Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Today is day 10 wow🤗


Could definitely be used as a panic room then :joy:


Day 36. Man this week is dragging, being out of town alone, not seeing my kids or pets is rough. They’re all I have. I have to sort of vent about something dumb; I’ve been going to starfucks in the morning to get coffee and a sandwich every day. I order a medium in a large cup so I know they’ll leave room for all the creamer I put in it. I’ve been using the same cup theygave me on monday so as not to ve wasteful. Added benefit that i did not know about is they only charge you 50cents for a refill if you do this. . This morning, I ordered the same with my same cup, and the girl took a medium cup, brand new, poured coffee in it, poured that into my cup and tossed the medium cup directly in the trash. I was astounded, and I said something about it but she seemed confused and defensive so I just left. This is why “every little bit counts” for reducing waste is idiotic. For every little thing I reduce, some other jackass will waste. Perfect example today. Meanwhile, starfucks won’t give you a stupid straw now, but are fine with tossing brand new, unused cups in the trash. Fucking ridiculous, illogical shit.


Day 102. I felt it yesterday, and sure enough, I woke up sick this morning. Sore throat, coughing that causes a fire in my chest, and a nose that’s running like a faucet. Looks like I’m calling in tomorrow, and using the 3-day weekend to rest. Good thing I just picked up a bunch of movies to watch. Hahahaha.

Have a strong day!!!


Checking in at 1 week sober! Proud because the last two days have been challenging.


Day 43. I’ve been working hard on certain things in my professional life and as a result, they are paying off! :raised_hands:t3: super stoked to go through another day sober!


Day 127. As I continue to do what’s suggested of me and realize once more that my best thinking gets me drunk and high. I’m grateful to have people who know and love me and who push me to be the best version of myself anyone has ever seen. All I did was make a decision and the footwork. I owe it all HP and the men who continue to guide me in the right direction today. One day at a time is all any of us can do. Like the saying from 9/11 Never Forget.
I hope everyone is having a blessed Thursday.:call_me_hand:


I am checking in back on day1 again! It’s been a rough couple of months and I stupidly thought alcohol will help.

I hit rock bottom and caused some slight damage to my liver so that Was a massive. Wake up call.

So here goes!


Nice man! Here’s my view


Day 11.
Everything is going how I always planned it is just actually happening now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: only thing at the current moment I need to work on is sleep… but that comes with time and a consistent routine… done it before will do it again!


Day 44. Endorphins are kickin! Back home from gym. Feel grrreat.


Sweet where are u


Welcome back.


Midwest :v:t3:DJ Basin what region you in?


Just out side of Regina Saskatchewan


Enbridge line 3 … 280 km into Manitoba 36”


I’im an auto weld tech… what ya doin for them ? Cool picture


Be ready for when things Will differ from what you’ve planned. There are many things we cannot change. :blush:


Day 26,just looked at the number for a while then looked at the bar that goes to a month… A Month! A Whole Month. Almost there… Just grateful its more than 2 weeks! @Yomomma I would of been just where you are and I keep a clock on my very first try of sobriety and read your posts, just keeps me focused. Thanks TS. Keep going, keep aiming, keep active, keep well. Then the scales tip more and more to keeping sobriety :star2::heart:️:star2:


Day 255. Tomoro i have to deal with a difficult situation at work

But ! Today i have relaxed

The Week has gone pretty quickly. I have reflected alot this Week on some of the stupid things ive done in my past. Im Beyond blaming alcohol …I just wish i had tried this hard before

Sleep well folks :slight_smile: