Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 11 was waaaaay too busy for me to even think about smoking or drinking! Thanks @MandiH for keeping me busy! My turn to keep you busy tomorrow! :heart:


I am curious . what is a caeldih?


It’s a Celtic thing… fab music and basically everyone ends up dancing! I’ll find a you tube link


Some thing like this…but the one I went to had 60 people dancing at times


Thank you for the answer!


Thank you for the video :facepunch:


If you ever get the chance go to one and have a gallon of cold water to hand :slight_smile:


Ha! Sure I will need this. Seems really energetic!


Day 119? I think lol. Life has been very busy the last few days, like insanely but it’s a good thing today. I’m kicking ass, taking names and busting things apart to start putting them back together! Thanks to my bestie @Yomomma helping me with my sanity, my shed clean out and my rockshop organizing today. Love that chick, she’s always my rock-for sure! I likely won’t be on much, I don’t have time right now and this app is WAYYYY too glitchy to mess much with. It took 6 tries of getting kicked out to try to write this out tonight lol. But I’m sober, I’m good and I’m taking my life back and dealing with all the things that really matter and need my attention. Thank you sobriety! :heart::heart::heart:


I like that. I might try it out myself, sounds like it could work.


Day 78 sober complete! My sobriety feels older than that. I’m good.


Day 29…checking in friends. It always seems impossible until its done :slight_smile:


One month!!!


I went to school there, the University of Denver! Really love Colorado ~ beautiful state!


Finished day 3 yesterday and happy to start day 4. Granddad’s 85th birthday today. We will celebrate but I won’t drink.


Blimey I am tired
But no hangover. I’ve done nothing to be ashamed of and I’ve keep myself on an even keel.

Today I’ll be leaving Edinburgh at 2pm and not home till about 8pm…and then back at work tomorrow

But it’s been worthwhile…

I haven’t made lots of new friends from the conference but I also haven’t made myself look daft either:)


Early Sundaymorning walk. Only birds and my footsteps.

Day 366


Day 206, drinking my morning coffee. Going to a party today and eating outdoors in the evening. Tricky moments for me.

Morning= ochtend
Coffee= koffie
Tricky= lastig
Outdoors= buitenshuis/ buiten de deur

Have a nice sober sunday! :kiss:


So after several relapses in the past 6 weeks and now on 2.83 days into recovery I’ve set a plan which incorporates things that have been working, booting out the things that aren’t and have plastered my new routine onto my fridge. Eating nutritious and yummy foods, having a cup of tea after dinner, 30 AA meetings in 30 days - if its impossible to attend a day I will watch a speaker on YouTube, and as mid afternoons/evenings are my triggers I’ve joined a fitness crew 10 minutes down the road and will be boxing 3 nights a week at 6pm. Perfect time and we can bring our kiddos along. On the alternate nights I’ll be running. So derermined to get my fitness back and I just love boxing and running. Have other things working for me but these are the new ones I’m incorporating x


Nice job on day 3!! Keep up the good work!