Checking in daily to help maintain focus


It is so nice having a clear head at shows. Glad you got to see them!
I saw an acoustic set a couple of years ago that was pretty cool. The tour was called “Smashing pumpkins in plainsong.”


Day 7. Did a short run today but it is way too hot to run a long distance.
Already packing everything for holidays :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


How brilliant is that! To be fully present and appreciate the experience and even better to be able to remember it! Well done TMAC :facepunch: ps still jealous you got to see them :speak_no_evil:


Positive thoughts your way



If they make their way to your part of the world on this tour (I think its just North America so far…I believe I’ve read your in Australia?), I recommend going. 100% worth the price of admission. They played for 3 hours, and none of it was dull in the least!


Day 75, and wholly relapse dream. Really shoke me awake. I wasn’t wasted like in the other dreams, this one was about consequences. Subconscious reminding me, that even one drink is too many, and potentially lead to things way worse than a hangover.


Day 59. Coming up on that 60 day mark!

Have a strong day!!!


Oh yeah I’ll definitely be going if they come out to Australia. Have loved them since the '90 - I’ll be forever stuck into the alternative 90s music lol


My buddy goes in for surgery today getting a cyst removed. I’m concerned like a normal person would be but I’m not over the top like I would have been had I still been drinking. I love the fact I have mental clarity (mostly lol).


Checking in. Day 568. “My stability came out of trying to give, not out of demanding that I receive.” - the AA ideal of selflessness and being of service to others.

After the gym, I am meeting with my sponsor for coffee. He really understands what it takes to be comfortable with sobriety. Keep Sober and Carry On. I am watching you @kareness :eyes:


I hope it’s nothing major.


Looking like a brave dog!!

I am a nervous wreck when anything medical is going on with my dogs, so I know what you’re feeling. Hope all goes well for you both. Stay strong!


Awe I’ll be thinking of him and you. Give us an update when he’s out!


Awww best of luck with his surgery today. Hope all goes smoothly & your beautiful buddy recovers quickly :hugs: He looks like he’s ready to get this thing done & over with! :smile:


Will be thinking of you and that handsome pup!!


Great way to look at it!


Day 33 here :smiley:


Day 28 today! Yesterday felt like a Monday, so I am happy today is actually Wednesday.


That’ll be weird! Good luck! They’re probably just jealous that you’re getting away from the negativity.


Day 473… I have my affirmations going on loop trying to keep my positive, mindful outlook… glad I’m going it sober!