Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Haha yes, we all asked. But we don’t get more money, only the bosses become richer :-1: But this doesn’t bother me any more, I quit this job :grinning:


Haha weee do, 6:30 am :+1:


An old fart always told me when i was young " the squeaky bearing always gets the oil" . I used to be quiet and shy but worked hard and never got a raise in 3 years. A few workers ended up speakin up for me and i did see a raise shortly after. So now i normally joke about leaving or a raise. Sometimes i get it. sometimes i dont but it never hurts…


Day 2, yaaaay!


Day 181, the day after half a year :sunglasses:

Working= werken
Shop/store= winkel
Manager= manager
Buy= kopen

:kiss: Make your day beautiful!


Thank you every one for congratulate me!

Bedankt allemaal voor jullie felicitaties!



Checking in. Day 519. “If you focus on what you left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead.” - Auguste G. Today, I am having lunch with a good friend from my Tuesday night AA meeting. Great guy and thirteen years sober. Keep Sober and Carry On.


Day 359. Waiting to go see the psychiatrist. I have a friend who is trying to help someone close to her and while I’m at the center I’m going to see if I can get information about insurance and such. It feels really good to be trying to help someone else, even someone I don’t know. Whatever I can do to hopefully help someone out of the suffering. Other than that it’s all me time today. I’m super stressing about the fact that I’m back opening the kitchen at work tomorrow, something I haven’t done in years. Mostly I’m stressing about what time I should go to bed and what time I should get to work. But no matter how much I stress, it’s going to happen. I keep telling myself this. It seems to help a bit until my brain cycles right back. Things I cannot change! Get over it girl! :expressionless:

We can and will make it through another day. Let’s get to it!


Happy birthday and 497 sober days!!! :sunny:


Well done @Pleausy! Fantastic achievement :grin:


Day 33, kind of “meh”. I’ve been obsessing over my hair, nails, and skin, looking for some outward sign of being healthier, and not seeing it. Eating scrambled tofu and rice for breakfast, hoping that perks me up.


I think it’s 154…or something like that…Early in the morning I almost took the easy road and called in sick…but then decided to just face my enemies, which today was the rehabilitating work that I’m doing at this city owned woodshop…Since I aplied for a school yesterday I no longer have anything riding on this job kinda situation, which I might add is the most boring thing I’ve ever had to do…anyways…I am trying my hardest to just get through the remaining 6 days I will have to appear there in the following two weeks…Had a 10K run again today…those of you who follow the Strava thread or are in strava can check it out there…turned my app off at one hour time to see how much distance I have to improve to reach my goal…so that turned out to be like half a mile or so…at a meeting today we had a one year celebration and a first timer…what a meeting…it was nice to reflect on how far I’ve come myself with the help of AA and how much I’ve achieved choosing to stay sober one day at a time…We can all make a positive difference every single day if we just choose to do so…Have a nice evening everyone…:slight_smile:


Day 32! Posting for accountability because I’m being tested hard.


Day 82…boss is off vacation tomorrow…we all voted, he should get another week


Hi guys, I am doing very well, but I have decided to take a break from social media like this forum for a bit. I want to focus on getting more peace and relaxation (both in everyday life and mentally) now that I am wrapping up this busy school year.
I feel good. Being sober is what I was craving all along - it’s given me a better life.
Take care, everyone. God bless you.


8 PM will make 6 days!!!


Good luck! I will miss your input!


Day 25! And it feels good. The cravings are still there but I keep two things in mind. Both of which I have learnt from you lovely people on here:

  1. It’s the first drink that is the problem. Keep saying no to the first drink!
  2. Nothing changes if nothing changes!


Feel so good…went for a meal with friends and didnt drink :slight_smile: im in control…


Day 163
Work : bonkers as usual :joy:
Italian lessons: slowly making progress… give it a year or so more then yep…I could be pretty half decent
Day 163… not sure if I want to count the days…but I’ll have a think

I like being alcohol free … it feels pretty cool in a world which just encourages us to drink…

I don’t feel like I’m abstaining…I feel more fully awake for the first time in a long time …
I hope everyone has a good week. :blush: