Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Way to go…half a year is truly amazing. I am less than a month away myself…one day at a time.


Day 152 and a half…Today made a conscious decicion to call in sick in the morning…partly cause I have been sleeping wayyyy too little and partly cause of pain in my back…I’ve had some sciatic nerve problems every now and then for a few years…and sometimes it can be a real pain in the ass :wink: anyhow…it’s a lovely day outside and I have now nothing on my schedule so I’m just gonna head outside to first score some coffee somewhere and then…just enjoy my lovely city…maybe take a few pics…then just a seven a clock meeting and that’s it…Was gonna go run 10K. but I think that’ll have to wait…have a nice one people…


Day 499. Excited about the big 500 tomorrow, also a little scared. Got a busy week ahead with looots of traveling and events but doing okay so far. Trying to force myself to lots of meditation, healthy food and little bit of stretching every day while on tour. Keep it up everybody! :muscle:t4::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:


That is so inspirational. People like me need people like you to show me that it can be done. :slight_smile:


Checking in at a little over 3 and a half days! Feeling good and I’m so excited to go see Def Leppard and Journey tonight up in Philly as an early birthday surprise!!!

I didn’t tell my boyfriend until last night that I was going to stop drinking. He said he loved me and will always support me. He told me I was beautiful and that he wanted me to do what makes me happy. It made me feel really good to hear that especially from him since communication isn’t his strong suit.

He also said he’s trying to drink as little as possible because he wants to be in better health and lose weight. He went to the doctor for the first time in 15 years and found out he has dangerously high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol.

He was very honest with doctor about how much he drinks as a musician and so his doctor put him on blood pressure med, cholesterol med, baby aspirin for his heart and milk thistle for his liver. I’m glad he’s supportive of me and cutting down himself


All great to hear Brookie!!


Day 31. Made it through the weekend without feeling super depressed! Didn’t sleep much, but I’m trying to get back to waking up early. Found a new musician I like and have been binge listening to their albums! :notes:

Happy sober Monday. Have a great week everyone!


I’ve finally reached 6months. 182.5 days.
so happy. that’s a massive achievement for me. Now I can start working down to a year.
Bring it on. Looking forward be being a year sober at Christmas.


Day 161. The weather here is fantastic! Yep… Its sunny in the UK:) even saying it sounds odd :blush:

I have a busy week ahead but I feel pretty good

Some tricky complaints at work but it’ll be okay

I have an Italian lesson later …my brain is struggling to retain anything! It’s turned into a sieve over the years


Day 162
12 hour shift done, man I am so tired, thirsty and hungry. Sitting in the bus with chinese food on my lap…believe me I’m drooling :joy: Wanted to make a picture of how I adore my food but some ppl in the bus look at me like “WTF is she doing there?“ And I hate that :joy::alien:
6th collegue quit today! This is a slap in da fuckn face of my boss :+1: Lovin’ it.
I hope your monday was better than mine?
Stay sober guys, lets rock the next 24 hours!


Yeah awesome job!


Back pain is :poop: Sometimes I have sacroiliac pain (I hope this Google translation is correct lol). I the have pain down my bum til my knee. Isn’t fun to walk like a granny when you’re 37 :grimacing::-1:


I googled that and it comes to “too much dildo up the ass disease” is that correct? muhahahahaha I know what you mean…I broke my spine in 2004 and it was in the lower back…it’s hell trying not to move your lower back…cause what ever you do it always moves…this sciatic nerve thing is kinda the same where the nerve is trapped somehow in the lower parts of the spine and it then causes pain to travel all the way through ones leg…then again physical pain I’ll take any day being sober than having to live with the hell of using intoxicating substances…


Did you managed to hold out?hopefully you did!!


Ah didn’t see this ! Whoop whoop!


That would make you walk funny


Have you tried acupuncture?


I got this maybe two years ago…at first I didn’t do anything about it just lived with the pain…eventually got tired of the pain and went to see a physiotherapist…that ended up making it worse…then I started going to the gym and suddenly it stopped…it kinda like only recently returned…I haven’t done yet anything again to it…
Only times I’ve tried acupunture is the kind where they put those needles in your ears and you do like 30 minutes of claming or meditating…I don’t think that worked on me…but then again pretty much anyone can give you those needles…I gotta see if this gets fixed again with just training my back muscles or not…


Well the thing with acupuncture is that it Actually activates your pain reducing system (not sure of the english Word). The needles should then be put in the area of where your pain is. That combined with heat therapy are known to decrease the pain you are describing. Work out is also awesome if you do the right type. You seem to know the right type for you so just go to that gym and Save your back :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


If I was still working out by myself I’d probably be ruining my back…the best money I am spending at the moment is going to my personal trainer…she makes sure I do the moves right…I will concider this acupuncture thing too…but I’ll see if this disappears like it did the last time…it’s not too much of a pain…just enough for it to be annoying…and it makes working a bit hard since I can’t really move that much when I have this pain…