I’m going to start working on breaking the habit of picking my skin, which is often subconscious. It’s an unhealthy soothing behavior for my anxiety that I’ve had since I can remember. It’s gotten worse since I stopped drinking, and I don’t want to continue. I’ve already reset the counter three times in the past day, but I made it almost 12 hours so that’s my first big goal.


Ah Logan Bogan :joy::joy: not saying you are but you know what I mean lol. I lived in Woodridge several yrs ago for 12 months so I can’t talk! Nice to find a local on here though x


Day 473 :purple_heart::pray:

Shared my story in my home Group yesterday and the shares after touched my heart on Such a deep level. Hearing others who have seen me grow this year from crazy to what I am becoming now. It’s Unbelievable :purple_heart: Filled with an enormous amount of Gratitude :pray:

Picture above is symbolic. What do you see in the picture? The sunset yesterday was magic. Couldn’t get a proper picture because of the fence and construction work. That is how my life can be, a fence of fears stopping me or chaos in my life. However if I look beyond that I can find beauty and the more I focus on beauty the more wonderful my life becomes :purple_heart::unicorn::pray:

I am beyond words for how I feel about life right now. I Sure have and am putting in the foot work. Bit by bit things fall into place and my will to live life has never been stronger :purple_heart:


Day 24…checking in friends. All is well :slight_smile:


Yes it is! Not many aussies on the forum. I like to think us Logan bogans are a step up from your average run of the mill bogan :joy::joy::joy:. I try and avoid Woodridge as much as humanly possible, we’re in Logan central. Not a whole heap of difference bit we’ll take what we can get lok


Day 201, a hot day in the Netherlands again: 29 celcius.

Mosquito= mug
Bee= bij
Snail= slak
Flee= vlooi

Have a nice sober day💋


Morning of day 9. I feel much better. Anxiety has disappeared. This is when I normally say to myself that I can have a drink, just one. Life would be wonderful if I could do it. I don’t need to get drunk. Just one. Maybe two. Ok. It’s a special occasion. Let’s have another one and then I won’t touch a drop of alcohol for the rest of the week. With the exception of the weekend. But Friday I won’t drink. Saturday I might have a beer with friends and Sunday alcohol free. Mmmhh maybe Sunday is sunny and it would be nice to have a cold beer in the garden.
So, this is why I’m here. Avoid the first drink. Don’t even think about it. There are so many other things I can do, and tomorrow I’ll be full of energies. I need to be sober to work on my dreams :slight_smile:


Checking in, day 7. Woke up feeling bizarrely and found myself rationalising as I know all my work colleagues will be going to the pub for the England game. Trying to stay focused.