Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Yes please! I love France :blue_heart::fr::heart:


36 days without alcohol and I haven’t had any physical problem so far.
After just one day without coffee or tea I had a terrible headache that lasted 2 days in spite of pills etc. Maybe it’s not related :joy: but I have to abstain from coffee and tea (and chocolate, and all coloured food :sob::sob::sob:) until Saturday, and I’m finding it hard!! Ok, I’ve been through much worse than this!


Day 64 and running out the door… have a great day everyone!


Thank you love!! The compassion here is amazing!! I would still be lost without all of you! Xxx


I was confused as to that as well. But I just went with the day I was on. I liked that I am working through that day… today starts my day 35 in half an hour!
Monday’s are always the toughest for me… bad crew at work and hell, its Monday!! Glad you had a quiet day! I hope the rest of your week is just as quiet. Xx


Day 35.
I have a fresh view, thanks to many here, to help sort out some of my on going issues.
To keep myself going in the right direction, I am going to try an AA meeting for the first time. It’s something that I’ve wanted to try for a while. Thanks to @MandiH for tagging along and being my support tonight. Without her and all of you guys I’d still be high and drunk. Thank you all!!:heart::heart::heart::heart:


Day 143. Today I go to check out my first AA meeting! It took a few weeks to build up to going but the day is here! Feeling pretty good about not drinking but I need to make more soul time a bigger priority. Feeling pretty bummed about a wedding I’m conducting tomorrow for one of my dear friends, the last time I was supposed to marry them we discovered her fiancee was cheating on her at work. I had to tell her. They separated for a while a bit after that and worked thru it, otherwise they really are good together now. But, I just heard this weekend he is giving that same girl rides again as their shifts are now again the same and that’s how it happened last time. I’m about 95% sure it won’t work out but she wants to do it to help get full custody of his kids from their shitty mother. This is my second girlfriend to do this, I just love them and their hearts so much that hate these shitty men we always managed to let in our lives. But I will always support their decisions and be there to pick up the pieces later if need be. So, tomorrow I do a wedding! Some big things happening this week, glad I’m sober!


Day 51, oh and big surprise…it’s raining. Gotta just chalk it up in the column of ‘things I can’t control’ and work on my attitude. On rainy days my go to has been “well, it’s just watering the plants”, but holy smokes, plants! Don’t you think you’ve had enough to drink? It’s every day with you…


Good morning friends - I’m a bit embarrassed to say that this is day 2, but heck, I had a successful day 1 to get here. I had a couple of real ‘opportunities’ yesterday that I managed to avoid. For a Monday, it really wasn’t too bad, after all. I am going to work hard on today and then worry about tomorrow at that time. I hope you all have a great day!


Day 501 without alcohol
Day 1 without coffee
Headache! But I will get through it :muscle:


Lol no, the spiders would lose this war


Day 212
Another hellish hot day with over 100°F urgh. I already did some biking to get a bus ticket for next month (now I’m almost broke lol) and on my way back I bought some strawberries and blueberries. Last day before my new old job starts, having free time is great but I had enough of that now. I need a dayly routine again :+1:
Next 3 days there won’t be much patients because we have company holidays. Only 2 Doctors are there, usually it’s quite nice. I’m happy to see some of the collegues again (not all but most of them haha). And I will have the honor of enjoying a good air condition!!! :pray::sweat_drops:
I wish you a great sober tuesday folks, stay cool :sweat_drops:


I forgot to check in yesterday on my 90 days! So checking in day 91 today! It feels fantastic. So thankful for my sobriety and this new found strength. Have a wonderful day everyone :sparkling_heart:


I just feel for you so much! I was you (minus the kids) Knowing in your heart that a relationship isn’t working & being newly sober…there’s just not many tougher spots to be in :hugs:

I love that you & @MandiH (who I adore) are checking out a meeting tonight. You’ll like it. It’s the same community feel as here, only in person. It’s powerful.

Lastly, you can’t fix him @Yomomma. You’re not responsible for his life. You’re not responsible for his choices or his situation. He can change anytime.

Just do you. I assure you, the longer you stay sober & the more you invest in your sobriety, so many awkward pieces of your life just start working themselves out :heart:


Day 52. Having some anxious feelings today, and feeling very lethargic. Trying to cope with it in a different way than normal. Rather than getting dead-set on figuring out why I feel this way today (and thus only exhausting myself), I am trying to just accept these feelings, accept that it’s ok to have them, and allow them to run their course.

Seeing Smashing Pumpkins tonight too, that’ll be cool. All the original members, minus one. Never thought that would happen.


I reached 30 days and celebrated my no drinking, by drinking…twice :sweat:

Don’t give up. It’s still the right decision. Are you reading any sobriety books? In a recovery program? Meetings helped me. Looking into the eyes of men & women who walked my path & found a way out gave me strength.


Thanks Tracy! Yes to both - my favorite book is ‘This Naked Mind’, but I also have the 12 & 12 and the Big Book. I have been a regular member of my AA home group since 2009 - where I first embarked on this journey and managed to earn 5+ yrs. However, I figured I was cured and spent the last 3 years flopping around.

I’m not going to give up the fight - I figure I can only lose if I give up.


Tracker says 58.25 days. I’ll take it!

Have a strong day!!!


The length of sobriety under your belt is proof you can achieve it again!

That darn alcoholic ego of ours is a son of a gun to tamp down, isn’t it?

Time to get honest with yourself about what happened with your recovery plan and what needs to change. If AA is for you, literally start at the beginning again with fresh eyes & a new desire. Find a sponsor who won’t buy into your b.s. and a new home group if need be.

I’ve not yet read the Naked Mind, but heard it mentioned here quite a bit.

There’s also SMART recovery. Whatever program you implement, jump in with both feet & 100% faith. That’s what got you some long-term sobriety initially :hugs:


Thanks again Tracy. I’ve often thought about a new home group - we’ll see.