Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I use the topicals on my dogs too. Diametous earth works great too. Not sure if spiders eat fleas lol. I hate spiders with a passion.


It’s almost here!!! Next you’ll be so busy with the new house, getting it the way you want and adjusting to the new scenery, make sure to take some time today to enjoy it! :heart:


Keep pushing fam.


Completed 3 days sober :smiley:


I swear by the combo Nitempyram and Lufenuron, which is sold very inexpensively at i have been using this product for years and we never have fleas. I wish more people knew of it because it is literally the only thing that actually works and is completely nontoxic to the animals and people. It’s a pill the animal takes, or you can open the capsule and pour the powder into food. It needa to be taken with a lot of fat, so I often add olive oil to the meal, as the medication attaches to the lipids and distribute throughout the body.


Beginning of day 4. I rarely make it through day 3, it is usually my “fuck it” day and the hardest one to get through. I am nervous though because a man at a job site I’m on has expressed interest in dating and he suggested getting a beer sometime… sometime meaning probably this Friday. I don’t know how to handle the situation.


Me too!!! Yay!!! Good for you!


Day 14. I think the last time I was sober for two weeks was around this time last year. Doc visit went well, BP is under control with meds but not quite perfect yet. Experiencing intermittent numbness and weakness in left hand and foot. Doc says possible nerve damage due to alcohol. Can’t believe I did that to my body! :expressionless: (Neuropathy - anyone else experience this?) Bloodwork to assess the issue and working toward a solution to repair the damage. Grateful to be alive and in recovery. :star_struck:


Do what you know is best for you! If you feel that situation is too much temptation - ask to meet for coffee instead? Or maybe don’t go at all if you know you’re not ready to handle it. It’s definitely okay to say “no thanks”. And sometimes that’s the best answer.


Sure, there is the drinking aspect, but also, should I even be thinking about dating, lol! I’ll see what plays out over the next few days. I’m trying not to get caught up in the possibilities, just enjoy flirting with a nice man at work and leave it there.


Day 87!

I’m having a bad body image day. I’m realizing how acting out consistently made me feel better about my body and it’s much harder to make peace with it now. Trying to remember I’m a work in progress.


For me personally, I was 3 months sober and started dating someone (who drank)… ended up drunk wasting 7 months and having to start over. That was my choice, but boy I chose wrong. For now, I’ve sworn off dating to focus on me and my kids. I’m finally in a spot where I don’t need/want “someone” all the time. But like I said - that’s just my situation/perspective. :wink:


Can’t wait to tear apart the new house. :joy: at least none of the projects in the new house are Necessary. Just me doing upgrades for funsies.


Dating, especially in early sobriety is usually not a great idea. If you are serious about your sobriety, you need to concentrate on that. You are going to need this time to be all about you, your sobriety comes first.
Discover who you are without your DOC. Go through all of the emotions, and get through some personality changes even. Early sobriety is crazy, and having your concerns be elsewhere leaves you open for addiction to sneak back in.


Day 315, off to a hectic start. Breathe.


I love that quote!


Great job! Way to stay strong!


It seemed much easier to ignore the things we didn’t like while masking everything. Then you get sober and it just hits you! It does get better. Your body is doing so much healing right now.

I’m not in the greatest shape of my life but I can say I’m the most comfortable in my own skin that I’ve ever been.


Day 7. Boys started 4th and 7th grades today. Just got back from a leisurely trail walk in the woods. I love redbirds. They were chirping and everywhere this morning. Peaceful.


39 days here :smiley: