Checking in daily to help maintain focus


…couldnt agree more. I can actually remember my night out and felt more active and involved. Baby steps…my friends were really supportive too :slight_smile:


Life is currently pure magic :purple_heart::unicorn::pray:


Checking in day 43. Stayed at home sick again today but back to work tomorrow. Not looking forward to returning to the real world… but I am looking forward to not being anxious about my responsibilities. Congrats on another day sober everyone :cherry_blossom:


Just finished up at the gym. Checking in at day 260.


Checking in. Day 6.5 for me…heading into the Dentist for root canal therapy :confounded: God give the strength to get through this day sober :pensive::pray:


So stressed out. Work sucked, senior week suck. Had 4 guys about 17, 18 who left me no tip. I had 3 kids that left a little over 10%. Mind you I work in a not fancy but a little more upscale place. Go get fast food or go to a sports bar grille type place if you’re gonna tip like crap.

Just venting but I made it 6 days…


I never tip, because I never eat out.
I love the food my wife makes.

Yes I do understand the pain of not feeling appreciated when not getting a tip


Today I told two of my coworkers (who also struggle with drinking) about my quitting drinking. When I met them both I was 2 months sober at that point the first time. They said they will never forget when they met ne because I seemed so happy, I looked great and they could tell I felt great.

It’s really motivating to hear those words. It made me feel good to know that I’m going down that path again. :slight_smile:


493 days free of alcohol. And 5 days free from cocaine. Although to be quit honest I wanted coke just couldn’t get it. Maybe there a good thing. I’m just super moody and can’t stop thinking about it.


Day 5…checking in friends. The path is clear, why throw rocks in the way? :slight_smile:


Day 182, having the day off. Looking forward to the weekend. Having a girls weekend with my best friend. So gonna shop and eat all weekend :joy::blush:

Shop= winkelen
Shop till you drop= winkelen tot je erbij neervalt
Eat= eten
Money= geld

See you tomorrow, have a nice sober day! :kiss:


Day 86 opiate free. Today was hard again but lifes hard and instead of being loaded lost in my own world unable to help, today I was not loaded on pills and I was actually able to be of use to my son and help him, that’s everything. So I’m sad they needed me in the first place but happy I was able to give back to some of the people who gave given me so much, especially over the last 2 years.
Yes, that’s a win.


Wow, look at the difference in your two recent posts. Your second post is radiating with positivity :sun_with_face: It’s always good to vent the difficulties but when you focus on that positive energy your colleagues gave you, life is so much easier. Isn’t it? Only talking from my own experience. Unfortunately we can never control others and people will disappoint us by for example not giving enough tip. But with those resentments it gives us, I have found that it hurts me more than them. Focus on them motivating words :blush: and well done 6 days :muscle: You can do this! :purple_heart:


Checking in day 17… I feel strong regarding sobriety right now. Physically I’m struggling. Headaches every day, extremely fatigued, and kind of depressed. I get this awful twitchy jerky weird crap at night when I’m tired, like my skin is crawling. It happened the last time I tried to get sober too.


Day 3, here I come!


Checking in!

Have a strong day!!!

  1. Another easy day at the shop today, then home to do some paint touch ups, and put some trim back up. hopefully we are completed by Tuesday. TUESDAY! We are finally wrapping things up here in the Iowa house, and I am so happy.


End of the day marks a whole week down! :slight_smile:


Forgot to check in last night! This is the 55th morning of my sobriety. Tomorrow these little boys go home, and I think I will miss them. But they taught me I can weather parenting challenges without needing to drink or smoke. That was a relief to find out.


Today is day 382 for no drinking so theres that but the exciting part is

I hit my 2 weeks with NO smoking. And honestly ive only had twice where I wanted to go buy some cigarettes but didn’t!!