Checking in daily to help maintain focus


today’s day 245. I have a dentist apointment…the implant project will begin today…I am hoping for there to be enough bone that they can just screw in the implant root today…if not…then it’s artificial bone in place…and that will be more expensive…the estimate for the whole thing was between 2500 - 4000 €. Really hoping for the cheaper alternative…Money isn’t exactly a thing I have a lot :wink:


Double digets! :pray: Thankfull :pray:
Today day 10. Tired but determinated to go on on my sober path.


Thanks! It was a good day, this 144th day of sobriety.


Day 94…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Checking in. Day 610. Keep Sober and Carry On.


Day 3. Feeling like this time I want to truly partake in fully living and embracing my sober life.


Day 24! Day 3 of bed rest…so sick and tired of this bed but I can feel my energy is almost back to normal. Still have some issues with food but at least I don’t feel like death


Checking in day 107


Day 44. Wednesday.
Just checking in y’all! Hope everyone has a great day today. I’ll be back tomorrow. Same time same place.


That is pretty cool you know about Wendler 5,3,1 training program. Its not everyday I hear someone mention it…even in the gym. Only serious lifters know of it. Have you heard about Westside Barbell crew with Critical Bench? I would love to hear about your progress. I’m a powerlifter myself!


Sorry about your news, you are so right that sobriety is worth it. We literally have to stay sober to have a life to live, and you are doing a great job.


Good morning friends! Have an awesome day!


Hi friends. 5 days sober and I will not drink today! Had a great workout this morning. Hope you all have a great day!


Today makes 78 days. Skipped AA last night, but got movie and cuddles from my miniest, fair trade I think! My former boss, the one whom I replaced, is taking me out for Japanese… I’ve never had it before. So I’m a little nervous. Ha ha. But, today will be a good day! Love and light to all you! :v::metal:


Day 186 no alcohol, day 6 no pot.

I am not sleeping for more than literally 2 hours at a time. Last night I feel asleep just before 10. Was up by 11:30pm and awake until 4am when I last checked the clock. Alarm went off at 5. I have the night sweats and massive insomnia. My pain is manageable right now, I’ve been eating a lot less and a lot healthier so I’m down over 10 lbs already. I am pretty zen actually, until I get home. Then I find myself upset and angry at things I truly can’t control but still have to live with. I struggle with this as the biggest issue is a 17 year old kid who just can’t seem to handle cleaning up behind himself or handling his affairs. I busted my ass on this place and the last thing I am willing to do is let it become the shithole it was compared to my living standards. I’m never going back to that!! Never. I really don’t think it should bother me as much as it does, so I’m trying to figure out how to let it go because I don’t want him to have that power over me. Maybe it’s just from lack of sleep and detoxing but I just can’t seem to shake it. I’ve got clear rules, I harp on him when he doesn’t do things as expected and it usually takes 3x of correcting him to get something done completely because he half asses it. I just don’t get it! Ok now that is out, it’s time to leave the house so life will feel fine again in just a few minutes. Busy busy week but awesome things are happening at work, I am stoked about the way things are lining up and coming together so that’s my new focus for the day. :slight_smile: Have a good sober day all!


Teenagers can be assholes, I’ve raised three of them so I totally get it. Detoxing is rough, try and be gentle with yourself until you’re feeling better.


My final straw this am that broke the camels back is I went to shower today and there is 3" standing water. I ask him to clean it out since he just left the shower. He said he already did. After 5 minutes of this, he clearly had no intention of cleaning it out, I said screw it. Maybe my hair got stuck in the catch and I don’t have time to argue so I can shower for work. I had to clean the drain out 7 times. It was fucking toilet paper. So I was cleaning his shit paper that was stuck in his ass crack out of the drain…


Awesome!!! Me too what’s that program like???


Im so glad you found that will to survive! Its a horrible disease that some can’t escape. AA helped me get sober too and I’m so grateful.


Thank you! Its inspiring to see everyone here fighting for their sobriety and not giving up, even when they have setbacks.