Checking in daily to help maintain focus


After 3weeks sober life I am here again.Day 1.I hate this.:sleepy::sweat::cry::sob::confounded::disappointed::worried:


First, so many Congratulations in order!! For day 80 & the dancing ~ both are an honor & a privilege well earned! :no_entry_sign::champagne::heart_eyes::dancer:t3::man_dancing:t2:

Second, I always felt behind my peers for the exact amount of years I drank. My life stalled during those years, while theirs carried on.

I felt behind because I got married late, bought a house late and had a child later then typical ‘normal’ peers my age. BUT…keep carrying on, plugging away & doing your own thing. I’ve found looking back all these years, it’s not only evened out, but I feel my sobriety gave me an absolute advantage in every area and it shows…up one way, down the other & twice on Sunday!

I wouldn’t have changed a thing :heart:


Comparing yourself to others is a natural thing. One of my roommates in college is now an Astronaut, one is the commanding officer of the Naval Academy, several have command of Naval ships across the globe. There are times, I look at them and ask “what if”…I am happy where I am at in life. My path took me other places, and I would not change that. I am a perfectly, imperfect version of me. If I had their lives, I would still be a divorced alcoholic…I wouldn’t enjoy the quiet piece of Earth I am on right now. Had I stayed on their path, my PTSD would have lead me down a darker path, and I might not be here today. I am me for a reason.


Checking in as well…Day two. Been down this road before. I had 8 months sober and have had a hard time getting back on track. Living sober is so much better and my kids are counting on me. My husband also supports my sobriety. Need to get some time behind me again so I can grow again. Leaving for a week in Hawaii tomorrow. I can and will make it the best sober vacation ever with my husband and son :pray:t3:
Love the inspiration on this ap!


I absolutely love this. A great, simple line about self-acceptance. This may be my new mantra.


Lol I was thinking of cross stitching it :slight_smile: it’s a great one @Thirdmonkey


Day 27 today, so close to 30 days! Turns out our AC problem wasn’t fully solved last week and a clogged drainage pipe led to our master closet floor being soaked last night. Had to call the emergency AC line and they were able to fix the issue and thankfully didn’t charge us a ton for the after hours visit. Still trying to decide what to do in my relationship - can’t help but feel like these past few good days, despite the stressful situations we are working through, are only temporary.


Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile :grin:


Day 5. Feels good. I meet in the clinic very nice and intresting people :yum:


spent my morning smashing the geodes I dug up yesterday with the nephews. We found some super cool ones. My older nephew was so excited. Day 512? Idk
Now everyone is napping.


That looks awesome!!!


Iowa is great geode hunting ground. Even if we did drive 3 hours to do it.


Totally worth it!! Are they just kicking around out there or did you go to a business where they specialize in it?


You gotta share later how the AA went…and it’s not the mens fault…you’re the ones choosing them :wink:


Congrats on three months…huge accomplishment


Comparing yourself to others doesn’t really give you anything…aside from the negativity. The what could be or what should have been game is also useless. If we just learn to live today and one day at a time…maybe we’d see that what matters is what we are doing and achieving right now at this moment.


Thank you! That means a lot!


Get back at it…you can do this. :slight_smile:


I agree, comparing myself to other people only gives me negatives. It rarely motivates me, it just makes me feel worse so I’m trying to identify it when it starts and nip it. It’s hard but I think it’s an important habbit to break.


Thanks so much!

And yes, your examples definitely resonate with me. I got married at 30 and my addiction set me back a ways in the planning for kids because I need to re-earn trust.

I try to remember that I can’t change the wind but I can adjust my sails and to adapt and overcome, but some days when I see women 10 years younger than me with three babies I forget all those mantras :slight_smile: