Checking in daily to help maintain focus


The descending pain pathway - Sorry if it is too many weird words :wink: I studied a course about pain and pain relief for nursing school last year. Most pain killers activate this descending pathway which will block pain signals to your brain. Workout, heat, massage and acupuncture are other ways to activate this descending pathway to block the pain. The body will then produce more endogenous opioids like enkefalin and endorfin. So real endogenous substances can be meassured after these activities. Glad to hear you have a good PT. Get well soon little back :purple_heart::pray:


Frazzled on day 56. But I’m still here!


Morning all :blush:. Checking in day 10. My son has his 1st job interview this morning for a mechanics apprentiship. Very exciting! Booked a dentist appointment,finally,for tomorrow,on my damn bday unfortunately. Not exciting at all :fearful:. Enrolled in my course yesterday. Back to very exciting! Have a fantastic sober day everyone :sun_with_face:


What a wonderful place you live! Love your garden too!!


Electro acupuncture made a big difference for me when I was having back pain. I got 4 sessions of it along with deep tissue work from the physiotherapist.

I’d really recommend it.


I’ve been having back pain too, especially at night, to the point of waking up in such pain I’ve been unable to move at all, first time was frightening. Exercises from the dr have been helping combined with (non-addictive) painkillers. Got to have a general round of blood tests to check there’s nothing else causing it, including a liver function test. Was due to have the blood tests yesterday but I’ve been putting it off because the idea of a liver function test has been a deterrent from drinking and I don’t want to lose that extra reason. Eg it helped me on Friday when I was feeling wobbly.

Day 10 which is good. Can’t get rid of the horrible voice telling me “oh go on, it’ll be fine… wouldn’t it be nice etc”, so that’s no so good.


Thank you, I do love it!


Well done on getting past the temptation fridge. I know the feeling. Even now, if my wife leaves a bottle (like some wine for someone’s birthday present) on the side for too many days, I’ll eventually move it out of sight and explain that I don’t want to see the stuff. I won’t drink it, but I equally don’t want temptation all day and everyday. Why poke a sleeping tiger.

Had a long and tough day today. Ended up at a meal surrounded by people drinking. Not tempted, but I was tired and just wanted to go home. Home now and glad of it. Another long long day tomorrow.


Day 30!
Honestly hesitant to post today because I’m on pain management from a procedure last Thursday but it’s still important to celebrate milestones.
So the gentleman I blocked the other day…I woke up at midnight and realized he and I made an agreement to be the last line of defense on self harming thoughts and so I unblocked him. This morning he texted that his mentor had been killed and I was incredibly glad I could be there for him(appropriately).


An hour and a half into day 4!


Checking in day 41 :blossom: love and peace


Congratulations @Bear - success doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth it!


Day 452 :sun_with_face: Hello :unicorn:
On my way to work early morning. Still in great spirit of surrender and willingness. Reminding myself how easy and Joyful life is this way. Going with the flow, acceptance and just relaxing. Loving my job too, it is so interesting. Feel very lucky and grateful! Happy sober Tuesday :grin::muscle:


Just wanted to say that the prices of the drinks alone at this concert were outrageous and definitely high enough to not even have me consider getting one!!! Glass of wine was $13, beers were up to $20 or something ridiculous, I have no idea. And a damn bottle of water was $5!!! I was happy with my $7 half and half which was still too high but at least it tasted good haha


Yay!!! 30 days is awesome. It meant a lot to me when I got to 30 days. Congratulations!


Been sober for 52 days now. Goodnight all you lovely sober people.


Think I’ll start checking in. 84 days. Was off the app for awhile. Bad idea ( for me at least) The last handful of days have been brutal. But a win finally.

I’m committing to getting out of the house. My application to volunteer was approved and I will be helping with cat rescue/Petco/offical foster parent. At Petco I’ll help with the foster cats there. I can do daily clean up and play time. Which I need more than the animals. And some routine will do me good.

I should be looking for a job but just not ready. I am so nervous around people. Embarrassed that I will forget what I’m doing in seconds flat. Even worse is if I’m talking and something distracts me for a second I can completely forget what we were talking about. like blank out and look like complete crazy person. I think it’s best to limit my interaction to cats.

Super excited for the first time in a long time.


Half a year in my pocket! :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch: Whoop! :tada:Whoop! :tada:

Happy me! :heart_eyes::kiss:

Happy= blij
Half a year= half jaar
Sober= nuchter
Pocket= zak

Be as happy as me with your sober day! :sunglasses::kiss:


Congrats on your first month. :slight_smile:

Struggling to get up here. Been visited by one of the cats who wanted to check I was awake and capable of scratching him under the chin and behind the ears and that spot right there and that’s the place and… I’m a flippin cat masseuse.

Doing light therapy and meditation to see what they do and tracking things in daylio.

Using my “dumb phone” every day now and this smart one is relegated to home use on WiFi only. Using both a hell of a lot less which is the point. So I’m pleased with that, as my phone was becoming a new addiction.

Talking of which, i need a coffee :slight_smile: