Checking in daily to help maintain focus


That made me chuckle. Thanks
Today has been probably the lowest point of the year for me


Crazy 8’s :link:♾️8️⃣ on 8/8/18


Day 6!!! Almost a week and never felt a stronger sense of direction and understanding of this all as I do now. I finally broke free of that bullshit and have combined all my work learning and attempt lessons and losses. This is it… it’s time for a whole new life. I am ready and I AM BACKKKKK!!!


Day 35! Finally made it to my parents house after 5 days of driving. What a relief!


Day 554. Just met a girl who says shes a friend of this Bill W guy. Think this may get interesting.




You ok? Can you relax tonight & de-stress?? :hugs:


Congratulations @Em76 on 10 beautiful days sober!! :hugs:


Hi. Thanks. I manage alot of services and we are going through alot of changes… some good and some bad.
So when the teams get angry or upset I am usually at the sharp end .which is usually manageable…it’s when it’s all at once!
I’ll weather it out I guess as I need to keep folk feeling contained


You may need to start a whole new thread for this subject if it gets interesting :slight_smile:


I am intrigued. :rofl::thinking:


Ill think about it. Im not as prideful as some dereks so i dont know if i can make a whole thread dedicated to myself :grin:


Its kind of exciting! Its rare i meet someone who im interested im having a conversation with. In this area its especially tough.


Well that’s why you get the big bucks… because you’re calm, cool & collected under pressure (well in theory :wink:) You’ve got this I’m sure! Sleep well tonight & Hope tomorrow goes much smoother :hugs:


Well, I think she’s lucky to have met you! You’ll definitely have lots to talk about (keep an open mind :wink:) and have fun @MewilHoward :hugs:


Day 520. Slept like garbage last night, so I got up and did some general checking around the house for things we forgot to pack. Then took a nap. Our moving truck was delivered at 12, but it was like 98 degrees, without the heat index.
So we hung around all day until it “cooled off”. Guys. I am drenched in sweat. It is still 87 ish at 8pm. Yuck. We have about an hour left to finish in the morning, and call the shipping company.
Just another day. :blush:


When’s the last day you’re there at the house then, tomorrow?


Weve actually been texting for a while now. I might go to an AA meeting with her. I know im not gonna drink agaim but it might be nice to meet other people face to face and help them.


You Sir, will always be of immeasurable help to any fellow who drank & now wants to quit…,whether you attend meetings or not.

You know when I quit… there just weren’t any other options, is was that or nothing. I’m thrilled to see so many options today, even those that do not utilize meetings, I’d be curious too. Really, have fun there I mean it, you’d be a tremendous benefit to anyone!

…aside from that have fun getting to know this girl too! :crossed_fingers:t3:


You are too kind! I got sober by begging God to save me and reading the bible. Thats it. It makes it a little tough when i talk to people in AA because apparently turning to God is the first step. But for me studying the bible was what i needed. I listen to about 6 to 8 hours of baptist sermons and bible studies a day and then try to read at least an hour a night. The bible is so against the consumption of alcohol i just could never go back to it. Im all for AA, but the King James Bible is all I have ever needed.