Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Yay! I hope your trip was excellent!


Day 82. I woke up sober in my new place this morning after one of the hottest days my town has experienced in a while. We FINALLY paid to have movers… We’ve moved 8 times now in 10 years. We still have a lot to get moved ourselves, all the small stuff, but so grateful we didn’t have to break our backs moving the furniture on our own this time.

Also I want to buy a new couch that turns into a bed soon, any suggestions? :hibiscus:.:blush:


My couch turns into a bed instantly when I get in a fight with my wife. I just turn my body 90 degrees. Bdum tish!!


Bahahaha :joy: yeah I’m sure my husband could relate


A whole f- year of soberness !
Please read my post in milestones :kissing_heart:


@Yomomma thank you!!! You are doing great too. And I feel inspired for all of you. This is a war that all are meant to win .blessings and love


Well done! You did it!!! Congratulations!!!:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


9 lectures today. I am wiped out. There is an evening gala and a caelidh…I love caeldihs but I have never been to one sober… but I will be sensible


Day 222 … nice number! Last day of my sober holiday… going out for a meal with the wife…my parents surprised us by coming out to Lanzarote… which is fantastic…they are babysitting tonight :grin:


Plugging along at day 2 - have a weekend full of blessings everyone!


Day 13. All good but I need to constantly remember why I decided to quit.


Enjoy the Ceilidh. Are you kilting up for it?


Captains log day 122. That makes 4 months! Celebrating it by enjoying a beautiful day on a lake in Indiana. Have an awesome day my friends!


Day 3 today. I kind of under estimated how yesterday would go, but I made it through. Instead of stewing in anger in the afternoon and being bummed I couldn’t smoke, I angrily cleaned the master bathroom. I was then able to come hang out again with my boyfriend and we got yummy burgers a bit later for dinner that I was able to eat most of. The bathroom now looks great, so I am happy I made that decision. This weekend I’m going to finally set up my sewing machine! I’ve been dragging my feet forever on setting it up, but now is the time :slight_smile:


Day 27! I usually check in during the morning routine but had to zip through that so I could get some miles in on the bike before the heat of the day poured in. I got to the farm to buy some meat and eggs and in about 30 mins heading to my Saturday meeting. Hope all are having a good day!


Finishing up a successful day on vacation in Denver. Have a great evening!


No but it’s going ok
I’ve not drank and also avoided an offer to join some folk heading off into the town

Still able to dance …people are so drunk they don’t realise I’m sob3r anyways !


Day 56 checking in.
Today I did two big emotional things-I talked to my friend whose wedding my husband confronted me at, and I recycled all of my “just in case I have to run away” moving boxes.


I left the caelidh but I managed it till 11.20 which is pretty good.

What have I learnt

  1. at large gala meals or events…It’s easier to be the first there than to walk in to a room full of folk
  2. people only ask about what am I drinking for the first two drinks then they don’t care
  3. I dodge an invite from a nice woman to go to a pub… which if I had been drinking… I am not sure I would of
  4. I joined in but I’ll be honest I still felt peripheral to the whole thing
    Ma ! E’ molto difficile

But yep. I did ok.


Day 478, good early morning. Past midnight and not even dark outside. I live in a magic place :sweat_drops: Very lucky!

Sweden lost the soccer game tonight but the team were just not on top. Still proud of them! Congratz England! Also Congratz Croatia, France and Belgium. :grin::muscle:

Need I say that I love life and love living where I live :sweat_drops::pray:

Happy sober Sunday! :purple_heart::sun_with_face: