Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Landed safely in Denver. Had a nice dinner with our daughter and her husband. Successful sober day!


Awesome! Here’s at a wonderful tomorrow, too!


Went to my fav music venue, which is basically the only place I venture to anymore anyway.
Friend (also bartender): What, not drinking tonight?
Me: it’s been 16 months, dude.
Friend: oh, holy shit! How long are you going to continue for? I figured you would start back up after your vacation.
Me: I figured I would, too, but I’m still just cruisin along.
Friend: good for you! I guess I didn’t realize.

Me: :no_mouth:


Checking in day 66. I got very emotional on my way home from work because I wanted to drink and instead I went and bought a lemonade and three sodas to drink over the weekend. I felt like such a loser and sad that I didn’t feel strong enough to go out and be a ‘normal’ person on a Friday night. I’m so afraid of becoming permanently boring without booze. I know I was the MOST boring when I was drinking because I was actively closing myself off from the world, but frantically buying soda and rushing home to watch TV seems so out of line with what I want for my life. But it’s all that I could manage today. Maybe it’s for the best, because I’m sober another day. But, goodness, some days are so much harder than others. Take care, everyone :heart:


77 days of continuous sobriety are complete now. Good night.


Day 28…checking in friends. Life we learn too late is in the living, in the tissue of every day and hour :slight_smile:


Day 187. Wow. Not too far off 200 ? Blimey
And financially that’s about 1k saved for me ? Shocking really.
Today I am still at my conference. Yesterday went really well and was approached by someone from an Italian university who wants to keep in touch. What I would like to do (and this is about 50000 miles outside my comfort zone) is
When the next conference is in Italy in a few years… …to go and present a paper in Italian to an Italian audience… as it’s always the other way round…they have to present to us in English.

But first let’s do today. There is a gala tonight so I have a plan. I’ll stay for a bit and If I feel uncomfortable I’ll go.

Have a great weekend folks


Congrats on your 187 days :grin:. I hope your still enjoying Edinburgh. Have you been in to city centre? Such a beautiful city. I enjoy sitting in princess street gardens just people watching. It Will be getting busy with street entertainers and the festival starting in a couple of weeks… i love it ! :grin:


Today I hope to get into the city again.but first it’s the mayhem of getting breakfast at the university
And then 7 lectures :blush:

But it is a stunning city. I will come back but socially…


Wow very good job ! Hello from Italy my friend . Have a nice and sober day


You too ! Sono determinato ma italiano e’ molto difficile :joy: I am determined but Italian is very difficult:)


Grazie ! Piano piano lo imparerai … sono sicuro . Un giorno alla volta :wink:


Ciao ciao !
un giorno alla volta per l’italiano.
un giorno alla volta per non bere alcolici
Spero Che tu abbia una buona giornata

The world is an amazing opportunity to become some thing new without alcohol


Love it :muscle::muscle::muscle: Just cruisin along :purple_heart::pray:

Day 477 :pray: Just cryisin with the flow…


15 days!!! I am happy!! It is the half of a month. Please, please Lord. Grant me more time of sobriety… Give the strenght and the wisdom to make good choices. I am still on holidays very rested and calm. I don’t want to be afraid of coming back to routine


Day 421 up to take my dog to the vet for a check up. Got my flat cleaned and tidied last night, and it’s all done for the weekend now so I don’t have that to think about, for me this is a big advantage of staying sober.

My friend is staying as he is getting work done on his flat. I had a word last night that he needs to be tidier and more careful, was conscious I sounded like a proper grown up but he contaminated my recycling bin with food waste so I took a few deep breaths and discussed it politely.


Have a great day all, looking forward to the Sweden v England game. Not sure who I want to win.


Woke up at 5 am. Tried ever since to get back to sleep. It’s now 10.24 and I’m giving up as the rest of the house are being noisy as.

I’m going to be a right grumpy sod. I need more than 5 hours sleep. Stupid brain.


Keep up the great work!! You inspire me, as I’m 4 days behind you. You’ve got this!


Checking in day 40…

Whitewater Center with my sober muse, and my 12-year-old daughter :slight_smile:
Hoping to fit in zip lining, rope course, and either kayaking or paddleboarding. Paddleboarding is a little tough yet for my little one, so we’ll see. We got a pretty big storm and some flooding and trees down late yesterday afternoon, so water stuff might not even be open.

Have a great day everyone.


Day 284. Back from Hawaii. Exhausted, but still sober.