Checking in daily to help maintain focus


:astonished::blush:I forgot something…my treat! Because of my half a year I give you all a special Dutch one: Tompouce! It’s delicious so enjoy it!



Day 3…checking in friends. All i need is within me now :slight_smile:


Great idea on the volunteering!


Checking in has helped me a lot…another thing that’s been great for me is volunteering…just got my diploma for being an official volunteer at walkers…it’s youth work with 13-17 year olds…also do volunteering at Stop Drugs…that’s like a win win for me cause I get help there and I get to be of help…anyways volunteering gives me meaning to life and another side to the old capitalist in me who used to think of a value of life only in money…I remember being responsible for a 6 million euro business and having 50 employees working for me…I didn’t give a shit of anything but the bottom line…if there was a way of tightening the schedule or squeezing more pennies out of a worker I would probably do it and feel good about myself…thankfully my eyes have been opened by alcoholism…I can now try and be a better me every day, not only for me, but for the people around me aswell.


Checking in day 15… totally exhausted. Came home from work and passed out for 2 hours, then 2 hours later went to bed and slept through the night. Waking up was near impossible, but here I am with my coffee. I think I remember this fatigue from my other attempts at recovery.


That sounds like an awesome volunteer job. It will be very cathartic being around all the animals. Cute too :purple_heart::blush:


Almost at day 5, one more hour to go. Today was a good mental day…a shitty physical day, so so fatigued :face_with_thermometer:…Im pleased with myself today. Winning at life :heart:


9.15 days, according to my tracker. Glad to be here with everyone!

Have a strong day!


I know exactly what you are talking about with the stupid brain stuff! That’s a huge reason I was off work for 5 months at the beginning of my journey. My anxiety was sooooo bad about how my brain was working and I had always had Xanax to make any anxiety go away. Terrible part was that the removal of benzos is what caused most of this shitty brain fog. I was constantly paranoid that I had caused some sort of dementia or Alzheimer’s, which made everything worse. But the brain does heal, thankfully. You have a ton of strength to be getting out and playing with cats, doing anything really. Stimulating your brain with the outside world will help you to get things back on track. It won’t last forever girl. I didn’t believe a single person that told me that, but now I know better.


Day 201… Not sure.


Day 358. So glad to be off work and not get called in. Yesterday was the worst day I’ve had since going back after getting clean. Somehow I made it through without one thought about alcohol or benzos. That is blowing my mind right now! Didn’t think about this until I got on here. What happened to me??!?!! So pleased with this! Also super weird that in a week it will be a year.

The craziness I went through the first time I titrated down off my Seroquel seems to have passed way, WAY faster this round. That’s amazing as well! When did things actually start getting better? So much crazy greatfulness right now.

So here’s to another sober day everyone. I’ve said it before, if I can do this, ANYONE CAN!


You’re doing so amazing!!! I love reading your updates


Day 32. I’ve been eating junk food the past few days. My husband is depressed about our upcoming move/ needing to get a job. I probably would be upset about the move too, but I’m trying to not dwell on things that are out of my control. Trying to stay positive and get momentum going has been difficult.

I’m motivated to stay sober though, and for that, I’m grateful.


Day 1 :frowning:


No matter what happens just keep coming back! No one here judges, but that doesn’t mean we won’t throw some tough love out there. So here it is… figure out what you have to do to get a few days. Do that thing! Then figure out another. Do that thing too! Build up your toolbox and don’t let things fall out.


Checking in day 42 with a headache and sore throat :disappointed:feeling stressed about missing work, but trying to rest and be gentle with myself. Realizing how often I would get sick as a drinker. Every day I was suppressing my immune system and making it impossible to truly repair. Since I’ve been sober (inconsistently) the last 9 months, I’ve noticed an enormous difference in my general health and well-being. So being unwell today is strangely triggering a lot of memories, while reminded me how far I’ve come.


You just made my heart so happy! I feel like I’ve turned some weird corner recently. Not because I feel different per say, but I’ve had so many people I don’t know tell me wonderful things. There was a man at work who didn’t get waited on because we all thought someone else had taken care of him and once we realized it he seemed to feel very singled out. After he was waited on I went over and apologized profusely because I was mortified. Told him we are taking his check and quickly explained what had happened and expressed my regret. Once he got his food I personally checked on him and made sure everything was good. When he was getting ready to leave he called me over and told me he was very upset while he watched us all go to other people and do other things while sat there. Then he said his bible study for the morning was about not jumping to conclusions and judging people’s intentions on their actions, not out of your own fears and judgements. He told me that what I had done made his morning study really go straight to the heart because it for perfectly, that he had jumped to conclusions and became very upset. He shook my hand and said he would never forget me for the lesson he learned that morning. I was so shocked and surprised. It made my whole week. And this morning I had another experience with a woman at the coffee shop and she said my sobriety and success made her smile more than anything in a long time. So i guess something really is changing in me.

Thank you again Mandi. Every person who makes ME smile will be on my heart forever.

(Who the HELL is this person typing this? :rofl:)


This is an amazing story! Great way to start my day.


Day 143. Coming up on 5 months and I am still blown away that I am actually doing this, after so many years of wanting to and trying and failing. I am grateful and determined to keep working hard. I’ve met some awesome sober friends through AA and am feeling very connected to people so meetings have become not only helpful, but a source of fellowship and hanging out with sober friends, which is key for me.
Today I took the day off to hang with my 8 year old, she’s on summer break and her big sis is off in Tahoe with a friend so I lost my babysitter for the week :wink:.
Have a great day and don’t give up!


You all just keep making the story more amazing! Thank you so much!