Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Well their wives damn sure don’t want to hear it so they have to tell it somewhere lol.


I went to a meeting and the Chair told the same story twice. This was after he said he was not going to share tonight, just listen. BTW - the guy is like 40+ years sober. Gotta love him.


Sounds like my home group haha. Yesterday we had 4 or 5 over 40 years and I can pretty much guess what they will share based on what the topic is. The best part is they all make fun of the other old timers for always telling the same story. Then they tell the same story…


Day 38. P.M.A. all day!

Have a strong day!


Yep. (the needed ten characters)


Hopefully this place won’t be as bad as the first. So glad you had that option!


Day 7, I made it to one week!! Yesterday I felt like my emotions we’re more level. I’ve also determined for me that it’s way better to just eat what sounds good & tastes good, versus trying to eat what we may have normally and having only a few bites. Being “hangry” doesn’t serve me or anyone else. I also realized Ive been quite dehydrated the last few days, so back to upping my water intake and paying more attention to that. Have a nice day!


Every employee always has the option to come back. I really appreciate this. They’re not perfect, but at least I don’t have to be afraid of getting an infection there :joy:


Glad to have you back!


12 days no booze or cigs.


Day 6 today , I am proud . Absolutely not easy but today seems a better day . Many things happened in one day … may be today I can realize a little bit better what happen around me ! Hope the best to all of you here


First sober week since a while completed :blush::heart_eyes:
Will go for another run tomorrow as I was able to do 10km today. Felt soooo great.
Also planning a rest day on Friday and a hike on Saturday when my best friend visits my husband and me. :star_struck:
So grateful!


I’m sorry to hear about your job situation.


Well there you go. You got a job and two pair of pants…Giddyup!


Without pants would be awkward :thinking:


Welcome back to the outside world. How was your visit back to rehab?


Day 15, and my mind has never been more clear. Which scares the shit out of me. Realizations of how clouded and masked things have been… sorting and processing begins here. I feel a shift in the wind, and my journey is starting a new path. What scares me most, is I am most likely going to walk this new path alone…


I can relate! When I think back of how clouded my brain was before I got sober…holy moly! It’s like I am aging backwards now :smile:



This hit me hard today. I have a lot of changing of my mind to do!


Now that’s some admirable stuff right there!!! #likeaboss