Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 103
Did not sleep well. Have been up most of the night worrying about things out of my control. Happy Friday friends!


This is what keeps me alive on day 256 :crossed_fingers:
Starting to like work again, it’s an awesome feeling when there is someone who obviously has a crush on you :+1: So I’m not that old and unattractive as I feel often :star_struck:


Day 188 alcohol, day 8 no pot.

I think I crossed the detox line last night. I didn’t wake up sweating and I actually slept through most of the night. I’ve been dreaming and remembering them usually, that part is strange to me lol. It’s been a SUPER busy week, I also ate something I am allergic to twice this week so it’s been a struggle but yay for Friday! I’ve also had to keep telling my boyfriend all week, no I don’t want to smoke and here is ALL of my reasons why. Like going through the insane week I’ve had with literally maybe 3-4 hours sleep a night wasn’t hard enough, thanks for the support you ass. Addicts can’t stand when people get sober and move forward it appears. On my day 3, my bffs husband came over and smoked what little I had left in front of me, but I was surprisingly fine then. It was when I was up all night and not sleeping that I considered it, as that’s really what I primarily smoked for-to get sleep. But then I said to myself if this is detox, which I’m sure it was, it’s got to go so I stood firm pretty easily. This was easier for me than alcohol was, things that aren’t good for me are just continuing to fall away. Life is changing a lot and I’m pretty damn proud of that! Happy sober Friday all!!


day 278 i will own everything I’ve done and everything I will do :smiley:hope today finds you with less of a struggle and more in control


It’s only going to get better and better now! Thanks for coming forward with your detox experience. Speaking truth robs the secret of its power. That is so important to know and to live, that honesty.


You should be proud! I’m proud of you :heart:


Day 9,693 Sober:

My recovery is selfish. I do something everyday to ensure I stay away from alcohol. Maintaining my relationship with God is my first line of defense, strengthening my mental sobriety is my 2nd. Working with others is my 3rd.

I cannot give away what I don’t have. I cannot shore up another at the expense of myself. I must invest in myself first, foremost & daily before lending a hand to another :heart:


The land of my people! My half of my family from my Dad’s side is all there, he is the only one that moved here to the US. Have visited Cork more times than I can count. Enjoy, it is a beautiful place!


Little by little you are affirming your sobriety. I am so proud of you


Day 185!!!Got my 6 month coin on websday and it felt great.


Day 45. HaPpY FriYAY!!!


1 week in… ONE!!! WEEK!!! SOBER!!! Feeling amazing, clear-headed and strong. I dont ever want this feeling to end and I’m going to fight for it. I took an 83-day break from alcohol a couple years ago, but that was before I came to terms with my alcoholism. I was trying to “reset my system” (calling it a cleanse) so I could go back to casual/moderate drinking. I think we all know how that worked out… in day 84 I drank 15+ beers and then got back into my normal cadence of blacking out 3-4 times per week (sometimes more).

I now know what I am and who I am. I’ve come clean to my family, friends and work associates (most of them, still work-in-progress) and I am now ACCOUNTABLE for my sobriety. I have a sponsor that I work with and check in with daily. I listen to Recovery Elevator podcasts every day and have other podcasts in queue when I’ve gone through all of those. I am reading “Beyond the Influence: Understanding and Defeating Alcoholism”. I plan to attend AA meetings when the time and place is right (logistically haven’t been able to work it out yet with family and work obligations).

This is the new me. I DON’T DRINK. I WON’T DRINK. I CAN’T DRINK. You get 1 life and I won’t fuck this one up because i have a disease.

1 WEEK… one step at a time, one day at I time. I will not drink today!!!


Day 12…
tired but good :v:t3:


1 week for me today! I am still so tired so looking forward to some rest this weekend and looking forward to catching up with a friend too which will involve no alcohol atall! Happy friday all!


Day 19. Keep it going. :+1:


Just what I needed today! Day 44.


good job i built this it took two weeks love working with wood


One day to go and another avenue reached on the road in recovery


36hrs lol, That’s been the longest I’ve gone in years. Today is gonna be a tough day. Its Friday and Im off work already


Day 96, keeping an eye on the storm. Waiting anxiously to get back home. At first notice I will be on the road back to Wilmington. So grateful that I have a friend here from the program that I can stay with. Hit a meeting last night with him and it helped my attitude tremendously.
I may be in a strange place, but in the meetings we are not strangers. Be safe out there my southeastern brothers and sisters