Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Tracker reads 37.25 days. I’ll take it! Realizing the importance of taking it one day at a time, while still keeping the long term goal in mind.

Have a strong day!!!


Minute by minute will make another day, hang on in there!


Checking in. Day 546. I have a terrible cold and sore throat so I will not be going to the gym this morning or my home group AA meeting tonight. I don’t want to risk spreading my cold. Summer colds are the worst. Keep Sober and Carry On.


Day 31 today, feeling good.

In 20 days, my girlfriend and I will be closing on our first house (first time for us both). We’ll take care of some projects while we ride out our apartment lease, and then move in sometime in September. It’s taking forever to get here, I’m so excited!! The thought of us relaxing by our fireplace, and the dogs running amok in the backyard brings such joy to my heart.

I will be sober for all of it. Not “hope to be”, not “try to be”…I WILL be!


Slept til 3 pm and it’s already getring better :+1:


Hi guys ! Day 5 almost now , not easy but I am trying to go on . I want to put all myself this time to keep sobriety!
You all help me a lot !


Happy 30 days sober!!! Congratulations and blessings. In this great milestone


Day 528. Feeling stuck and overwhelmed but if there’s one good in this crazy time it is that I do not have the urge to drink at all no matter how bad I am. Don’t even know how I should handle hangovers above everything else. I guess that’s progress. Keep it up everybody!


Congrats! Proud of you. The first month is the hardest, imo.


Day 210. Getting to the point where I’m emotionally ready to move, to the point of just wanting to be done with our house and stuff and leave tomorrow. My anxiety is much lower as details and logistics get nailed down. Thank you all for your support.


I have started to volunteer at the local hospice.
Every shift is a most humbling experience. People enter the house knowing full well they are going to die there - all that is left is a need to leave this world as peacefully as possible.
I guess I am learning to value my life much, much more now. Just wanted to share this experience.


Day 6, today. Almost to one week! Emotions are still all over the place and I’m trying my best to recognize my true hunger, as it’s been quite a long time since I’ve felt hunger without smoking, in order to be hungry. My long term goal is to eat meals around normal meal times again. Taking it one hour at a time.


Day 6 was great. Did a 7 km run and was really fast. Have new running shoes which feel awesome. Will try to do 10 km tomorrow :blush::heart_eyes:


So happy you’re still with us and congratulations on the little one :grinning:


You should join us on the Strava thread!


Checking in day 287.


Thanks for the recommendation! Did not know there is a thread for that… great :blush:


Thanks Mike! I really appreciate your support!


Thank you! I’m glad to be able to share this experience with others who struggle with the same addiction as you and I. Have a fantastic day!


Thanks! I’m glad I am here too. So much support and wisdom that I could never glean from just my group here. So grateful for today and glad to see you’re doing well also!