Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I don’t check this thread often, but when I do I’m never disappointed lol.

I prayed, begged, cried in that order when I got out of rehab when I asked God to remove my obsession to use and drink


I was waiting for a comment from you! I dont think everyone knows we are secretly best friends.


200 days!!! :blush: Off to my Wednesday night women’s meeting, feeling grateful and so happy. Going to keep working hard and keep learning.


Well that’s extra interesting! Why wouldn’t that work?! Makes perfect sense to me! When I hit 5 years sober I yearned for something more. I found it in Church. My AA meetings since have been drastically reduced, because Church works for me too…One of the Best things we did as a congregation early on was divide the entire Bible up into 52 segments and read it cover to cover and discuss it, over the course of a year. First time I’d ever done that in my life. I was so proud! (I’ve done it on my own 4 times since). Impressive guy you are @MewilHoward :+1:t3:


I was waiting for a comment from you! I dont think everyone knows we are secretly best friends.


Thats so cool! You just took dereks place as my best friend. Sorry @Englishd but its over.


Honestly, I’m not even mad. She’s pretty cool. And she has the secret for eternal youth.


Oh man! He’ll be crushed :smile: he’s a sobriety tourist, so you gotta bring him to Church! (you know they’ll all love him) and he’ll either get baptized then & there or bring the entire congregation to his home group! He’ll be a good time either way :joy:


Well now sorry @MewilHoward but @Englishd just replaced you with that nice comment :joy::hugs::kissing_heart:


It was lovely while it lasted😂


I’ll always remember you fondly :raising_hand_woman:‍♀️:joy:


Dang it. Bill beat me to it. That was my first reaction when @MewilHoward said he met a girl.


All of our stuff leaves tomorrow. :blush: We leave Sunday morning. I wanted to take an extra long road trip but the husband says he has to work. :roll_eyes: lame. :joy:
How are you!?


Whatcha gonna sleep on tomorrow night & Saturday night??

Me? Not great :weary: struggling with a stubborn ovarian cyst it’s about 2” :flushed: I’ve had it 7 miserable weeks now. Find out tomorrow if they’ll remove it…I feel like a Thanksgiving turkey :turkey: with a faulty plastic popper :joy:


We still have our bed until Saturday. Mom just bought a new house, and needs a guest bed. Works out nicely. Then we are camping each night on our trip out there! We have a nice air mattress, but also have sleeping pads just in case.
Damn! Sorry about your cyst. That sucks! I hope they pluck it out, or at least drain it.


Day 25, just finished this naked mind. That book definitely hit the spot. Feeling empowered :muscle::blush:


Bill W. as in Bill Wilson the founder of AA? Bill wilson who died in 1971?


Hi all, last week I came out of a rehab centre in England, for the usage of cocaine!

I’m not 45 days clean, which is the longest I’ve had in a long time.

Writing as over the last 4 days I haven’t been to a meeting yet. Tonight going to a CA one local to me. On Tuesday night I had a dream about using coke, I could physically feel it. It scared the shit out of me and yesterday I craved coke all day and that have never ever happened before. Last night I went to the gym on the way back stopped to ring some people I know who have some time sober. I got in and I was panicking, told my mum a complete lie about my agitated state and I realised now the silly lie I’ve told her will just make it even worse. I’ve sent her and my dad a text this morning explaining what happened but really now just waiting for the meeting tonight so I can share what’s happened. Feels slightly better now I’ve posted this. Sorry for such a long post!


211 I suppose. Last night at a meeting another member was celebrated for 31 years of sobriety. It’s a guy who’s sharing I always relate to really a lot. It was a nice event. It’s my first week in school and every morning I’ve been waking up really early just to enjoy my breakfast and morning coffee. I’ve been going there with a smile on my face and living one day at a time. No real expectations, just doing what I’m asked and being happy that I have a place to study. Simple things feel great at the moment. Hope for a great day for you all.


Day 61…checking in friends :slight_smile: