Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day17 Here. Today we are at the beach.going to eat some delicious Fish for lunch today. Have a good day everyone!


Day 11. Friday.
Feeling good. Started a new commissioned painting today which is primarily what I do for a living. I also have other supplemental work but seasonal, as needed kind of thing. Anyways, I’m happy to be painting/ drawing again. Had a a nice workout today at the gym and also enjoyed watching some football. Thank God I can hold a brush and pencil and barbells straight without shaking like I would have been the first 3 days Haha.


Day 153. I forgot to mention this week my nephew won a pig at our local fair…we’ve now had a chicken, a farm dog and a pig randomly wander into our lives…family farm life is coming!


In other news, it’s FRIDAY!!! All weekend I’ll still be working on the house but branch audits and training will be done after today. Phew, this week is almost finally down…5 more work days until I start my 2 week vacation!!!


Day 61 checking in. Well, it’s Friday. I told myself that after 60 days I was going to cut back on coming here in order to stay sober and work harder on making “real life” connections with guys in my group. This forum has been a godsend to me, but so much of my life has been spent online, either indulging my DOC or playing video games, that I don’t have many real life friends. Not to say y’all aren’t real, but I need to get out of my house and be healthy. Sooooo… if you see me on here tonight, tell me to go outside and make new friends! Happy Friiiiiiiiddaaaaaaay!


Fresh Bacon.


I know! And free tree root removal! I really can’t wait!


Good for you for seeing past the excitement of a potential new romantic interest clearly enough to identify a major incompatibility (or 3). It can be tough to do that sometimes. The right one is out there, good on you for being patient and doing right by your own needs.


Day 62 - humidity is finally lifting! On the way to take the dogs to the field for their morning run around. We drive by this pond all the time, it was particularly beautiful this morning. I had about 15 seconds to pull over and take this pic before the doggos started giving me grief for delaying play time, it’s serious business!

Love you people. Have a great friday, be strong out there!


That’s a whole lot of cuteness in that pic!


Good morning friends. I’m looking forward to a nice sunny day and a quiet weekend. I’m not on-call this weekend (seems like forever), so I can finally get some projects caught up around the house. Also looking forward to doing it sober. Have a great day!


5 days today



Sorry that you wont understand. We still need views though.


Day 10 no alcohol… Spent probably hour and half this morning reading about love addiction. I’ve been not only addicted to alcohol, but love as well. The love addiction started before the alcohol addiction, then they got all tangled up. I guess I address both concurrently, but then again I’m kinda thinking the love compulsion/obsession might be more the root of my problems. Idk. It’s confusing, to say the least. Sober from alcohol. Not sober from love today. Thankful for sobriety re alcohol, and I see how that form of sobriety is shedding light on love addiction, in my case.


Checking in. Day 577. TGIF. I really enjoyed my Thursday evening Step meeting, especially the “after meeting.” I had a great conversation with a young women who has been sober longer than me. I found her thoughts and comments about personally finding/identifying/defining a higher power of “your understanding” to be very insightful and just brilliant. I believe I grew so much from this conversation. She sponsors other young women who I am sure benefit greatly from her tutelage. Keep Sober and Carry On.


I was going to recommend diatomaceous earth but sounds like your on it. My neighborhood actually made the news recently, apparently part of the neighborhood (about 1.5 miles away) has fleas so bad the postman/ women refused to deliver mail.

Neither snow nor rain will stop them but fleas… that’s another story. Lol


Day 17. New bed arrived for my daughter, but was missing screws! Marched over to Lowe’s and got what I needed to get that sucker set up. She’s super happy with it - this is her first time having her own space! :heart_eyes:


@Coccatime Personally, I found making real life connections with people from my meetings to be so powerful. Being able to call, have coffee or have lunch with someone from the fellowship is truly a blessing. I can’t imagine this journey without my AA friends.


@MandiH I love that one can win a pig at a local fair! For a city girl, that’s like something out of a story book! How wonderful to have such wonderful creatures in your life. Have a great weekend :blossom:


Only at day 5 but feeling good today! Scored my company suite for a game last night and took my 21 year old. Free food, beer and vodka/tequila. I stood strong! Now, I’m not getting too excited; the weekend is coming and I know I’ll be further tested! But the old me would have st least had a beer or two, who says no to free beer? Even when my 21 year old asked if I wanted one, I said nah, but grab me a water while you’re at it. I’m a little proud of me! I think he was too. :blush:


He had to catch the pig and that is NOT easy! It was awesome! :rofl::joy::rofl: