Checking in daily to help maintain focus


11 days sober. Resting close to the beach with my family. Thank you Lord for this time of rest


Hey twin!! Yes day 7!! It seems we both have some temptation in our future today… We’ve got this! I know I didn’t make it this far for nothing, neither did you! Get it!


Congratulations @Yomomma and @Wonwo on your 7 days!! Woot woot, youve got this!!


I was thinking of you! Let’s stay focused, one day at a time. Big hugs x


One day at a time is all we can do!! I will check in with you later!! :heart:


On day 12,no water supply at work today, but not getting involved in drama, keep calm and carry on, it dribbles from taps so managed to get a coffee :coffee: :slight_smile:


You’re doing awesome!


Day 23! I woke this morning super tired. I am overcome by grief and sadness this morning and I don’t know why. Tears are filling my eyes and I can’t explain it. I’m just full on sobbing over here and it’s the weirdest thing. Now it’s over. Work then phone session with my therapist then a meeting today.


Oh no! Thank goodness for coffee!!! :coffee:


Day 36… Not quite ready to talk about stuff that’s going on. I will say I’m grateful to be sober through it because drunk Beth would have not done well with this at all. I most likely would not survive it.


Been thinking about you, I know things have been stressful and it sounds like they may have also taken a turn for the worse. I’m so proud of you for staying sober through all of this! Hugs.


Et voila, my checklist :innocent:
My year has 365 days so I am almost ready to celebrate my “birthday”.
I’ll be back :kissing_heart:


Emotions get weird after you quit. Your body is finally starting to feel things again, after you numbed it for so long.


I am so happy for you! I remember your forst posts here, and now here we are! Way to go!


The big 3-0! Gonna keep on truckin’, one day at a time.

Have a strong day!!!


Damn dude! Congrats! Seems like just yesterday you were struggling through the first week or two. It always makes my heart sing to see new people with very little clean time stick around here and rack up the time. Keep those days coming bro!


Good morning friends. Back to square (and day) 1. Going to keep trying to get better at getting better. Have a great day!


Many thanks! It feels like it went by pretty quick…probably because I’ve been busy doing so much more stuff without having missed days stuck with horrible hangovers.


We are a tribe of sober warriors living our best lives!!!

Love our tribe! Congratulations & enjoy living in gratitude today :+1:t3:


Congratulations on your 30 days!! That’s wonderful!