Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 220
I’m going to withdraw a little from social media for a while whilst I try hard to not lose the plot

I’ll pop on here to keep my sanity in tact.

Work can get as crap as it wants. I’ll weather it and move on

Have a fab day folks

I guess life is full of trials and tribulations…well I feel tested…sad…and pretty lonely.

But we can handle what we are placed on this earth for I hope


Day 16 over Here. So Close to three weeks. No urges to Drink, as usually during holidays. Have a good day everyone!


Day 454 just getting ready for work. It’s nearly the weekend. Visiting family for my dad’s birthday on Sunday and looking forward to it.

Have a great day everyone, stay strong and stay sober.


What’s going on? Are you okay?

Edit: I have just read about your crappy day. Hope you can find a way to get a bit of a breather.
Take care…


Day 510 good morning :purple_heart:

3 days left to Playitas resort :muscle::sun_with_face:


Please know that so many of us have felt similar feelings. I can only speak for myself though. I have been tested in all areas of my life in sobriety and at times it has felt as though it is too much. But you will get through this :muscle: You are not alone! :purple_heart: This too shall pass! Write a jornal or something? I have done that in the past where I can see myself slowly moving from the tough feelings to where life is truly great again. That written Journey is helpful for me when I feel sad/mad/frustrated again.

Strength and love :muscle::purple_heart: Stay sober!


Day 61 - up for my 5:00 AM run. This is like 2 weeks now of consistently high humidity, which makes me feel like I’m running through a bowl of soup – even this early the air is so thick and heavy. Makes it difficult to breathe properly. It’s thunder storming pretty hard here too, so hope I don’t get hit by lightning.

…and if I do, I hope it gives me superpowers.


End of Day 16 approaching. Did a workout this morning then a run tonight after dinner. Early days but feeling strong in my sobriety. Thought about the impending weekend and how i used to love my Friday nights drinking until blackout. I literally shuddered and couldn’t think of anything worse. Will be going to a meeting instead tomorrow night


Day 317. Flying to Key West this morning. If I can handle HI for 9 days, I can deal with 4 days.


Congrats girl!!!


Today is day 60. These last 30 days have dragged on which actually is good. It means that I have been present throughout the day and able to enjoy every moment of sobriety. Yesterday was rough but I reached out A LOT. Had coffee with a friend after work, called my sponsor, called another friend in group, I got to help someone who was struggling and wanted to attend meetings, came here for a while…
feels good to have 60 days! :icecream:


Day 10. Thursday.
Hi! How is everyone doing?
I made it into double digits today. I’m feeling really good about it. I ran out of “likes” so forgive me if I am unable to acknowledge anyone’s latest posts in that way at the moment. Haha. Nothing special happened today for me. Just an average day. Nothing wrong with that I suppose. I’m so used to trying to create extreme highs and lows each and everyday I drank or used that I have to actually re-learn how to just be content with a regular type of day. My “WOW” factor, my “Shock” factor of various high and low emotions is all out of whack. I justified my highs and lows as being my strong pulse, my strong lust for life but I did it all wrong thinking that drinking was my only tool to do that for me. I don’t know if any of this makes sense at all to anybody. I’m basically learning how to feel again and sit in each and every emotion whether it be good, bad, or indifferent. Its weird. Anyways, I hope everyone had a great day and continues the streak if possible.


Day 73… still in a slight funk about work. I have a new CRM that’s helping organize me a bit, so I’m slowly feeling like less of a failure.

I’m grateful that my husband can support us while I get my biz up and running, but he complains about working 2 jobs. I work just as many, if not more hours than he does. Plus I’m 47 and he’s 28, he should have more energy than me lol. We have completely different work ethics. I’m also used to being the bread winner and I have NEVER had to rely on someone else financially. So this is a huge adjustment and blow to my ego. However, there is big money to be made in my new career (commercial real estate) it just takes time to establish.

Have a good day everyone.


Day 37.

Had a crazy dream about the world ending which was very cool and vivid. I also got to hang from a helicopter whilst it was flying (in my dream, unfortunately). Bought a bike lock today so I can start using that more to get around town easier. There’s a big music festival this weekend in my town and you can’t drive anywhere, it’s chaos.


Congratulations on your new career. How exciting! I’m sure your husband loves you a great deal and doesn’t mind taking on the lead support for your family at the moment. Probably makes him feel proud. It would for me being the man of the house. But you sound like a very independent go-getter. Wish I had more of that character trait. Haha. The ego thing is no biggie. The leveling of my pride brought me a little more humility and humbled me in a way I’m not accustomed to. I know you will get it back. Have a great day!


Congratulations, I know you’ve been looking forward to this! :slight_smile: You’re doing great!


Checking in on day 9. Have eaten dinner with my family, at the kitchen table, the past two nights. Usually I cook, “wait the table” so to speak, while they eat, and exit stage left stat. Reason being I was usually buzzed from secretly drinking beforehand and wanting to hurry up and get back to it after dinner. Little things like sitting down with my family and being present are priceless. Thankful my life is coming back into focus. Sending :heart: from AL.


Ohh yeah, Congratulations! 2 months. 1/6 of a year. Haha. Also, I wanted to say that I appreciate the welcome and support you have given to me dude…since I joined 10 days ago. I see you. I hope you get to enjoy your day and keep going strong.


Sometimes I wish I could record my dreams and watch them on TV. Or have somebody else watch them so they knew what I meant when I said they were crazy. Its tough to describe a dream as you felt it and dreamt it haha. But was trying to for myself when you described the one you had.


Damn dude, those days are piling up! Congrats on 10 days! You are such an inspiration to all. I can see the way you encourage and help those who are struggling with those first few days and I think it’s amazing! I couldn’t help or support anyone in my first few months. Keep up the great work man. Looking forward to watching your progress for a long time to come.