Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Feeling very proud! This has been the best 30 days since my son Jack was born (he turned 1 last week). Being sober is nothing short of amazing. My mom told me that since I quit I seem to have way more energy and am way less moody. Hmmmmm who would have thought!? Even my husband who is a heavy drinker has toned it down big time. He is currently battling a beer induced spare tire (formerly his 6 pack) from ingesting way too much beer on extended weekends (Thursday-Sunday). Also his hair has started falling out (probably just his age creeping up on him)!! Hopefully soon we will be an AF household :blush:


Hell to-the yeah! Good on ya, @Allicat388. :tada: :ice_cream:


Great progress. Keep at it.


Checking in in the wee hours of my 144th day sober, having completed 143 days earlier this evening. Actually, since it’s after midnight, I have now completed 44 years breathing the earth’s atmosphere. Interesting…


Day 9 sober.
The doctors don’t give too much chance to my friend. They are pessimistic. I have hope.
To be worry about others helps me in recovery. Not being selfish.
Thank you for all your check ins and your sharings. I love you all :kissing_heart:


@SmokeyMirrow thank you for your kind words. My friend is really a good person. Always smiling in the midst of great sufferings. I have to learn from her


Day 93…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Day 534 sober :+1::pray: Living the dream :unicorn:


Yup I already used it yesterday. It’s more a shower jelly lol so the jar I usually use for jam was the perfect joice :+1::sweat_smile:
I used organic soap, argan-, jojoba- and cinnamon oil and added some honey when it cooled down :+1: No need to use body lotion any more after shower now, I love it. I could also make my own shampoo now lol


@L3AH. all my support in this battle. You have been doing such a good job until now. I pray tjat you can stand. But whatever happen you are beloved. You are beloved for what you are not for what you do. :bouquet::kissing_heart::pray::facepunch:


Day 2. Hoping I don’t talk myself around to say I can handle just one drink


Happy birthday!? :birthday:


Good morning friends - I like this ‘waking up sober’ stuff… have a great day.


Day 93. Really need gas in the truck so got up early to try to beat the crowds. There is a feeling of urgency in the air and I’m having a difficult time not getting swept up into the frenzy. We still have a couple days before anything is supposed to hit the coast and the path can change at any time but still there is a good chance we will get slammed. I’m outta here this afternoon.


Day 43. Tuesday.
My football team got whooped bad last night! Can’t say I’m totally surprised. :unamused: But regardless of all that necessary non-sense in my world…I stayed sober. No problem. Although I am only approaching a month and some change sober…can’t really say I have come anywhere close to drinking. Only minor fleeting thoughts lasting not long. Since I have been on this road in recovery plenty of times before I know to expect the moments I don’t expect happening. But even awareness and precautions alone will not save me at times. So that takes me back to mindfulness and just being present in the moment. Where “if unsure” I can rely on the outside powers greater than my own self to achieve a daily reprieve. “Yeah Jon-Paul, that all sounds cool stuff so what do you really do”? For starters, I just don’t drink at all, so I don’t get drunk pretty much.


Please post a picture of those rabid fox in your area! Haha. I know its probably really scary in real life since you are carrying around weapons for protection from those little heathens. I just have funny images in my head of beautiful fox snarling with perfect white teeth…but I want to be scared! :joy: I like hearing about all the different types of wildlife everyone has in the areas they live. By me, we have scrawny, homeless looking coyotes. Well…they are kinda homeless actually. But they are not scary. We also sometimes get bears by us, mountain lions too every so often. Rattlesnakes as well. Our terrain is if you were to picture a cross between the desert and mountain forest.


I only took video… @MandiH… do you have any still pics?


Day 4 and feeling stronger every day. Waking up clear headed is a blessing. Met with an old friend yesterday that regularly attends AA meetings and has been sober for 5 years. I will attend my first meeting this week! Building my network and building momentum. I WILL NOT drink today. Have an awesome day everyone! Love this app and this thread! :smiley:


Check out my Facebook… Mandi tagged me in it.


Captains log. Star date 169. On day 167 I had a bit of a freak out. I went to a wedding celebration for a good friend, two generations of childhood friends and family together. This was the first time I’ve been sober at one of these gatherings and it was EXHAUSTING. I DD’ed my mom so she agreed to leave whenever I wanted to. I put in 3 hours and then was crying in the car on the way home. There are still so many things that I don’t know how to do sober and I just grind it out, but that stress is a trigger of mine. I was also just tired of explaining to people, although I think by now everyone knows my situation. I know I don’t owe anyone an explanation but I’m a bad liar and these are people I have loved and trusted my whole life. I just want to fast forward to the part where I can have fun sober.