Checking in daily to help maintain focus


@NewPerspective, every time I see your check-ins all I can think about are Beck Bennett’s Fresh Perspectives YouTube videos. :rofl:


Who? Tenletters



Officially 15 minutes into a whole week!!!


Checking in day 44 sober :sparkling_heart:


Checking in a week away from 90days. It’s been an emotional day, (days actually). I find myself extremely frustrated with my current job, and I’m starting to feel like a failure. I don’t like the mood it’s putting me in, and see it as a threat to my sobriety. . Staying sober, and determined to focus on finding another job.


I hear ya…my job gets to me…but in a week we will post that we are 90 days…we got this


Sigh. The in-laws didn’t leave a key and are at a baseball game. They’ll be home…maybe in three hours? We have the dog, the kids and the stores so close soon at 9…and it’s kinda cold. Sober, so winning?

(But we have a car to hang out in, money and safety. So that really does put us ahead of most of the world.)


Just started day one 3hrs ago. Feeling hopeful… Wish me luck. :crossed_fingers:t6:


I have 25 resets on my counter but I kept trying…now I’m finally getting it, so dont give up and don’t be embarrassed. We’ve all been there!


Day 145!
Super stressful day yesterday as my dog had to have surgery, we only found this out Monday after taking him to the vet with concerns. So I had knots in my stomach all day waiting to hear from the vet that he was ok, I was a wreck. In the past this situation would have sent me to the liquor store with a great excuse to drink, but it really did not even cross my mind. It was just something that life threw at me and I had to deal with it. Clear mind and knots in my stomach wasn’t so bad, especially since my little guy made it through just fine and is home recovering nicely. :blush:


As long as you keep at it…it will come. It has taken me over three years of trying to get to 156 days. For a really really long time I didn’t believe I could do this. For me the change was AA. Never be embarrased for doing the right thing, which is getting back at it.


77 days. I’m on step 4 and would love any advice/tips/experiences from others. This time feels very different for me - I think I’m finally being honest with myself and have realised it’s either recover or die. Grateful for my sobriety more then anything else. :heart:


Checking in. Day 4 of no cola. I was asked once again if I was pregnant and I explain as usual that I’m just fat. Usually at this time I would get a cola or plan on a giant one for tomorrow. But this time I am going to check in on here. It is an inspiration to see everyone checking in


Day 183, last day working before my girls weekend! :dancer::dancer::dancer: Going to Aken, Germany.

Dancing= dansen
Bar= bar, cafê or kroeg
Sleeping= slapen
Germany= Duitsland

Keep going, keep groing :seedling:


Welcome here Lagacy, nice to see you have many sober days under your belt! :facepunch:


Here it comes: :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


530 days for me.


26 days in and I had my first drinking dream last night. Not pleasant. Thank goodness it was only a dream!


Still sober and still clean i say HURRA to life :slight_smile: to keeping it simple and and the grace to my higher power , my fam , this forum and my homegroup im so thankful, there is HOPE , it always is there :slight_smile: Dear to belive :slight_smile: keep up the good work that you all do and to all the New comers WELCOME .this forum i could not be without it :heart: I SAY hello the WILLINGNESS :heart::heart::heart:Wish us all the best for the next 24 hours :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: