Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Good luck to you!

Looking forward to hearing from you when you return


Thanks! Happy Day 7 to you as well!


Thanks Mandi. That’s so sweet you’re thinking of me x I’m hanging in there :blush: this past week I have been spending alot of time on this App which has been a great help but think I need to find some balance with ‘social media’ and focusing on my recovery and putting more effort into my recovery plan x


@SmokeyMirror thank you for your support. I hope to be focused in sobriety.
It is strange but during this time of rest I am like absent-minded . it seems like I had been do tired and stress out in the past. It is like I don’t want to use my brain


Praying for you!!!


Steve ! I miss you. Good luck with the job.


Good to see you check in buddy…so happy things are going well. I had a food truck once and did festivals…it was super cool :slight_smile:


Bill , I feel like I miss your posts a lot. Then again, I’m off in my busy little lalaland. How are you?


I’m doing fairly well, thank you for asking…things have been a bit crazy here the last couple of months, and the stress and anxiety is a bit much, but I’m handling it like a trooper :slight_smile: I went from having split custody of my son to having him 100% of the time, so balancing work and life and finances has been a challenge. I’ve been holding out on posting the whole story of how this all came to fruition, but stay tuned…I’ll get it off my chest soon :slight_smile:


Wow! Well, I am glad you are working through this transition like a champ.


How I feel…lol!


Day 72. My brain keeps slipping in thoughts of drinking. I’m emotionally tired from work, but have the next five days off. I should be fine, but I’m kind of not.

Nothing is worth a reset, but I’m steering clear of anything social tonight. My centered self isn’t in charge.


Good plan! What I’ve been doing when I have been doing that helps lately is I go on YouTube and watch videos about recovery. Read my SMART book. Visit their website. I come on here and read the threads. Meditate or do yoga. I ask myself what good would come from that drink and if it will truly fix anything. I know the answer is no. And I remember that I’m worth not putting that poison in my system again because I want to live this life. But those moments can be a bitch! Hang on girl, get re-balanced-you’ve got this!


Thank you, thank you. I just need someone to see the struggle. :heart:


63 days sober. A little nervous about tomorrow because it is the 4th of July in the US which means I get the day off work. I haven’t planned anything and I’m worried I’ll come up with excuses to drink. I know I won’t, but the fear is there, which is destabilizing. Perhaps I will buy some pot plants and make a flower box for my window :blossom::blossom::blossom:


That’s awesome. I never knew you did that.


I hope everyone has a safe and sober 4th of July. I do hope that we can all make it through the fun filled day sober. Remember as long as we stay sober we will be able to remember things that happen and also feel good on Thursday morning with no regrets! Happy fourth of July everyone​:tada::boom::fireworks::sparkler::us:!


Day 53. Overslept. Almost made it 24 hours without picking. It gets easier to stop the more conscious I am of the behavior.


Day 474 hello :sun_with_face:

Shout out for the swedish soccer team in the world cup. I don’t care much for soccer but this team warms my heart :heart:️ We may not have the best players what do I know? But they are there for each other, forming in unity, believing in each other. Yesterday they had the ball 36% of the time but yet they won. I have never seen our team like this and it is super inspiring. Nobody has believed they would go this far. What I see is unity and fellowship. With that you can make the impossible possible. Go team Sweden :sweden: in the world cup :soccer:


40 days sober, a little over two weeks on disulfiram. No side effects.
Sometimes I order a non alcoholic mojito (insisting on “without a drop of alcohol, please, or you’ll be taking me to the ER… I’m not joking”) because it is refreshing. I am lucky enough to have a lot of spare time now, so I can read and go to the beach etc.
I do have mood swings, so we (my psychiatrist actually) is thinking about giving me an antidepressant (calixta was great for me, a few years ago, but I gained 3-4 kg, and couldn’t make peace with it, so I had to stop).
Stay strong… this too shall pass.
Good luck everybody. :heart: