Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Hi guys! Just day 3 almost completed , not so easy but still here ! Thanks for your posts , I like read them and see pics … this help me a lot . Thanks to all of you here!


Day 28! Sunday again…the most dangerous day… I’ve got a small job first thing this morning then off to volunteer with my fav animal rescue doing the pet fair. I haven’t been in a while then saw an ASPCA ad while at the tire store which reminded me why I was doing it in the first place. After that though? Hanging out on here and just immersing myself in recovery talk. Y’all are my saving grace. Have a great Sunday!


This app, and the people on it, are my saving grace! I wouldn’t still be sober, if I hadn’t been introduced to it. Keep up the great work! Get it girl!!


Checking on day 41. The fatigue is almost debilitating, and I’m almost getting concerned. I’m sober and want to yodel from mountain tops lol. However, can’t complain. Really loving my new morning coffee spot at my new apartment.


@Lola were these pictures taken in Castricum? Just asking, 2nd pic looks familiar somehow :thinking::smile:


You did it! Well done. Quite an achievement to remember in tough days to come (in case there could be any). For now: safe trip back home and take it easy!


I’m late to this post, but just wanted to say I’m thinking of you. That’s a huge change. It seems like you and your son have a great relationship though. Hoping you are both adjusting well to the new arrangement!


Leyduin in Vogelenzang. The area is similar :grinning:


Day 14. I’m very anxious about a few things I have to do next week. But drinking won’t help.


Day 58. Less cravings lately, and for that I’m grateful. My sleep schedule is all sorts of out of whack, so I’m very tired. Have a great day everyone!


Day 1 here. Planning on going grocery shopping, going for a run and hanging out with my kids later.


I actually think my quietness was seen as being composed rather than how anxious I felt

I am keen tho to write a paper on sobriety in Italian exploring both journeys

I hope your good…you showed me a lot of kindness since I’ve been on here. As have a lot of folks :blush:


Day 4 today. Had strange dreams last night that I actually remembered. That’s progress. I haven’t remembered any dreams in a long time.


Checking in on day 12. Spent the entire day with @MandiH first scraping paint, yuck! We then rewarded ourselves with a kayak trip for the rest of the day. Even took a dip after! So peaceful!


Day 169. Just got home from an amazing vacation where I shared a house with my family who all drink. It was the toughest time I’ve had since getting sober, but I made it through! During “cocktail hour” when everyone started pouring drinks my husband and I would leave and go walk the dog or bike ride or get coffee. Having tools and plans in place was very helpful. During the day we stayed really busy with boat rides, rafting, fishing, beach, etc so that was not an issue for me, but evenings were tough. Went to a meeting as soon as I got back home, to get my head on straight and get back on my program. I feel proud that I stayed sober, awesome week!!


Day 35. Taking in the Weezer/Pixies show tonight. The weather is perfect for an outdoor show!

Have a strong day/night!!!


Checking in, over half way to 5 days SOBER. :two_hearts::heart::muscle::grinning: feeling better every day !!!


Hey guys im back to square one on day 1 but I too would like too check in everyday, god bless have a great night


Checking in day 68. I started the day by getting up early with my partner and going to the beach! Sober Sundays are so rewarding, and I couldn’t help but think how much my life has changed since no longer drinking- for the better. It is so liberating to not be obsessively planning my next drink all the time. I have friends from overseas visiting me this week who drink a lot, and whom I used to drink with a a lot, so I’m emotionally preparing for that. Otherwise, I am feeling strong, albeit not wanting to go to work tomorrow! - one day at a time :blossom:


Check out @AdamRichman’s Tweet:

Felt this was something useful for us.