Checking in daily to help maintain focus


What does from the nation mean? Haha this girl was as hardcore big book loving as you can get. Which there is absolutely nothing wrong with and im happy it keeps her sober but i can just tell it will become a thing where eventually id have to say i dont care about it.


The Indian reservation.



Met a lady who told me she didn’t get married until 65. She assured me there was still hope(:rofl:), but the longer it lasts the more I love the single life!


Day 212 or 213…can’t be bothered to check…just drinking my smoothie for breakfast and getting ready for the last schoolday of the week…it feels nice to be actually waiting for the weekend…I’ve never worked mon to fri, so this is a new experience for me…anyways. Great to see you around @Steve92. Keep at it. Congrats on one hundred @rubyslippers. It’s a huge accomplishment. Great that you’re ok in Bali @Uniek. I was thinking of how you were doing the other day…been missing your dutch lessons. AND stop pimpin your weird ass soap opera cast to a good person like @MewilHoward Derek. Have a great friday everyone :slight_smile:


Day 62…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Day 455 here. Glad it’s Friday, going to the office for a few hours then I’m getting the hell out of there around lunchtime. It’s been a long week. I’m working harder than I ever have and it’s paying off but I have to take some time out.

Glad I am able to do it with a clear conscience.

Stay strong and stay sober and have a great weekend everyone.


Day 38.

Bit apprehensive as it’s my first weekend with no work but I’ve got today covered as I’m driving an 11 hour round trip to see my beloved Leicester City start the new Premier League season away at Manchester United this evening. I’m so happy because if I was still boozing and drugging I wouldn’t have been able to organise anything like this, let alone make the trip. I want to go out and see/do more things in my sober life. Have a good weekend everyone.


Day 511 - good morning!

2 days til Fuerteventura :purple_heart::pray:


Day 45. Got some good news yesterday. I am officially in the running, with two (really one) other coworkers for the Directors of Nutrition position. With a couple of wink-winks, that have told me (from other department heads) it’s in the bag for me. It won’t officially be announced until I’m back from vacation at the end of this month.

I hope I’m not jinxing myself by putting this put there. But man, after a month and a half of sobriety, things are starting to look up. I know that I wouldn’t have been considered if I hadn’t stopped my foolishness!


Thank you! That helped a lot. I struggle with feeling guilty because he makes it very clear how much he hates having to work a 2nd job. I do know he loves me dearly and would do anything for me, even if he does complain haha. Thanks again :slight_smile:


Day 74… canceling a lunch meeting (just a recruiting event for a networking group) to focus on some new clients I got the other day as well as my current clients. Later I have an open house for a client I placed in her new space, so definitely won’t miss that :slight_smile: She’s such a great gal. So far I have not missed drinking and I definitely, definitely don’t miss the permanent hangover I always had.

I need to stop giving into crap food, especially the stuff I’m allergic to because my fatigue is a t a whole other level again. Poop.


You’ve got it in the bag!


God I hope so… this could be the start of a WHOLE NEW life! Fully able to stand on my feet…


I’m telling you, this is the energy you’ve put out a long time. You’ve got this! :kissing_heart:


That is great news. I think you are right about the “winks” usually a good sign I would think. So, I’m going to go ahead and say, congratulations! That’s not jinxing you is it? I hope not. Well, keep us posted and enjoy the rest of your vacation time as well.


Day17 Here. Today we are at the beach.going to eat some delicious Fish for lunch today. Have a good day everyone!


Day 11. Friday.
Feeling good. Started a new commissioned painting today which is primarily what I do for a living. I also have other supplemental work but seasonal, as needed kind of thing. Anyways, I’m happy to be painting/ drawing again. Had a a nice workout today at the gym and also enjoyed watching some football. Thank God I can hold a brush and pencil and barbells straight without shaking like I would have been the first 3 days Haha.


Day 153. I forgot to mention this week my nephew won a pig at our local fair…we’ve now had a chicken, a farm dog and a pig randomly wander into our lives…family farm life is coming!


In other news, it’s FRIDAY!!! All weekend I’ll still be working on the house but branch audits and training will be done after today. Phew, this week is almost finally down…5 more work days until I start my 2 week vacation!!!


Day 61 checking in. Well, it’s Friday. I told myself that after 60 days I was going to cut back on coming here in order to stay sober and work harder on making “real life” connections with guys in my group. This forum has been a godsend to me, but so much of my life has been spent online, either indulging my DOC or playing video games, that I don’t have many real life friends. Not to say y’all aren’t real, but I need to get out of my house and be healthy. Sooooo… if you see me on here tonight, tell me to go outside and make new friends! Happy Friiiiiiiiddaaaaaaay!