Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in for day 88 on 8-8-18!

Struggle bus city. My former acting out partner was in photos posted by a friend, he’s wearing a shirt that he bought as a reference to me. He’s still devastatingly attractive. I’m texting literally everyone in my phone that is not him but I’m digging my heels in and won’t reach out to him


Day 90!!! Still going strong


Day 200 here.


Checking in: day 8


Checking in with 60 days!! So proud of myself.


Couple days sober from alcohol. 20 hours or so from my last cigarette. I’m trying but this sucks and it’s difficult. One thing that comes out of having a nervous breakdown is clarity I guess.


Stay strong. If you have to, play it out to the shame, regret and self hatred. You’re nearing an anniversary which is cause for triggers. Our addiction offers no love, only shame. My thoughts are with you today. You deserve real love


No matter how tempting & lush the other grass looks. It’s not. It never was. Because it’s not real. It’s AstroTurf. Real is better then fake any day. Good for you. Stay strong. And unplug from any mutual friends social media pics for the time being :hugs::heart:


Thank you! My husband spent the morning sitting in the dentists office with me while I white knuckled through three hours of intense work. Last night he rode the ferris wheel with a friend who has a fear of heights so she could say she conquered that fear. He sat next to her because she felt safer sitting next to a dude and counted the lines on the footbed with her out loud. He’s a wonderful, caring, loving man. I’m very lucky to have him by my side, especially considering everything we have been through. I do deserve someone who wants the whole cake instead of just the frosting, and I’ve got to remember that :slight_smile: sometimes choosing love isn’t as easy as it should be.


Day 15 Here. Feeling good. Have an nice day everyone!!!


Hooray for Captain!!! Hooray. I just realised that we’re only ten days apart…and Niina is ten days ahead of me…so we’re kinda sober triplets…you know…ten days is nothing…it doesn’t even count…Hooray…


Great achievement Kitty…stay honest and stay sober…one day at a time.


Astroturf made me think of a White Zombie album…or a song…not sure which one…called Astro Creep 2000. So in a sense that dude must be now an astrocreep…


God sake. Everyone at work is angry!
I need a cave to hide in

Anyone got a spare cave ?


Derek soon has a Sex Dungeon that @Jessi.lynn wants to borrow…pretty sure the use of that space is negotiable


Sending you much love and strength @BrookieB. You’ve done it before and will do it again. Be gentle on your sweet self :blossom:


Checking in day 99 - can’t quite believe it! :sparkles:


Whoo hoo! Get it!


That’s what I’m talking about! Real love there. You are really lucky


Today is my 1st day. Gonna try my best