Checking in daily to help maintain focus


How can I get a sponsor?


Doin great, man! Keep up the good work.


Will do my best.


Day 32 sitting at the bank f a l l I n g a s l e e p… Frick. I’ve got to figure out how to stay awake during the day sober. If I was drinking, I’d be wide awake, blowing off work, on a bender…


Love that you said “Frick” that’s one of my favs to use next to “Funk”


Day 89, tomorrow will be the big 90.


Spent the day making Christmas greeting cards.


Hello. Been a while since I checked in. Getting closer to 500. Stay strong.IMG_20180807_222727


Hi @resistance38 not sure if your DOC is alcohol or drugs? But If you are looking at getting a sponsor the best way is to start going to NA or AA meetings and asking the members there about getting a sponsor.


Checking in day 98 :sparkles:


Day 60…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Way to go on 60!


Today my counter reads seven months sober. Feels great. Previously I was always relapsing at three months…this time around everything is different. I’m starting my day with a healthy breakfast and heading to school in an hour…sun is shining and so are youuuuu


Thank you for the support! Sincerely hope you journey is going well :slight_smile:


Day 36.

Had some mild - medium cravings yesterday after my friend cancelled lunch, I just suddenly was very aware that I don’t really have anything to do for about a week. I ended up making an Oreo and white chocolate cheesecake and then going to they gym. I’m looking forward to a time when I can just chill and relax without those darn thoughts popping in my head. Today I’m going to go on a long walk and just hang around the beach.


Yeah, Bob! 2 months! Fantastic work sir


Congrats on 5 months!! :man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:


Congrats on 5 months and soooo glad K9 is ok! What a great day :slight_smile:


60 days – the first 30 dragged, but days 30-60 flew by! Clawing my way back to 130 days and beyond, but first I will get through 60, 61, 62…

Many thanks to all on here for your advice, wisdom, and comraderie.


Will those darn thoughts ever stop…please someone say they will