Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 72 and low day on time… again sigh Have a great day everyone.


Day 3, again. Today I didn’t think about drinking at all. that’s nice :blush:


Thank you my friend…stay well! :slight_smile:


I’m just now finding the motivation to start doing my projects again. I finally finished a blanket that I had started almost 6 months ago, and I picked up a paintbrush for the first time in over a year! It felt good. Keep up the good work, the want will come back!


That’s exactly how it was for me when my boss went on vacation! I ended up working almost 25 hours over my normally scheduled shifts that week… too busy to want to drink or get high and the pay check was great. But I definitely wanted to kill her when she came back!


Checking in day 15 :sunflower:


Day 43. Yesterday I woke up wanting to murder everyone in my path. But as the day progressed and it got closer to the start of AA meeting time, I had chilled the F out. Second AA meeting down, and I will keep going back. Though I haven’t had the guts to share yet, I know like on here, I will eventually have diarrhea of the mouth and it will all be out there!


Day 509 here :muscle::sun_with_face::pray:

@TracyLeigh wow that sounds like an experience :heart:️ Got to witness operations at one of my internships and I loved it. Not heart surgery though and I never got to touch anything, only witness.

@daffodil I totally understand why she loves wound care. I did that too on an internship this spring. Some of the patients had wounds all the way down the lower part of their legs. Scary but very great learning experience to take care of them.

Sunny but windy day here in Stockholm :sweden: On vacation :blush: 4 days left til Fuerteventura, Spain :sun_with_face:

This is a great day to stay sober folks!


Day 151. I attended my second AA meeting yesterday, the thing I like about them most is that I think after I leave. I’m shocked I still think that this morning because I literally didn’t sleep more than a half hour at a time last night because I woke up thinking and I have an insane next 3 days at work but so far that is my favorite part. The people are nice, I really enjoy their stories. That does a lot for me. Many of them have a long long time of sobriety under their belts, I can certainly learn a lot from them. I don’t have a lot of ah-ha moments in the meeting, though there are some, it’s more I think later about what was said and it starts to make more sense. I think I’ll be sticking with it anyway long story short lol. Now I’m off to a 6:30am staff meeting, followed by branch audits and training my vacation back-up. Happy sober Wed people! :heart:


It takes Time for the a-ha moment. It can come when ever though and usually cause of your thinking. Nothing to loose going there


I agree. And listening to them talk, I know many of them didn’t get it all right away. I enjoy people talking, I learn from them all and think differently because they share! It’s different. And that’s exactly what I’m in the market for. Different, I don’t want that old life ever again as I shared last night. :slight_smile: Love my sober people and life!


Happy Wednesday everyone! I’ve not checked in before but will do from now on, what a great idea! I’ve had several ‘a-ha!’ Moments recently and all through reading posts on here. I’m working my way through day 10 and I’m so grateful to you all - such wise ex booze hounds you are!! :heart:️:heart:️


304 - Today is 10 months sober. Since age 14 this is the most pure my body and mind has been. I’ve got to say I didn’t imagine I would feel as different as I do. I am grateful for it. I am grateful for people like you all who encourage and support one another through this, it’s impossible otherwise. Enjoy the day, stay the course!


Day 59 , the most dangerous time.
@TMAC I am hot on your heels, although I hope I don’t catch up. I’ve been using this forum relentlessly for the last 59 days and hitting as many meetings as I can. (3 a week is all we have) I made the decision to cut back on therapy from once a week to once every two weeks to give me more time to spend making new friends here. This afternoon I will meet with one of my fellows for coffee. Have a very sober day y’all.
@Rain66 congrats on 7 months!


I’ve been watching you, sir! Hot on my heels is right! Great work on 59 days, see ya on your 2-month tomorrow my friend :grinning:


Checking in. Day 575. It is going to be another great day. First gym, then coffee with my sponsor, food truck rally at CU hospital campus for lunch, and finally poker at my house tonight. Just another day living the dream. Keep Sober and Carry On.


Thank you!!!


Congratulations on your 7 months, that’s fantastic!!!


Day 15. My middle kiddo is registered for school. Just need to finish up with my youngest. Got them haircuts yesterday evening so they’re looking sharp for the first day. :sunglasses: therapy session this evening. Reflecting on how much better things have been these last two weeks. Outlook is positive and resolve is strong! :muscle:


Had a slip last night. I made it through the gas station with just a sparkling water. Then later I had to go buy boots for work tomorrow and there was the cvs, and i was in the wine aisle buying a small 3-serving box. I had one drink out of it and immediately felt super blah in my head. I woke up this morning not remembering if i had dreams or if the stuff really happened. My medication makes any amount of alcohol remove my ability to form memories, it seems. Willpower is a muscle that can be depleted, so I chalk it up to a “rest” and will continue moving forward. I didn’t want to reset, so I took 12 hours off my alcohol-free time as punishment. Sounds like bullshit. I know I’m justifying and talking out my ass. Moving forward, though! Dumped the rest of that box down the drain!