Checking in daily to help maintain focus


My 17 yr old does the same shit! So annoying!


Dear lord, I almost choked on my coffee. That is horrid and funny as well. I find turning the internet off for a few days works for a while with mine.


Day 35. Got up too early to go to job site so I’m sitting in a parking lot listening to music and drinking coffee. My quit smoking plan was a flop, so I’m smoking too, dammit. On a better note, I have been working on my thesis draft this week and I might just get this done this semester. I have a show to play at a bar next weekend and I’m hoping I can stick to my guns and not drink. We have a song called Whiskey that we always play last and people always bring us shots of whiskey while we play it. I’ve dodged them before, so I think it will be ok. Just need to play and get the fuck out, lol. Luckily everyone I know who will be there knows I quit drinking, so that will hold me accountable.


Whuuut?!? …a sober twin & a lifter too! :facepunch: :raised_hands:
Haven’t trained using 531 in a long time. Figured I’d use it to begin my comeback. Heh.
My world changed yesterday, when I realized there was a 531 app. Finding new current maxes this week. Reality check. Hadn’t heard of westside barbell crew with critical bench, until u mentioned it. I googled it tho. Do u use russian techniques??


Good job Bill. Way to kick a$$. Keep going dude. You got this.:grinning::muscle::facepunch:


Congrats Mandi. It’s not easy giving up the MJ. You can do it though. Yoga was a big help to me when I was detoxing. It really helped me to relax and overcome the anxiety. Keep going strong.:grimacing::facepunch::no_good_woman:


Day 10 sober. Almost exhausted. Very tired. I hope to be focused. The bad quality of my sleep is killing me


Is any of your music online


Oh yeah, that would have sent me over the edge too. I feel for ya girl


I have to say I giggled at your comment! Thanks for that, I can laugh about it now but that’s a GREAT idea! I wonder if the cell company can shut it off on his phone too…I struggle more with it because I worked my ass off with my kid his whole life to not be an asshole and I ended up with one anyway from someone else lol.


Lol, no. We only play locally a couple times a year. It’s shock-rock so not a lot of people want to hear it. Plus our front guy is always wasted when we play and it’s kind of just a nightmare for me, and a hilarious shitshow for everyone else. I like playing drums, though, but I’m not good enough yet to play with a decent band.


Yea, my cell company gives me control over how much data her phone can use. I allot her one gb per month. After that, it’s wifi only. Which if I turn off at home, she has to go to school to access. And she skips school a lot.


Quick check in…I got my computer back from warranty maintenance since I lost audio…Nowhere did they mention that they’d just go and format the whole thing…So now I’ve lost all files I had on this thing…which makes me pretty fucking pissed off…I write stuff for example…now I need a TON of serenity to let go of the stuff I lost and accept I can’t change it…AND I’m pretty sure…the kid who done the formatting only did it cause that made his job just a tiny bit easier…but who cares right???

In other news…I got my tooth implant in place today…so they cut my gum, pulled the gum off the jawbone…drilled a hole in the jawbone…screwed the implant in place…put some artificial bone to fill the gap in the gum…put in a few stiches and boom done…and now the local numbing is fading and my old friend pain is coming to visit…

Have a nice day everyone.


Well, I guess it could be worse?


Checking in!


Thing are great. Just having hard Time accepting the work they did for the computer. They promised someone would call Me later about it. I’m in a meeting that starts in 45 minutes. Here to find some serenity. The implant thing is awesome. Just that the pain is coming. Nothing I cant handle


Day 94. Sitting in the basement at our friends house in Hot-lanta, contemplating whether or not I’ve made a huge mistake.
I think a shower should change my attitude a little.


Day 10.
After 8 months of effort, learning, resets, and set backs. It’s slowly coming together. I hope they figure something out rain that is maddening !!! And yes the easy route to take is just formatting… such a let down. I have been using One drive to backup all my files on a cloud storage and I just work off of it and save to it might work for you… hope they figure that out man.


Day 6. I have been having a bit of anxiety around not drinking and drugging. It’s usually at the end of the day when normally I would get off work and go to the bar, have my daily couple drinks with friends and depending on the day either go home more likely drink more and drug all night with friends. I have been coming in here to read stories and using my anti anxieties properly to bring me off the edge.
I am sitting in the airport now on my way to a business conference thinking to myself I would usually be in the bar right now. I have come up with my plan to combat the probes of coworkers as to why I am not partaking. I have told myself I am not drinking today. I am not drinking tomorrow. One day at a time and sometimes it’s one hour at a tome or one minute at a time. But ya know what? This morning I feel healthy, I feel proud, and I feel confident! What more can I ask for!? That was long winded haha got away with myself a bit. Happy Sober Day!


Day 126, checking in. Just when you think you can’t. Remember that you can! Happy Wednesday everyone.:grinning: