Checking in daily to help maintain focus


The Joyful June Calender! :grin::purple_heart:
June 11th - Try to say something positive every time you walk into a room today! See what happens :wink:

On my way to the stroke unit, early morning. Feels great starting working full time. No school, no home work! Yeey!

Day 451 :muscle::unicorn: Stay strong and positive!


So true @MikeSeekingHope ! Actually being ill and it not being alcohol related is something totally new to me…not great but no guilt…:grin:


Celebrated day 30 with food and ginger soda. It’s been a lazy Sunday. Much less tempted to drink and more guarded of my sobriety too.


Day 179, almost half a year!

Above a photo from last saturday, it was sutch a great day :heart_eyes:

Seconds= seconden
Minutes= minuten
Hour= uur
Day= dag

Have a great day! / Heb een geweldige dag!


Congratulations! :tada::tada::tada: You are 1 day ahead of me :blush:


Checking in. Hay fevered to hell and I’ve just woke up. Got a message saying i needed to get into work early last night too. They didn’t even say please.

… I guess i never got that message.


846!!! Holy cow, that’s a lot of days. Wow, thanks for still being here!


Day 22. Better after an early night and good sleep. The week ahead still feels like a mountain to climb. But the sun is out :sun_with_face:


I love this.


I completed 51 sober days today. I survived a pool party with two little boys depending on me, and I didn’t have to worry about whether I would be able to drink there or not. I then took those two little boys to a friend’s house, where 5 little boys awaited playing with them while us three adults talked. My friend knows we aren’t drinking anymore, and offered me non-alcoholic options. I requested a diet Coke. When I finished my coke I asked her where I might find another, and she said in her downstairs refrigerator. Now, I have babysat for them many times, and I know exactly what they stock in that downstairs refrigerator. But for some reason, as I headed to retrieve my diet Coke, I forgot all about what is usually in that fridge. So… I opened the fridge and boom! It was so full of many different kinds of interesting beers that it was like a giant neon sign flashing “beer here! Beer here! Get your beer here!” I took a deep breath, managed not to make eye contact with any of the beers, grabbed my diet Coke, closed the fridge and put one foot in front of the other until I was upstairs.

I did not go back down for another diet Coke.


Day 2…checking in friends. Winners dont quit and quitters dont win! :slight_smile:


Checking in Day 3, Almost day 4…gahhhh, I seem to be reading everything alcohol related in an attempt to find something credible that says I’m Ok and dont really have a problem…Stupid voice in my head keeps telling me I’m Ok and should just have a drink or 8 and get over myself.
Im going to go make dinner and enjoy an icy cold diet coke :confused::blush::+1:t3:
@Meyka03 I hope you are doing Ok today.
Keep on keeping on people…we can do this!


Ughh. I need to come off my meds because no one really knows( including myself ) what my diagnosis is or what symptoms are for real and what’s just the work of my addiction. Is it BP2, maybe it’s Bipolar 1, maybe its major depressive disorder and maybe just maybe it was all the drugs. To even think that I did the things I did to myself it’s petrafing.
I know I was depressed and on meds for that when I had surgery. Then all the sudden the pills made everything A-OK. I stopped my meds and went on with my miracle cure.
The only way to know is to back off it all and start fresh which sounds like it’s own kind of hell.
What if I lose control and what will it lead to. More scary known stuff I’m sure.

Is that the reason you’re doing it ? You don’t have to answer. Just thought I’d ask.

How long did you wait to try. My doc said in no way am I ready, maybe around 1 year.


Checking in on Day 1. Previously managed to go 99 days sober and then gave up. In a vicious cycle of using alcohol to lessen the feelings of panic and anxiety l which lead to me to feel more anxious the next day and so it continues. Have booked a three day pass at a gym for distraction this evening.


Checking in day 14… sleepy, but here :slightly_smiling_face:
Happy Monday!


Day 93. Yesterday I went swimming in the ocean, celebrated my girlfriend’s bday and in the end, because I was sober, she didn’t drink a drop at the beach like she intended to! She did later when she got home but she had a booze free day with me. Yay! I tried to keep my sunburn from getting worse, by looking ridiculous like this for a while lol

It worked but even after 6 sunscreen applications during the less than 5 hours we were there, I still got more color on my back, it doesn’t feel so hot. Or too hot actually haha. But my soul feels happy and I feel accomplished. Totally worth it! :heart: Happy sober Monday all!


It’s been decided that I’m not bipolar, and I agree. And the side effects are killing me. Massive weight problems and permanent brain fog, sleep problems, and worsening depression. The depression is so much worse when I go down, but it only lasts so long and the Lexapro seems to be doing really well at keeping it much more manageable. Overall, Seroquel is just nasty if it’s not helping.

It was in the middle of January, so the first step down was at 7 months. But the biggest reasons we did it then was because I was convinced that I had killed my brain with benzos and booze and that I was going to the gym all the time. All doctors involved agreed that the Seroquel was massively hindering my brain function rather than my paranoia that I gave myself dimensia. And they were hoping it would help me lose a little weight as well.


Day 357. I forgot to check in again yesterday. Things are going well with the sober and mental health stuff. Work is a disaster however. But I’m keeping my head up and keeping in mind that it’s only half of my day. The rest has nothing to with work, it’s mostly kicking ass on my computer game and reading an amazing book. Things will get better when my kitchen manager comes back from vacation, so it’s only temporary. There is no way I could have this mindset if I was using. There are times when I know a Xanax would be super helpful (riiight) but I’m not having actual cravings. It’s not even a real trigger at this point either.

Hope everyone has a great day! Let’s all just put one foot in front of the other and get another day!


Oops day 1 again


Good on you Mike…Half a year is commitment and it is change. Be proud, then do it again, one day at a time…