Checking in daily to help maintain focus


9 months sober today! My date is 12/12/17. Went to my second meeting in the new area last night. It was really powerful. Like the Sunday meeting, there were about 30 people there and some with over a decade of sobriety. So inspiring.


Big, huge milestone! Congratulations @MikeSeekingHope! :blush:


Thank you! It’s taken a lot of work, a lot of forcing myself to behave in ways that don’t come naturally, and learning to love myself for the first time in memory. I have a long way to go in all three of those departments but one day at a time I’m getting there.


Checking in on day 5 its the furthest i have got so far since i joined. Feeling good about being sober and determined. Im abs exhausted thought most of the time i struggle to wake up and fall asleep often in the afternoon if im not working so im taking it easy but getting myself some exersize aswell at times :slight_smile: im reading this naked mind also which is so good!


I walk that road with you daily :footprints: we’ll do it together :slight_smile:


Keep pushing Stormy. You can do it. :100: percent you can


Thank you!! Just woke from another nap haha!


Oh man. That sucks, sorry to hear you lost all your nice work. :expressionless: Now you can create it again for the first time?

Congrats on the chomper though!


I don’t have much choice now…I kinda think this is something I need to take as an opportunity…but on the other hand I wish I even had a list of filenames so I could kinda try and gather what I lost…I have this project that I’m gathering stuff for which is something that’s been in works for nearly 20 years…and I had some ideas written down…and some directions I wanted to take it etc…my fourth step was on the files…though I probably have some earlier version of that on a usb stick somewhere…it’s not really even so much on the written files as much it’s about the disrespect these companies have for their customers…but anyways…I went to a meeting and a guy had his 26th AA birthday…he said in his speech that we are only as big as the things that we let get to us…So I suppose today I was as small as this matter…and it serves me as a lesson.



For next time around, if you’re not leery of the cloud, you might think of using it. I have my non confidential stuff in OneDrive. Besides syncing between my couple computers, I also then have it in the cloud in case it goes poof.


That’s ok. You need your rest in the beginning. Sleep on😁


I suppose this is something I have to look at…I’ve just always thought that I’m too old to learn and master shit like cloud based drives :wink:


They’ve gotten pretty easy! If you use Windows with OneDrive, you can just pick a folder and say Sync. I’m careful not to put anything like banking or legal docs there, though.


I’m not going to start talking to my computer…that’s some futurama shit right there…:wink:


Congrats on 9 months!!!:rose::pray::+1::turtle:


If it can be of any relief: i was exhausted and tired for wééks after i stopped drinking… but it géts better!!! Take as much rest as you can, our body and mind needs the recovery​:pray::woman_shrugging::turtle:


Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. My job is very demanding and I am trying to rest as much as I can but sometimes seems impossible mission. Naps help me a lot




204 days today.

Life is busy but good, I’ve been in the process of moving into a townhouse where I’ll have a roommate and a yard, so I’m upset excited about that. I’ve started trapeze lessons on a whim to try and build up some muscle (I’m hurting in places I didn’t know I could!) and lose my fear of heights, I’m absolutely terrible but it’s new and exciting! :heart:

:blush: I hope y’all are all doing well, again I could have never made it this far without y’all. :raised_hands:


Happy 9 months! :birthday::pie::icecream: