Checking in daily to help maintain focus


It’s amazing to me how I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day now. For the first five months I struggled to figure out how the hell to fill my time. I wanted to learn and do a thousand things but couldn’t focus at all and had no motivation to try anything difficult. Now I can’t find enough time to do the things I want. Haha, instead of being anxious for work to be over so I could head straight to the bar now I’m anxious to get off work and do a million things.

Good work buddy!


Still thinking of you, hope you’re doing ok.


We’re like a group of people who found a lifeboat after the steamer has sunk. If we’re going to be saved, we’ve got to pull together. It’s a matter of life or death for us :heart:


Exactly! I’ve always had things I’m passionate about, it’s just hard to focus on any of them when you’re hungover, feeling awful physically and mentally about the previous night(s)…it was such a vicious cycle. Now, I’m more focused than I’ve ever been. Been practicing guitar and bass more, not missing gym days due to being hungover, and I’ve been able to get my comic book collection growing again, since that money isn’t going to beer and whiskey.


Day 6 almost at day 7. Sorry I’ve been quiet today… have been extremely tired and stressed with stuff coning up from my past but am hanging in there. Off to bed to cuddle with my 11 month old snuggle pot - tomorrow is a new day right…? I’m kinda struggling hey :cry:


Today is day 2. Yesterday was very hard emotionally. Already went to a workout class this morning. Hoping it helps my appetite.


25.5 days! Had a HORRIBLE craving when I was out last night with my boyfriend and his friend. I tried to stay strong but I was just getting too upset. I asked if we could leave and he said of course, let’s go get ice cream instead. He gave me a hug, told me to take a couple deep breaths, and told me I was amazing and strong. I am so ha OP pay I didn’t cave. I would have felt so awful waking up today and having to reset!



Checking in day 579. Interview today for a food truck manager job. Lol should be cool! Hope everyone has a safe and sober Tuesday.


Thank you!


I’ve been thinking about you a lot, at the most random times too. Today was on my way into work this morning on my drive lol. Hang in there girl, you really are doing amazing!!!


Everyone needs to take a break once in a while. I’m sorry you’re struggling with migraines, you should try acupuncture. I’ve had tremendous results for a variety of things. It’s truly changed my life; I’m starting my doctorate for acupuncture in the fall.




Welcome to the sober tribe friend :wink::hugs:


Thank you! :sparkles:


Day 24.
Been sick as a dog the past 2 days, unusual as I never get sick. I actually commented to my girlfriend that it felt a great deal like a hangover (sweats, body ache, fever, exhaustion, nausea) without the shame and anxiety part :smile:

Pretty sure it’s the flu, but the similarity to the hangover feeling definitely has reinforced my will to stay away from booze. A nice little reminder for me from the universe.

Stay strong out there, friends


46 days, but still waking up with anxiety about wanting to drink. The good thing is that this craving/urge hits me first thing in the morning, and I am able to rationalize reasons not to drink each day before my day begins. And for the cravings/urges to use at night I have my counter. My last drink was pretty early in the evening, since I had been day drinking since I woke up, so I look at how close I am to flipping another day, and don’t want to blow it.


Tomorrow I’m heading back to rehab for a weeks time…There’s a no computer/tv/radio/phone policy which I think is GREAT…so see you in a week and a days time…have a blast and stay sober…


We will look forward to hearing from you when you come back! I hope you find what you need in there. :heart:


Nicely done! Keep up the amazing work!