Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day number 204. A shout out to @anon53189373 on 18 months. Great accomplishment, keep at it. I have booked myself a “body mass measure thingie” don’t know the correct term in english…anyways…It tells how much fat I have and how much muscle etc…I’ve done this twice this year before. It’s exciting to get to see numbers on progress. When I started working out I was almost one third made of fat. Which was a bit of a shock. Now I’m hoping to be closer to 20% body fat. My ultimate goal is somewhere like 12% or so. Also what is important to see is the gains in muscle mass…if the numbers are up ok then I know I’m doing right things and with correct weights…if not then we need to change the program I’m doing with my personal trainer…anyhow…have a great day everyone.


I am on day 7… I have been reading here every day and it realy does help… can I just ask a question… why I have never woken up sober and been happy or proud of myself for not drinking… I wake every morning with a sense of dread that here is another day that I can’t look forward to a drink tonight… I don’t understand it and I am really questioning everything. . It is so hard


Early stages of sobriety can be still pretty depressing. It took me a long time to figure out what I really wanted in life. One thing I know though is that it got a million times better over the time…now I am really looking forward on each and every single day. What I also know for a fact is that if we keep drinking, the misery will continue and it’s only gonna get worse…


I was like this for a long time, I looked at getting sober like it was a punishment. I think starting with your why might help. Are you doing this because you want to, or told you have to? When I was threatened with losing things like my jobs or relationships I went into sobriety with immediate resentments. Seeing some truly happy sober people helped me a lot. I want to be that positive force in someone else’s life one day. Hang in there, if it were easy this whole problem wouldn’t exist. This place helps a lot :slight_smile:


Checking in day 66. Had a low motivation day work wise yesterday. That is so unlike me. I realize how m just having a moment and it will pass. The gym had been going great and I’m 100% addicted again, so yay there. Have a happy sober almost Friday everyone :slight_smile:


Why am I doing this… I have been drinking at home for years and am very much a functioning drinker… last week my husband and I went out for a meal and we had 2 drinks after… but all I could think about was getting home to have my wine… alone… that really scared me… for the first time I really really realised hoe dependent I was on my wine… I have been kidding myself for years…so next day I happened to see bryony Gordon recommend this site on Twitter and I logged on to have a look and then I just joined… guess it was meant to be… so here I am 7 days later… I don’t know how I ended up writing all this…my finger seems to have taken on a life of its own…


Naaaw I’m sure he’ll be ok. How old is he? Have you had him since a pup? Btw he’s gorgeous… haven’t yet seen pics of you guys together - maybe I’ve missed them? Hope he comes through ok #mansbestfriend


I remember the feeling when the only thought in my head was the comfort I would get from the bottle. Just that it wasn’t real. There was no comfort. All it brought me was quite the opposite. I needed some comfort and solitude Because I was drinking. It didn’t bring me anything good in many years towards the end. Yet I kept insisting with my brain that what ever anxiety I was feeling would get better with me just getting some alcohol. Well, gone is the anxiety and I’m getting back the real me. I’m getting back my lust for life. Nobody needs alcohol in their lives.


@Frank68 Ahhh lol just been reading through the thread and it answered my questions lol. Damn our time difference - I’m always playing catchup lol


One day at a time…


Riding in fog is like swimming on land. :wink:


Day 53. It is a little bit harder today to stay sober. The voice is back in my mind whispering, whispering. “You’re doing so well, what’s a little peek?” “You can skip a meeting, you need time for yourself”…
I know it is fear. I’m afraid about work. All this rain is going to catch up and work is going to slow waaay down soon. I’m trying to have faith, but struggling. Have a great day everyone!


Very happy to have 60 days sober. One thing I’ve done differently this time around, is focusing on the present day, and not just saying “can’t wait until I hit X days”, because that time isn’t promised.

Have a strong day!!!


Agreed! We have done two of them - totally worth every penny. My favorite vacations ever!


Day 6 over here! I still feel like I just went trough a washer and dryer, dizzy, shaky, but hey, sober! No pounding headache or puking, so that is nice. I’m still a little reluctant to post much myself, but I’ve been lurking around and reading all your lovely comments - they really motivate me and give me hope there is light at the end of the tunnel! So thanks to all of you :hugs::heart:


Good morning friends! Still kicking! :slight_smile:


Day 214
Still going strong folks. I’m going to reduce my online time, trying to do the same with Instagram. You guys helped me so so much, love you for that :heart: If there are struggles I’ll come back online but for now I’m out :wink::kissing_heart:
Stay strong and positive, then everything get’s possible :pray:


Day 57, Sober, Strong and PROUD. I got this :facepunch:


You ARE doing so well!! I’m always chasing your sobriety tail! Your insight and dedication helps to keep me sober! Keep up the amazing job friend!


Present n posting >10 characters heh