Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Today wasn’t brilliant
But ! It’s nearly the weekend :blush:
One week in work to go and then I’m on holiday for 2 weeks :slight_smile:


That would be insane if you could watch your dreams, I’d love it. Maybe in the future they’ll figure out how to do it haha.


I had a really good, successful day today! Here’s to a few more like this one! Have a great evening.


There’s no good reason why you can’t @Charlie_C keep at it.


Hugs sweetheart! I’m thinking of you and sending lots of love, so sorry for your loss. It’s a deep hurt that never really goes away. The way I look at it, I was blessed to have someone in my life I loved so that I miss them that badly when they are gone-that helps me not mask it anymore and when the tears come I’m finally starting to accept the feelings flowing being sober. Its not always pleasant but I’m still grateful for it. I am not sure if they can hear me now but I’d like to think they do, so at those moments in my life I always thank them for their presence in my life and tell them I love them. Remember it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later! :heart:


10 hours into my 75,001st Day One! Going to bed, waking up sober is on my to-do list! :smile::smile::smile:


Creeping into day 2. Feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Trying to just take it easy tonight. Happy Thursday.


Checking in day 100! I’ve never made it this far before and it’s such a good feeling! Here’s to 100 more :tada::sparkles::star:️:cherry_blossom::sparkling_heart: sending much love and strength to everyone on their journey, no matter the day count. It’s so hard, but so worth it. I’ve never felt this on top of life and in touch with my feelings.


You know what they say about slow and easy. But I say screw it! It’s not a damn race! I’ll go slow and easy even if I don’t win the race!

Glad to see you checking in bro.


As tough as this month has been, it doesn’t hold a candle to last month. It’s getting easier! Ill take it.

2 months here I come.


Sometimes creeping is the best way to go. Survive, that is all it is about.


I’m so happy for you!


Well glad i didnt start a thread about meeting a girl it would have been terribly short😂.


Day 6 :grimacing: in the search of serenity


Whenever I search for serenity, I end up looking with in. Seems like when I need it most, is when I am controlling things that I cannot control.


Day 239, on vacation in Bali. Experienced an earthshake and several aftershocks :grimacing: Scary moments here. But were ok. Feeling sad about the lost of the people of Lombok :cry:

Earthshake= aardbeving
Several= meerdere
Aftershoks= naschokken
Sad= verdrietig

My lessons to learn here on Bali is to let go. I can’t control everything. I can’t control earthshakes. But I can control (a bit) how I deal with them. The Balinese people are relexed with it, so I try to be too…


Thank you! I appreciate it man. You all have helped me more than you know.


Nice to see you Steve!


Not all of them are winners.


Shes a nice enough woman but so obsessed with AA and the big book. And has all these new age beliefs about loving everyone no matter what. Its not for me. I believe if you love everyone you love no one. How can one say they love a child while they also say they love someone who would hurt a child? Its just foolishness in my eyes. I need a God fearing woman whos obsessed with the good book instead. She will come along I am I am in no rush.