Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 190
A new day, early as every day ugh…
A coworker at my new job told me some frightening shit about my new boss (who’s still on vacation til thursday). He would yell at them often, is a choleric and is chaotic. Of course my friend I work with there told me nothing about this :rage: Faaaantastic… Now I’m afraid of meeting him this week… Why didn’t she tell me this? Damn… And she’ll start this week to reduce her overtime, means I had one week of training and now I have to rock it like a champ :dizzy_face: Yay…not.
Why can’t there be a normal job without any shit you only get aware of when you’re stuck in it?
Rant over, sorry :cry:


Day 479 hello :sun_with_face:
Wishing you all a wonderful day! :purple_heart:
Know that every one of you count and all sober days are important. No matter if it’s day 1 or 1001 :purple_heart::unicorn::butterfly::sun_with_face::pray:


It’ll be ok

See how they are with you and take it from there


Day 30…checking in friends. Life outside wont always happen the way i want it to…but what happens inside me should only happen the way i want it to :slight_smile:


Almost at day 4. Went to an AA meeting situated in a beautiful spot… on top of a hill overlooking the gc and ocean. It was an ID meeting. This one would have to be one of my most favourites that I’ve been to over the years… we all sit in a circle and go around sharing (or passing). The members are always so welcoming and include a few old timers - im talking 30-56 yrs sobriety plus newbies and every other in between. Love listening to the old timers share - they have an underhand way of putting humor into their stories and have us in stitches whilst not taking away the seriousness of their stories and messages. Feeling blessed


Finished day 79 hours ago. I really need to go to bed, so I can start day 80 in the morning right.


Yes but how tempting is it to stay up late knowing you’ll just be tired in the morning and not have a hangover! Maybe chill in bed with a tea and some relaxing music… congrats for day 80 in the morning. Hope you have a great day :blush:


Hi!! First day for me here and I will be using it every day to check in! So excited for life sober!


Checking in day 42… Tired but ready for the grind. I’m still very behind at work taking almost a week off, but it will be OK.

Have a great sober day everyone :heart_eyes:


Day 29! Made it through another weekend! Got a little jealous over someone my wife was spending time with and the thought I had was “Ill show her!” My next thought was “how is ruining my sobriety going to “show” her anything?”
So I spent some time on here and breathed and remembered that I need to trust her the way I want her to trust me.
Today will be different! Happy Monday!


Day 121. I’m exhausted, sore and randomly sunburned but I love it! Had a good and super productive weekend with lots of fun included thanks to my bestie! Lots more to do so I’ve been keeping my momentum going. There has never been SO many threads I haven’t read, I am only on 5 minutes or so at a time right now so I don’t get distracted and keep accomplishing stuff but I miss you guys already! Lol. Hope all is well woth everyone and that you all have a Happy Sober Monday!


Checking in, day 4, again. But I’m back and will keep getting up no matter how many times it takes. Happy Monday everyone!


Me too! Now on Day 4 again but this is the last time I’ll be stuck on Day 4 :facepunch:


Checking in. Day 545. Sobriety is like fitness training. It only makes you better. Keep Sober and Carry On.


Checking in on day 58. I am feeling kind of sluggish but I made my to do list and am going to start checking things off.


Definitely annoyed that I reset but being annoyed kind of keeps me motivated! We can do this! :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Today I tried to clean their laboratory. Not easy. The cabinets are patched with tape, all doors are dirty (you stick on the surface with your finger when you touch it), I wanted to open a door and had the door handle in my hand, it just fell down on the floor, there are splashes from something that looks like old blood everywhere… This is a complete catastrophe for me as a hygiene specialist :tired_face::face_vomiting:
And the best thing i saw today: they have a super old ultrasonic standing in the middle of a floor downstairs in another part of the doctor’s office. And several electric wires are damaged and patched with tape too.
And nearly all water taps are leaky…I don’t know what they all did the last 20 years in this office…


Day 5! Yesterday I felt pretty out of whack and my boyfriend could tell. Later in the day I asked for us to hang out together and I felt much better after. Before going to bed he told me how proud he was of me. Granted I’m doing this for me, it makes me feel good knowing he sees the effort I’m putting forth to change. He will run out this week, so I will see if he decides to join me in no longer smoking. Got a workout in this morning too. Have a happy Monday everyone!


Well it’s good they have you as it may improve!


Hi all , day 4 ! Thanks to all of you .