Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in day 62. Today is a reading and rest day. My body is pretty beat from my first week back at the gym but already starting to feel better. Happy Sunday :slight_smile:


Happy 200!


Well done on 200, buddy. That’s huge!

So…does everyone get a sweet wooden throne at 200 days, or just you?


I’m not sure…I got one…did you get one? :wink:


Day 3. I knit all day


Not yet, sir! The longest I’ve ever gone is 130 days. Should I prove to be strong enough, smart enough, and resourceful enough to reach 200 days this go around – and I do indeed plan on getting there – I will let you know if a throne shows up in the mail :smiley:


If one does not automatically show up at your door, you might wanna concider a complaint…maybe to your president?


That would be one of MANY complaints if I were to write that man!

I can see it now…a list of complaints, dozens of items long, and at the very bottom:

“Complaint #49: By the way Donny, where’s my fucking chair? Kisses, TMAC”


LOL…you should totally write that letter…to vent and to amuse us…that would be hilarious.


Would probably be the last post I ever make. Not sure if they have WiFi in the detention centers.


Happy 200 dude!!!


Thanks, Just another day at the office :wink:


Keep adding one more day there each day, they add up!


So it seems…I got a few pro photos today from the photographer…I’ll post one…


Looks super fun. Was it amazing?


yeah it was great and we’re probably going to do some other roadtrips now with the same guys…so I think we’ll be having good fun in the future aswell


Yay!! I want to see more pictures of your adventures, you’ll need a thread for them!


I’ll use the thread I have been posting the pics on…


I love seeing your number going up and up. Great job!!


Thank you! Co-parenting may actually be possible with him, but it’s not going to be easy unless he puts the drinks down. His drinking is “the other woman”, where he’d much rather be with “her”. So it’s not quite the same as your situation. My biggest fear is if I leave him, the bottle will be the death of him, because I left him. I know that’s no reason to keep hanging on, but I also don’t want that on me… I’m so stuck!