Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I am proud of you!! Almost two weeks!!! Thanks for your message. I am still sick but I have to be patient. Maybe I need more rest in bed😊


Day 18. Sick but happy for this time of sobriety. I have still to work in my moodiness


Day 190
How the hell did that number get so big?
This year…this app by robin has been a godsend
The folks in here have been so supportive

Una giorno alla Volta

One day at a time folks


Day 31…checking in friends. Everyday in everyway i feel stronger and stronger :slight_smile:


So glad to hear that @Beasley10 :purple_heart: Well done with 2 days again. I have relapsed soooo many times. Actually during a period of 5 years. Hope you don’t have to experience that :pray: Now 480 days here, just one day at a time :blush: Keep up your motivation for this @Beasley10 you can do it :muscle:


I’m still working on my “attitude” too… apparently its gonna take some time! We got this dude! Have a great day 18! 2 weeks for me today! Boom!


Your post made me tired lol.

I often think the same way. I was a personal trainer way back in the day. What a great and healthy career for a sober person!


One week today :grin::grin::grin:


Checking in day 43… Busy, busy week! Love my job and the opportunities coming my way. Praying that I regain energy soon so that I can do active things with my 12-year-old when I get home from work.


Boom!! Congratulations!:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:Ejoy the two weeks my friend. Sobriety is better if you can share it. To know you are sober or others makes be double happy


Thanks so much! 2 weeks feels amazing!!


Day 30! Still plugging along! Looking forward to picking up a new 30 day chip at my meeting tonight. Thanks to you all for helping me reach this milestone. I have proven in the past that I cannot do this alone with my own ideas; Gotta have some community. Have a great day!


Nicely done!! I’m glad you are here, you and the others keep me focused by your amazing stories and accomplishments! Keep up the great work friend!


Checking in day 23, no alcohol or tobacco! Husband took a week off work so today we climbed Mt Coolum on the sunshine coast. Soooo many steps. Awesome view from the top though. Totally worth it! Night all :first_quarter_moon_with_face:


Sounds fantastic! It was such a clear beautiful day today. And congrats another day of sobriety :blush: are you feeling good?


Evening All. Im just .05 off 5 days :blush: heading off to bed soon but just wanted to check in first. Had a lovely and fun hour of snuggling with my 2nd youngest tonight while watching Masterchef. Feeling grateful and happy :sun_with_face:


Day 386. Struggling with tapering off the Seroquel. Massive depression (mostly physical) and chronic fatigue symptoms, memory and concentration problems, and soooo irritable. But I know I got this! It’s my day off so I’m gonna do my laundry and trash and spend the rest of the day playing strategy PC games and reading. The games definately have helped a ton. I’m able to see life like a constant strategy game sometimes and I always want to win!

Had some pretty severe cravings Friday and Saturday, but just told them to go the hell away and pushed through. There is no way I would be able to live like I used to and do the things I need to for my mental and physical health. For me, drinking would be the end of my life, and caving on the benzos would lead straight to drinking. So, not an option.

Hope everyone stays strong just for today. No matter if it’s day 1 or day 1000, this day matters more than any other day. So let’s get it people!


Yay for day 5! :heart:


Checking on day 5. Yesterday was difficult and had to keep it ‘in the hour’ a few times during the day. Today feeling full of energy grateful for one more hungover free day. Love to all, have an amazing sober day :heart:


Checking in day 59. Feeling really down on myself and like a burdon to people around me, especially at work.

Minute by minute today.