Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 25…checking in friends. What you do today…can improve all your tommorows :slight_smile:


Why would you be doing that?


9:35 PM and I’m almost to bed. The kids are “striking bedtime.” So close. But they’re getting along and being cute.

It’s been a tumultuous family evening and that’s not fun for any of us. :pensive:. So it’s kinda sweet.

Bianca and I are mystified by choosing to sleep in the hallway.


74 sober days in a row complete.


I hope everything is ok! Good job staying sober through hard times!


Today I turn 32. And I have the best birthday present ever. Sobriety. This is the first year since before I can remember. That I will be drink and drug free. I’m so happy to be sober. It’s gonna be a strange one. But a better one.


Happy birthday! Hope your new year brings awesome new things.
Much love - sarah


Happy Birthday @Bear ! :tada::birthday::sun_with_face::balloon:


Day 6 almost at day 7… a whole damn week almost yay!


Day 13, still keeping up with meditating twice a day, it’s helping with my focus on sobriety. So glad I am actually sticking with it today. Thanks TS. :rainbow:


Day 54, technically night, but for whatever reason I was really happy to see 54 on the counter! It’s been 60 days since I last smoked weed and 90 days since I last contacted someone I no longer want in my life. It hasn’t been easy to cut out alcohol and other vices from my life, but it certainly isn’t as dark as the place I was in.

Watching Recovery Boys on Netflix and one of them just said, “This is a special place. Everyone that comes here has an opportunity that a lot of people don’t get. Someone out there is dying right now… It’s horrible. It’s going to keep happening, but we don’t have to be a part of the problem anymore… This is it. This is life today, and that’s all we’ve got.”

Happy Birthday @Bear!

@BrookieB great job getting out of there!

@Girlinterrupted I hope things get better and brighter for you soon


Ohhh once my wi-fi is connected in my new place I’m going to watch that!


It was good, but it’s very real with many sad moments.


Happy birthday Bear!


Day 219. Still on my sober family holiday in Lanzarote… weather great and England through to the world cup quarter finals! Happy 4th July to my American sober friends :grin: :us::us::us:


Why? Because I would love someone praying for me. Prayer is helpful and although we don’t know each other we both want to stay sober and that somehow unite us


Happy 4th of July everyone! Today is my sisters birthday but instead of spending it at the beach with her like I planned, I’m redoing basically my entire house for an appraisal I found out about yesterday that I wasn’t expecting until October. It looks like I may need to renovate everything in 2 weeks. The joys of your mother owning your house! :rofl: She has a lot of work to do on her side as well (we live in a duplex) so I’m trying to convince her to push it back a bit but she’s retired and has all day to work on her stuff so we shall see, one day at a time. Making my game plan up this morning and getting to it as soon as the youngest child is up! I actually am stoked to get this done, I have a hard time living in a clusterfuck of a mess and it’s cluttered everywhere you look right now. More good news is this will help me lower some of my payments. Patience truly is a virtue, while most days I want to run screaming from here, every day I’m getting closer to not worrying about being homeless so that’s a beautiful thing! I hope you all have a great and sober day!


Im sorry but you got me at “clutterfuck” I love it :joy::joy::joy: good luck with the renovating and upcoming new chapter in Mandi’s World x


Checking in. Day 540. It’s America’s birthday!

Spending the day with my Denver family members. Later, my wife and I will walk down to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park (home to the MLS Colorado Rapids) to watch the fireworks. Stay Sober and Carry On.


I have total confidence in your ability to get everything done!