Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 480 completed!
4th week of swimrun and now I fit in, in the middle of the crowd. Felt strong tonight :muscle: 7,2km running and 1km swimming.

Loving swimrun :sweat_drops: Loving life :purple_heart:



You too brother. You too. Enjoy the day


Feeling good. Its kinda weird though. Like I suddenly feel like I’m an old lady or something lol. Gave up smoking and drinking and took up knitting recently for the 1st time in my life! Oh well, had to grow up 1 day i guess :confused:. How are you feeling? Any big plans for the day?


Haha yeah it’s good to keep the hands busy. I’m thinking of learning how to do macrame… Have a book here for it somewhere, just need to find it! I’m feeling great, once I get past dinnertime and make my cup of tea I am no longer thinking about having a drink.
Did you quit the cigs cold turkey? I’ve got about 6 left and really don’t want to buy more but am finding it even harder than quitting alcohol :persevere:


I am a 31 year old man and just took up cross stitching! I also feel like an old lady.


Macrame is fun! I haven’t done it in years!


Day 250 in the books. Got to hit up my original home group today. Buncha old white men in suspenders. Just how I like it.


I love it but the pieces are expensive to buy! Wish my mum had kept hers from the 70s lol. Found my book so going to start learning over the weekend :+1:


Cross stitch awesome! I haven’t done that for years.


70 days sober! Beautiful, sunny days here in NYC :heart:


Knitting is not just for old ladies!!! I used to teach a knitting class… And, I used to have a knitting blog - about 14-15 yrs ago. I stopped blogging when I started getting depressed b/c my marriage was not at all working out. Ended up selling 100s of $$ of yarn stash after I got divorced, mostly b/c I needed the $. I don’t have the time/space right now for it, but I have taken up sewing again. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Thank you! It’s been fun reading through the posts and “catching up” on everyone. You guys have been busy!!


I might agree. I quit cigs cold turkey 25 yrs ago after 11 yrs smoking. It WAS hard! The only thing that made it remotely easy was being in a relationship with a non-smoker who “disapproved” of it. It took weeks, months even, to get over the cravings.


Day 60! My throat is super sore and I had weird dreams last night.


Day 32…checking in friends. Postive thinking requires daily affirmation and effort to become second nature :slight_smile:


Yes cigarettes are very habit-addictive. I had stopped for 6 years and still found myself craving them. I went from from the smell of cigs and of the people that smoked so gross to sitting next to people smoking so I could get the smell! Crazy stuff. 3 years later I’m now trying to quit again :confused:


I’m taking champix. I find it actually helps with the alcohol cravings as well :blush:!


Oh that’s a bonus!! I used champix to quit once before and stopped for about 3-4yrs. I found it to be really good too. Tried it again earlier this year and got such terrible side effects which I didn’t get the first time around. Ended up having to stop them :confused: awesome it’s working for you though :+1:


Day something or other.

I’m in the dentist chair for over an hour today. Can’t say I’m looking forwards to that at all.