Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Happy fourth of July!!!


Just checking in on day 8. Today has been one of the roughest days. My anger and anxiety are back and raging!! Got into a “fight” at work, the heats been awful, and my social anxiety all over the place with the holiday.
All I can think about is smoking and drinking. Though drinking is not my DOC, I fear that the way I’ve been craving it lately that it will/would replace pot if I give in and have a drink.
With the holiday and the parties and cookouts going on, I find myself in seclusion to get away from it all.
I will make it through today, I hope tomorrow is easier…


You are doing great! We all get that way sometimes, and early in sobriety it can be a challenge dealing with life on life’s terms sober. You’ll get through it because you are stronger than your disease. Keep reaching out for support and there will be lots of us here for you. You got this!


Thanks. Feeling kinda alone, but I’ve secluded myself so its bound to happen. It’s also a week where my kids are with their dads, it’s just too quiet.


I put myself into seclusion sometimes, and I agree, it is harder when my kid is not around. I try to make the best of being alone by reading, writing music or meditation. Have you ever checked out the app, “insight timer”…it changed a lot of things for me even though it was hard getting into it, eventually, like all things, it stuck. This app and insight timer have changed the way I navigate through life.


I will check it out. Thank you.


I second the ‘insight timer’ !! Sooooo much good stuff on there!!!


Insight timer is great and day 8 sucks. Just keep truckin’ through today!


It has literally been a saving grace at times!


I have been listening to the talks by Sadhguru and they are so inspiring. Is there a meditation thread on here?


As a matter of fact there is. This is an old thread from one of the greatest members of this forum; Angie. She is no longer on here anymore, but I frequent her old posts a lot.


Awesome thanks!


No problem…there is a ton on there so enjoy.


75 continuous sober days are complete now. Good night!


Celebrating the morning of my 11th day sober! :tada: I remember everything I did in the past 10 days! And I’m saving a lot of money. The plan for today is… ice cream!


Day 26…checking in friends. Setback paves the way for a big comeback! :slight_smile:


13 days sober. Resting and giving thanks for this time of sobriety. How worthy it it is being sober!


Day 475 - Good morning :sun_with_face:

Sun is shining here, I slept well, I am off today. Was at a beautiful meeting last night and I am proud of my sponsee for many reasons. It’s so rewarding being on this Journey with her. I am trying to find a way to be there as a sponsor without being co-dependant or too pushy. We all learn right? I am teachable in all areas of my life right now and it’s a nice feeling.

Life is still truly wonderful and I wish all of you a sober Thursday :purple_heart::unicorn::muscle::pray:


Keep it going @Bomdhil two full weeks tomorrow! Then a month and so on… believe me it gets even better :grin:


Day 14 today, Pilates this morning and a day off work to do work at home! Must clean car! Reminder to myself, ‘I am not cured’ I will continue my sobriety today, and meditate twice a day to keep my mind and emotions in check. Thanks TS