Checking in daily to help maintain focus


They make me super nauseous so I can only take a half at a time. Half after breakfast and half after dinner. The 1st cpl of weeks i took half after lunch as well but I’ve since cut that out. In another cpl of weeks I’ll cut the breakfast 1 out as well and see how that goes :slight_smile:


The fact that you’re being productive given how you are feeling is a huge accomplishment! It sucks, but you are powering through!! Whoot.


Checking in day 44! Other than the fatigue holding me back from all the active things I want to do ! I’m sure that energy is around the corner. I’ve spent a lot of years disrespecting my body and I need to be more patient.


I agree! I quit 6 years ago, it was definitely hard. I quit smoking pot for a year while I was under the court’s eye, and switched to clove cigars. Worst idea ever. It was having to quit cigarettes a
ALL over again. I chewed a bunch of mints. Found that they helped curb the craving a little. Good luck friend!


Day 15 today. However it feels like day 2 and 3 with the way my attitude has been. I can’t seem to shake it. Woke up sober, but grumpy af! Meditation before work is a must this morning.
I hope you all have a better start to your day!


Day 19 sober. Alittle bit better of the cold. In four days I will end my holidays. I hope to keep the calm and the rest of this days


Day 192
Didn’t sleep last night so I’m up since yesterday morning 5 am :-1: I feel as I look :joy: I talked with my supervisor about the hygiene situation here and well tomorrow I’ll be jobless :zap: Um…yup. I’m out for today…but won’t drink


Courage!! Keep the good job. Union of prayers


Made it thru to day 2.gymed this morning, I am gonna take things easy and slower and not detract by exercising manically, thanks Ts


Day 31! Had a really good meeting last night and I may have a short day at work today. Hopefully I can get a bike ride in as I haven’t put any miles in this week. Have a fantastic day!


Day 34, its been a journey! Pleased to be here sober and accountable. Keep up the great work everyone, Ive been reading daily and enjoying your journeys :heart:


Thanks! I’m not gonna lie, I feel like a warrior sometimes. I just can’t curl up and give in, not after all I’ve been through. The hardest part is realizing that this rollercoaster is going to last for about 2 more years. Can’t come off faster. But as soon as that thought comes I step on its face! I can’t stay on this crap and I’ll do whatever it takes!


Damn girl! Sorry this has turned out this way. But hopefully you will be able to find something that you really love. I’m glad you are taking it in stride. Haha, it’s the unplanned staycation you never knew you wanted!


Day 182. Just got home from the rehab. sun is shining and I’m going to head to the gym…then it’s time to go make the coffee in my home group…


I already contacted my old boss, they take me back haha, but at another place (not the same shit I did before). Better than nothing and it pays the bills


Good to see you!


Day 3 here peeps.


Checking in. Day 547. One year, six months. Just taking it one day at a time with a little help from my friends. Keep Sober and Carry On.


Ain’t it the truth. I just wish they would stop telling the same story.


Congrats! That’s a hell of an achievement :slight_smile:

I’m just trying to eat some soup with one side of my mouth numb… This is going to be fun…