Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Yuck. Probably a norovirus. Hopefully the kind that kills you for 48 hours and then returns you to the land of the living.


I hope you get better soon. Maybe, being so busy made you susceptible. It sounds like you had a lot of activities and very little rest.


I did!


Those little guys are dangerous? Haha. Well I suppose they are if they have rabies huh. Thanks MandiH and Alison for the picture!


Day 106…


I think I’m starting wendler 531 again today. Lifting lifts my spirits heh


Day 42. Feeling confident. Gonna workout. Therapy session at 11.


Day 1 ! I was day 5 of my porn and masturbation recovering and i fault ! I was thinking watching pictures of pornstar not doing sex was ok…but not ! So let’s go for an other recover ! All the fails help me to know what i can’t do if i want to stay sober !


Day 100. Triple digits. This is officially the longest I’ve been sober.

Still feeling great. Better as the days go. No looking back.

Have a strong day!!!


Happy Birthday…


So cute…you should adopt him/her


Congrats mister…That’s a huge accomplishment…almost one third of a year…Imagine how much better life has still time to become…imagine how much more you’ll get out of music…that’s an awesome future ahead…let’s stay onboard the sober boat…


Day 100.35
Triple digits today! Feeling pretty good about life!


Congrats…you got a sober twin @TeejLazer . …congrats on that too…I’m jealous


Day 46. I’ve stopped drinking before, but now I realize I was also not sober. Sober is a process, it’s a (hell of a bitch sometimes) healing process.


New day new opportunity


Congrats on the 30 days. You should be proud. It so much easier to drink than not too but there is no substitute for the gifts we get by staying sober. Keep up the good work.:grinning:


Day 125. I’m so grateful to be here sober another day. Happy Tuesday everyone. Keep pushing forward :grinning::muscle:


Checking in on Day 7. 1 WEEK!! I haven’t been sober this long in years. I am NOT going to drink but I am back around some big triggers today that I was able to be away from this last week. Mainly my bf who drinks daily. He has agreed not to drink around me but im not sure how long that will last. I feel clear headed but really tired and drained. Anxiety is less today and I am thankful for that. Im going to write down my game plan to work through triggers today.


Day 34. Had the worst chaotic dreams last night, felt half awake all night. Feel very tired today and looking forward to getting back to hotel for a swim and some mexican takeout. Thankful I did not drink last night, I wohld be feeling like a piece of shit right now if I had. Each time I get through one of those urges, I feel that much more hope and strength. Hope everyone has a great day!