Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 5 almost completed. I did not drink during the birthday party- for that I am really proud. Excited to go for a run tomorrow morning.
Have a nice day everyone


Day 15. Two weeks completed! Still dealing with anxiety but not drinking :blush:


To be honest some things i saw are a serious health problem…

#23092 sounded like that.
I just remember how bad your last job was…so hopefully this will be better


Day 423, finished work and did a HIIT session in the park with my friend who I’m helping train for a 10km.

She is probably away home hating me now, we did 20 x 40 second HIIT work outs and a 3.5km jog.

Still thinking this could be my career change in the making.


17 days sober. Today I got a kind of flu and I am taking this holidays of mine in a different way. Time of reading and reflexion


Day 59!

Wow, it feels good to be back here. I’m more content with sobriety, and feel at peace with the journey ahead. I know it will require vigilance. It’s still just as necessary to take it one day at a time, and I’m keeping my guard up. After relapsing in November, it took six months to finally get back on track. I don’t want to go back to that dark place! I’m looking forward to reaching and surpassing my previous record of 103 days.

Today I’ll donate a bunch of items to charity. I’ve already done laundry, dishes, deep cleaned the guys bathroom, and showered. I’m feeling better about moving now that I have extra time, I just wish finances were in a better situation.

Wishing you all a peaceful, productive Monday.


I hope you feel better soon!


Checking in day 69. So greatful for the wealth of support on this forum! And sunshine :sunny:


Thank you. I hope so. I am a little bit used to be sick. During the year I have a lot of colds and flus. Maybe is related with the machine I use for the apnea


Way to go on the 17 days!! Feel better friend!!


Day 13 for me. It is surreal that tomorrow will make 2 weeks. I’m very thankful for all the support from everyone here! Xxxx


You’re doing awesome chicky!!!


Day 450… trying to refocus my energy on my sobriety.


Day 80 sober complete.


Day 1, 5 day binge, had feelings last week I couldn’t ride anymore, ball of anxiety hasn’t gone for 5 days. Thanks.


Day 191
First migraine attack since months today…ugh…staying in bed.
I think the job related discussion I had with a friend yesterday late evening was too much. There was a strong craving popping up, but I won’t give in! I can only handle this drama lama shit sober :muscle::zap:


Hey guys day number 2 here,Looking forward too many more, wish you guys the absolute best of luck


You can do anything, especially deal with drama llamas, sober! Good luck with the migraine, may it take care of itself asap.


Im on day 2 ive relapsed a few times now but this made me feel something good inside,very beautifully well said,Hope you have a wonderfull day as well.