Checking in daily to help maintain focus

  1. Busy. Busy. Busy. :blush: we are kinda just cruising along. The Iowa house is slowly, but surely getting finished. We are listing it next friday. :open_mouth: the bank in Washington has been putting in work on getting financing rolling for the new house. So, yeah. I am getting super nervous. No desire to drink, though.


4 hours into day 5 and barely thought about alcohol all day yesterday. Didn’t have a craving at all which was nice. Hopefully it will be the same way today.


Day 497 and my 30th birthday. My mother is going to make a funfetti cheesecake :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Sounds like you want to stay sober, so do it! Don’t go back to drinking that addictive poison. You got it out of your system and your man is sober, so just go with it!


Congratulations! 500 days! Wow, I just can’t imagine. Yay!!


53 sober days are complete. Woohoo!


Day 397 up and it early this morning, 3 days to 400 and 3 days to my holidays :grin:

Have a great day everyone, stay strong and stay sober.


Day 4…checking in friends…whatever the mind can conceive, believe…it can achieve :slight_smile:


Really well done and I’m sure you’re enjoying sobriety a lot more than you ever thought you would. It really does make life better, which is not something i once felt.

Checking in. Feel a little low today. Not sure why. Will let it pass and just get in with the day. Have a good one.


That is Such a cool number and you have worked for it. Well done :purple_heart::unicorn::muscle::heart:


Day 453 :muscle::muscle::muscle:
Still in a great flow where life just is and it is easy, fun and Peaceful :pray:

Let’s not complain today, not even once :grin: See how life changes when we find beauty in people, places and things :purple_heart::seedling:


Day 85 feel ok today. Got alot done and I’m watching a great documentary laying with my favorite cats. I can say that today was probably the first day I didn’t have the urge to use. Well, until I wrote this. Lol. This to shall pass. Night ST


Checking in day 16…


Day 95. Heading into an early morning staff meeting to listen to 2 hours of why we are a great company…I would rather hear some good and here’s how we can improve. Nobody seeks to improve anything if they think we are all rainbow and sunshine. I’m compliance and internal auditing, I know better than to believe that shit, maybe I’m just jaded lol. Here’s to another sober day though, yay!


Have a good one


Hey, you too! :slight_smile:


I hate those staff meetings, we’re having one every 3 months. Then I have to listen to how much money we made and that we’re all important and a big family…ghaa…hate it :grinning::poop:




Perfect time to ask for a raise since they made all this money and all :smiley:


We have them every single month…who starts a staff meeting before 7am anyway? Lol