Checking in daily to help maintain focus



I just had my first adderall craving since stopping. A few alcohol ones here and there over the past 59 days, but this was a first. It was fleeting, but I did notice it. Work is brutal today and I’m dealing with this bulldog of a coworker who is just not relenting on this one thing that I am very much done dealing with. High stress all day…can feel it in my chest, and my head is pounding.

Suddenly, my brain whispered to me: “God, this would be so much easier…and probably enjoyable…if you were all sped up”.

Then, as quick as it happened, it was gone. Tomorrow will be two months free of everything, so you can be damn sure I’m not relenting. I’ve worked too hard for it.

Just a reminder to watch your thoughts, friends. Sometimes those whispers in the undercurrent of your consciousness can be sneaky.


Checking in day 14. Feeling good. Holidays are very good. I Love la Bretagne.


Day 137. Boss is on vacation, we lost 2 people, he still went…he “fixed the scheduel” basically the scheduel is trash. I have a 30 minute window to do a 3 hour project…and I am suppose to leave 1.5 hours early today. So, I am staying, because screw him, the job is going to get done. No urge to drink…but the urge to kick the boss in the man berries is strong…hey, atleast I will do it sober…progress…back to work I go.


R.N. means Registered Nurse. I work in surgery. Last week I held a beating human heart in my hand as the patient came off the bypass machine… Who does that!? Unbelievable where my life has taken me since I’ve been sober!

You chose a great field, lots of options for employment & Congratulations on Day 506!!! WOW!! :heart:


Peanut slab :joy:


Bad boss! I respect bosses who choose to pitch in and help during crunch time…not take off and abandon ship. You’re doing the right thing. I’d rather be YOU then him any day :hugs:


I had a flea issue recently too. I was so embarrassed, but the vet assured me it was due to the weather conditions being just right. I did not use flea/tick preventative as there was never a threat, but recently moved to an area which has perfect conditions. I ended up getting Nexgaurd and did a flea shampoo bath and the next day life was good for the dogs.


Love this new crazy & sober life!

Meeee tooooo baby! Me too!! :heart:

Amazing things happen when you step out of your comfort zone! Look at you GOooooo! :hugs:


I’ve got a long way to go but I’m a long way from where I started and that makes me proud and happy! :heart:


Day 65!

Have a strong day!!!


You’re my inspiration…congrats on the five months :slight_smile:


Great going Frank. And good to hear about K9…I’m a dog person all the way and yours looks so amazing. :slight_smile:


My daughter is a R.N. too, she works on a surgical floor and takes care of patients that have to stay after surgery. She loves it. She’s considering going into wound care, the grosser the better for her lol


First week it’s the hardest, your almost through the thick of it. Hang in there!


Wound care interesting! (Potentially maggots & leaches involved there :smile:). Definitely very rewarding for her I’m sure to help in the healing of a bad wound. And thankfully we do get immune to all the not so pleasant stuff quickly :sweat_smile:


I could not do what you guys do!


Funny, I can do anything with a patient…but if the patient is a family member (with just a little cut) I’ll get light-headed & feel faint immediately :grimacing::joy:


Whenever my kids have had something happen, I always get faint and have to sit down lol.


Ending day 470​:rose: without alcohol​:heart:️ @weevee: are you still with me?:pray: stay strong beautiful people​:kissing_heart:


Must be a Mom thing :joy: