Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 16 :blush: the original plan was a month off and then resume drinking when I go to Vegas at the end of the month. I’m starting to feel like maybe I want to challenge myself and not drink on the Vegas trip. All the past few times I’ve started drinking again it eventually ends with me ready to take another “break” because I’m drinking too much. My man has about 250 days and I know he likes that I’m not drinking right now. When we first got together about 2 months ago I was drinking, just not a huge amount. I can tell he likes me better sober, and I think I do too.


Omg so expensive? :angry:


It truly was ridiculous. I couldn’t believe how many people bought drinks despite the price. Even if I was currently drinking I wouldn’t have paid, it was just too much!


Congratulations on 6 months! And this pastry looks mouthwatering


What made me feel really good though was there were so many people drunk off their asses by the end of the concert I’m not sure if they will really remember it or not. Knowing I was leaving being 100% sober and being able to be a apart of that experience was great!


Omg, I love it!!! Girl, you are so on the right track and it’s amazing what surprise interactions we have that speak to us, isn’t it?? We have no idea what goes on in others lives but the fact we share or give a shit about others really can change lives. I love this!!!


Checking in end of day 11. Cravings late this afternoon and I thought HALT and realised I was really tired. A wheelbarrow of sweets solved that problem temporarily and I’m still here, still sober. Goodnight to all you lovely people.


Hello everyone. Sorry that I haven’t been around for a few days, but these have been busy (but sober) times. I was in London for a few days, with copious amounts of very good beer and excellent gin and scotch all over the bloody place, but I kept away from it all, even when I was repeatedly offered wine at dinner ! So I’m quite pleased.
I’ll be at 55 days in the morning, and at 75 (at least) before I head back to Canada for my nephew’s wedding… I’m not terribly looking forward to such an occasion, but I can’t reasonably avoid it without upsetting everyone in my family. I’ll be hitting (that’s my aim, anyway) the 90-day mark while I’m in Canada… I really want to get back to triple digits !
Otherwise, it’s absolutely pouring here in this part of CH… talk about soggy.
Anyway, off to bed.
I hope that you are all well.


Day 197… feeling really happy and content… laying in my bed cuddling my youngest so he can get to sleep… love my boys so much… have a great sober Wednesday everyone :grin:


I have been wondering where you were. Glad to see your post and that you are sober! Congratz on 55, that’s a good number :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Blij half jaar @Uniek :muscle::unicorn::purple_heart::rainbow::green_heart: Whoop, whoop nuchter! :grin:


Fantastic @Uniek !


couldn’t have said it better myself!


Hartelijk gefeliciteerd @Uniek. Je bent gelwedig.

Bedankt voor de lessen Nederlands.



Tina Stubblefield. Checking in. Feeling blessed.


Wow your all the way in London. That’s awesome I have 87 days clean and sober and looking forward to hitting the triple digits too. Good luck to you in Canada.


500 days! Today I celebrate my new sober me and my not so sober me 500 days ago who decided it was about time to do some brave shit. I love you both. :black_heart: But specially: Thank you all for being here. Everyone of you is an inspiration to me and together you build a place where I can go to when days are dark. Keep it up. We are all one. :muscle:t4::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:


That is amazing, I cannot even fathom that many days, super inspirational!


Can I pm you with some questions? They just added Seroquel to my regimen today and I’m not sure how I feel, I don’t know much about it…


Its a mood stabilizer… they normally use it for sleep. It dont take much to to put u out. Feels like being hit with a tranq dart… i took them a few times but never for a long period.