Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Shoop da whoooop! Good on ya, @MikeSeekingHope. :muscle:


Day 11. Still there.


One of those cool numbers again :swimming_woman:


That’s awesome, congrats!


Day 95…checking in friends :slight_smile:

  1. Working on this today. Ten guesses what it’s gonna Be when finished…


Day 108… @Bomdhil crossing fingers that you were able to sleep like a baby!!


Day 81 but barely.


Day 45. Thursday.
Reached a month and a half already. I’m happy about it. I had a really nice visit with my son today. Hung out in Sacramento, CA with him…hoping to find Halloween stores opening early but none yet. We love Halloween! Soon enough the season is approaching. Have a great day y’all!


Day 79. Had my first experience with Japanese cuisine last night, and went to a Hibachi restaurant. It was delicious! Took my son and a friend to meet up with my old boss. She wanted to celebrate me getting her old position and her not having to do it anymore! Haha. My son absolutely loved the show they put on and devoured it! Shots and drinks all around, and I very easily passed on all. It was a good night. I love that my little life is changing now, it doesnt seem so scary anymore. Have a good day friends. Love and light! :v:


Yeah man! That’s cool. I’d love to chat with you more in depth about it. I too am looking to get back into competition. Jim Wendler’s program (love the 531 app by the way) is something Implemented into my training! How could I not? Maximizes the Big 3 lifts. Westside Barbell like Wendler focuses on same principles but slight variations to program. All World Record type lifters and how they do…breaking it down. Almost ALL of Russian techniques/ training is valuable. They are among the best in the game.


Day 255
Sober life is great :heart: Only one tiny thingie that’s making me nervous. There is one collegue (15? years younger than me) and it seems that he likes me…I wrote about this months ago here when he started his job. Somehow I don’t know how to handle this :sweat_smile: And he’s a good looking guy…if he was 10 years older sigh…


Good morning friends!


Day 171. Woke up and checked my work email from bed - terrible idea. Trying to give myself some needed peace. I am not indispensable, I am not on call, I do not need to respond to every little mini emergency immediately. Deep breaths


Day 11 sober. Almost ending the week.
Still tired as death but with more determination to stay sober.
The chasing effect seems being fading.
I had an exam today. I hope to qualify and continue my studies although I am a little bit old


I use Evernote for all my typing stuff. I can log onto it with my phone, my laptop and my tablet. Then I can put my thoughts into it whenever I get them and they are all synced together.
They have paid or free. I pay for mine because I have been using it for about 10 years, and I need the ability to email my stuff because of the relay and then she can log on with her email and only see things I put in a certain folder. Lol
With the free version you can have 2 different devices logged in at once tho.

As for the thingyou are building please tell me it’s a panic room. :joy:


Day 51. Been a minute, y’all. Still kicking :blush:


Day 6! Longest ever feeling happy :smiley: still tired and woke up every hour last night but no hangovers!! :smiley:


day 277 another beautiful day #pipelinerforlife


It’s a sauna of course.:yum: But you can go in there to panic If you want