Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Camping/road trip to your new place sounds cool. Enjoy the adventure. Bring something from your old house with you to frame & put up in the new place (scrap of wallpaper, leaves from tree in the yard) anything. It’ll mean a lot as the years go on. Annnnnd hoping this is the beginning of fewer & fewer headaches for you! :hugs:


Dear day 416, can we not and say we did? My alarm went off this morning and my brain screamed, “why the hell is my alarm going off? I don’t have to work today!” But I actually do. Felt like crying. But I shall get through this day like I always do… Rocking sober grumpy like a champ! :laughing::sunglasses:


Rocking sober grumpy like a champ!

Hey you stole my game plan :joy: Are you off tomorrow? Look forward to that. You’ll be fine today & I’m sure your mood will turn around soon :hugs:


Nope, today is my Monday. Off Tuesday and Wednesday every week. But it’s all good. My attitude adjusts pretty quickly once I see hard cash on tables just for me! Well, me and whoever else is serving.


Totally relate to your dinnertime scenario. How good is it to now sit down with them and be present and involved!?! The fam love it too hey :+1:congrats on Day 9 :slight_smile:


I hope you get an unexpected big tipper today! :money_mouth_face: Actually I hope you get a couple of them! Think big! :smile::moneybag::hugs:


Day 7! 1 week club. Feels so different this time. Going to be a good day hope everyone hangs in there :hugs:


Day 16. Whirlwind week! Work has picked up and I’m busting ass to keep up. So busy, in fact, that I got mixed up on my therapy session for yesterday and realized it’s next week after waiting for 45 minutes in the waiting room! D’oh! Oh well, no big deal. Tired, but looking forward to a relaxing weekend. :sleeping::laughing:


Day 40 here :smiley:


Day 3 for alcohol. Day 1 and 1/2 from cigarettes. My sinuses are trying to kill me today and I work a double which is a huge trigger for smoking. But I’m trying to stay positive. My last day of work is the 22nd and my classes officially start September 5 so the countdown has begun.


Welcome back love! Glad you’re here


Day 90. I have been in a good place since my last post, up until today. Tomorrow is the first anniversary of a loved one’s death and my brain keeps going to thoughts of numbing out the pain of loss with anything. The silver lining is I’m too depressed to move, so that’s keeping me sober. I’m curled up in the fetal position staring at the ceiling, tears streaming, and feeling very alone. I’m sorry for this update to be so unhappy.


Thank you Tracy @TracyLeigh - I’d NEVER have thought it possible! Really appreciate your support :kissing_heart:


So here I am on day 11 feeling groovy, but in all honesty my mind keeps returning to thoughts of my impending holiday. We are staying with my parents in Portugal and a chilled glass of wine in the evening sun is always a MASSIVE part of the holiday. I don’t know how I’ll do it - I don’t know IF I can do it. My husband tonight said he reckoned I’d last two days tops before I gave in on holiday at drank. I keep thinking what will I do with myself when they’re all drinking? And in truth how will I sit around with my parents without being a bit pissed to ease the conversation ? Am getting worried - heeeelp :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


No matter what, just don’t drink…You would wake up feeling a million times worse…getting past 90 days was a huge relief for me and it really did get easier.


Maybe you could forego sitting around with them as they drink, try going for a walk during that time, remove yourself from the temptation. Also tell yourself that you will remain sober, no maybes. You can do it.


You might wanna see the list of available meetings in portugal.

  1. weeks and i dont want drink enymore at all - jeee!


You’re right daffodil - NO MAYBES!!! I feel so good and I’ve learned so much, why would I go backwards now?!! Thank you so much :blush:


Thank you @Rain66, I will, and I know with the helping you guys I will stay strong !!