Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 5. So close to my first-ever clean week, but the urges to drink are so strong today. I’ve been eating chocolate, going on walks, pacing, reading, trying to distract myself in any way possible. I’ve been fighting these urges for hours now and I’m afraid I will give in at some point, even though I KNOW that’s a horrible idea, that it’s not what I want and that I already made my pledge to stay sober today. It’s crazy how strong this addiction is. I’m babysitting my niece and nephew right now… how awful is it that I am wanting to drink in the afternoon while supervising precious children?!


A lot of farmers just find them in fields around here. We drove to a specific location, so we could get a lot! The guy who owns the property charges $25 for people over the age of 12 to dig.


Pick up and start again, you got this :slight_smile: All we can do is move forward from here, one foot in front of the other looking towards the future not looking back :+1:


This is the moment where you get to witness your willingness to stay sober. Are you willing to do what ever it takes to remain sober? if you are then you’ll find a way. Duct tape yourself to a chair or something


Sobered up at 27.
Met my hubby at 29.
Married at 32.
Bought a house at 32.
Sweet baby boy was born at 33…

  • just Celebrated 21 yrs married on July 4th. I love my man, he’s the 2nd best thing that’s ever happened to me!
  • Baby boy just turned 20 yrs old, he’s a healthy, happy college graduate, well-adjusted, level-headed & the 3rd best thing that’s ever happened to me!

I couldn’t have done it any sooner. Just because someone beat you to the punch, doesn’t mean they’re doing it better :hugs:


stay strong! you can do this. wy all can


Haha! Thank you! :):grin: it really helped to type out my thoughts on here (and to my sponsor) rather than just have them circling through my head over and over. It’s nice to let it out and talk to people who understand rather than keep it all in


Thank you!! You’re on day 5 too right?


But you came back. That’s what’s important.


Jealous!! Looks like you had a smashing time!! :kissing_heart:


I suggest breaking rocks for anyone who is struggling with stress. :wink:


Congrats on nearing your first week!! What a great job! Keeping busy and staying busy is tough, but it seems that you are doing a great job at it! Those little precious people are one of the main reasons I’m staying sober… keep up the great work!


I wish we had a nearby place!! I could order a kit online, but finding them sounds like half the fun!


Thank you so much!!


I feel you! I’m on day 4 and had to take a huge detour to avoid passing the store where I’d usually buy my alcohol, because I was afraid I would walk in and get some. Plus I’m tired and hungry all the time … :scream: Seeing all those posts from people further down the road make me hope it get easier with time! Hang in there, we can do this! :upside_down_face:


but this gruop helps very much. when you think abaout drinking. sit down and read this post. this helps


Sounds like a great detour! Nice job staying strong and keeping yourself away from a vulnerable situation. I’m extremely tired and hungry too!! I’ve been eating sooo much… feeling :pig: but I guess it’s better than drinking. My sponsor said it’s normal and will happen until I get adjusted. I’ve been taking B12 for energy… not sure if it’s helping or not, but I will say it feels great to wake up without a hangover. From what I’ve read here and heard at AA, it gets WAY easier. Can’t wait for that. We got this :muscle::muscle::muscle:


21 days! The past three days have struggled with the thoughts of having that first drink. Sunday night was a work celebration with an open bar. I refrained from drinking while everyone else drank a bottle of wine plus each. It was extremely hard to stop looking at people enjoying their drinks. I got through it.

Monday and Tuesday I covered for our OR charge nurse. Her job is soooo much more stressful than mine. It is like being pulled in 5,000 directions at all times. I didn’t even get to pee until 230pm each day 30 mins before I am supposed to leave anyway I didn’t drink even though the urge was strong. I am exhausted. I need sleep! I am pleased to be sober.


Man! Y’all be smashing geodes, Smashing Pumpkins, smashing goals up in here. :metal: :rofl:

Day 5! Lots kept me moving today, and strangely felt my energy ramping up as the day went on (whaaaat?). Kind of nervous energy, though. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Took my brisksweatywalk after lunch and off now for my post-supper brisksweatywalk to burn some off now.

Don’t remember feeling my body change this much since I was 12 years old.


Smashing Pumpkins YES!!! So jealous! Oh haha and congrats on 52 days, enjoy the concert!