Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in at the end of my day 76. Was a long and super busy day. But a good day. Ended with a rabid fox scare!! The little bastard sat and waited outside my car for 10 minutes! Needless to say, my bat and shovel are now positioned closely by the doors for the morning. Just in case…


I’m sorry love. I hope this feeling has passed! You are doing fantastic!


Day 45. I feel like I have a split personality but the personality that seems sane, happy and strong is looking better and better. The other personality though… Anyways, still working on all this. Still here …


I’m dealing with a bit of chaos myself. Most of my own doing. I just need to keep things in perspective, push on, and not overwhelm myself. All I know for certain is that drinking won’t help anything.


Checking in, day 349.


Day 8.
In my second hour at the gym between sets… really getting into this… it’s like therapy. The body building lifestyle and daily routine of constant work in this really creates disapline in other areas of my life… it bleeds into so many other areas of my life and makes me a better person. One day at a time I will beat this. Hope everyone had a good start to the week :slight_smile:


Haha that’s great! When I was in the shower I was looking around for what I’m going to use, mine will be in a pumpable shampoo bottle as soon as it runs out! Lol. Great follow through @Niiina! Have you used it yet? Do you like it if so? And what did you end up putting in it?


Checking in day 132. Today was stressful! I have a board meeting tomorrow that I had a lot of prep to do, 3 new staff members, and my partner and I are really stressed out working with a fertility clinic trying to conceive - we’ve been trying for 9 months with no luck, and it’s so expensive. It seems like everything is just that little bit extra stressful at the moment. But I’m sober. That’s something! :yellow_heart:


Keep going. You made it this far. Keep your head up and you will persevere.:grinning: You got this!


Happy 10 days! Keep getting after it!


Twin! Day 45.

And wow… You posted exactly how I’m feeling these days. :slightly_smiling_face: Here’s to nurturing the good parts.

For me, went to a meeting tonight. Mondays are the best ones. :+1: Enjoying a moment of feeling like me again.


Hey guys end of day 15 for me here. These last two weeks have been amazing. I’ve felt so incredibly good being sober and clear headed. Friday was my partners brothers birthday so we had a party at our house. I thought it would be hard not drinking but I was prepared. My partner bought me a ton of stuff to make my own mock tails (she’s been super supportive) and I had such good time just hanging out! The best part was waking up completely clear headed. My life feels so much more manageable without alcohol and right now I’m not missing drinking at all. I love checking in on here and reading everyone’s stories. I really appreciate the support. One day at a time so tomorrow I’ll wake up sober and stay that way. Thanks!


I’m glad you came here instead! This forum has helped my so many times and I can’t tell you how many times I have spent the entire day on here reading so I can remind myself on why I stopped drinking. Congratulations on still being sober!


23 days sober. I’ve been a mess for the past 24+ hours. Puked some 7,8 times and had diarrhea 20+ times. I called my doctor and he said I couldn’t go to the ER until it has lasted for more than a day. The worst part is that I’m alone this week so nobody can get me some meds from the pharmacy and I’m just too weak to go out of the apartment. Not to mention that the moment I stand up I have diarrhea. Never in my life have I experienced something like this. Haven’t eaten all day yesterday and still I was on the toilet 5 times in the past hour. I’m also scared to call someone for help because I don’t know what I really have…it might be contagious


Wow. :disappointed_relieved: A little surprised the doc said stay home!

Maybe something you ate? This exact thing happened to me after a sober dinner out with my brother last Christmas. Later just after his kids went to bed, bam. It struck like lightning. I had to stay on his couch overnight until it stopped long enough to go to mom’s (was just visiting).

Dunno if it’s the same. Did see its really important to try to stay hydrated in any case, even if it doesn’t seem to stick. Fluids with some sugar if you can’t keep food down.

It lasted about two days for me. Got a little better the second day then better quickly once I could hold any food down. I had to fly home on the tail end of it, slept through the whole flight. Blech! But hey, I lost like ten pounds (which came right back…).

Stay strong and feel better! :muscle: :heart:

Oh, and no one to call for help with meds? Maybe even a trusted coworker?


1 month 3 day smoke free.
2 days alcohol free.


I’m super paranoid that they’ll get it from me. I wouldn’t wish it to my worst enemy. I rather suffer alone.
Just in shock that something like that exists. And I’m a person that puked like 4 times in my entire life. And then yesterday 7 times. On the train, in the street and I had to tell the Uber driver to stop in traffic so that I didn’t puke in his car. Puking is my number one fear so yesterday was a horror story for me


I hope you feel better soon!


Day 9, woke up early because of a traumahelicopter circling around my house. Went down for a coffee, couldn’t sleep anymore.
Having the day off. Going for a run today and have a lot of stuff on my “to do list” Hope I can do them all because I have to work the rest of the week including saturday.
Have a beautifull day!


Oh God, I’m so sorry. It is really miserable.

And oh, ew… You’re right that some causes can be contagious. Very thoughtful of you.

Let someone there know you’re sick, if nothing else! It hopefully passes quickly if fiercely.