Checking in daily to help maintain focus


It takes time. Be patient with yourself. Care about your self. Learn to love yourself again. It’s easier to open up and talk when you’re connected to your inner self. Again I suggest daily meditation. It works wonders for me and I feel more positive after it all the time.


Dear @Joie absolutely agree with @SmokeyMirror. Just talking to a therapist helped me clear up my mind. I’m so glad I had the chance to do a therapy and find out about my strength and self love and how to care for my well-being to be accountable for others. Learned to be present in the moment not thrown away worrying about past or future. It really helped me.


Day 32 and feeling strong. When you tell everyone you know that you’re an alcoholic, it makes you accountable. Even if I wanted to have a drink now, I think I’d get my ass kicked by about 30 people. It’s actually a pretty comforting feeling. Total accountability. I’ve done a ton of reading about this disease and it is just that… a disease. I wouldn’t be “ashamed” to get cancer, so why should I be ashamed of this!? Fuck it. Here I am. This is me. I’m an alcoholic. A big thank you to this “online family”. We can do this together… One day at a time.


Hi everybody, I hope that you are all well. I’m just getting onto day 17… not the highest number in the world, but I’m still pretty happy with it.
Not a bad weekend… yesterday, I visited the museum / info centre on the 1995 earthquake that hit this area.
Absolute craziness, about 6500 people died in about 10 minutes. There was also a part about the big earthquake and tsunami from a few years ago, but this place targeted more what happened here.
Today was nicer, and definitely more “scenic”. I went up Mount Maya, and wow, do you get a great view from up there. This involved firstly a relatively long bus ride up seriously steep streets (not fun for walking up, I imagine), THEN a crazy steep and LO-O-ONG cable car ride (on tracks), much longer and steeper than the funicular in my town in Switzerland, AND THEN a long hanging cable car up to the top of the mountain ! You can see the height from the photo… 690 metres. Great view of Kobe / Osaka and the bay, too.
Have a great and sober day, all.


93 days! Vacation time is finally here. Packing for my trip right now and flight leaves tomorrow. I am going to be challenged like never before in my sobriety on this trip so I’m sure I’ll be checking in here often, but I WILL be back in here on the 16th with 101 days :grin::blush:


I run this morning to get my head empty. Make myself a promise to walk 1 houre before work tomorrow. Hope it helps to unwind. And yes: I have to dust off my Insight timer :flushed:


Wise words and I totally agree @BillS. Thank you everybody :+1:


Day 152, Happy Monday everyone. Have a blessed day.:grin::green_heart::raised_hands::metal:


Day 72! Have a lovely week everyone!!


Day 36.
When I was a teen, I was a star athlete in volleyball. Was offered scholarships at colleges in Washington and Oregon. There was a lot of pressure to perform and my coaches were pretty extreme and not very nice. I turned the offers down to go to a University with my brother. I wanted to study studio art and not have my life be dictated by sports and coaches.
That’s when alcohol and I fell into an abusive relationship.
I played intramural volleyball for a couple of years, but really packed on the pounds drinking garbage-beer and eating crap. I’m 30 now and even more overweight.
I miss my athletic body! There was one point in the last 12 years that I lost 60 lbs, but gained it all back within a year when my drinking escalated again.
I’ve finally started going back to the gym in my sobriety, and I LOVE IT! I am sore today and it hurts so good because No amount of soreness from exercise will be as painful as the back and health problems I experience from being overweight and a drinker.


Haven’t checked in for a while, but day 219, longest stretch since I was old enough to drink! Keep going everyone


Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians!!!


Checking in day 160! 20 days away from 6 months and I cannot wait! One day at a time… :sparkling_heart:


Happy Thanksgiving!!


Happy Monday my friends!!! Keep a positive attitude and try to get rid of the SOB in sober ha ha!!


Day 17. In August, I went on a 47 mile backpacking trip through the Cascades. As I lay here, I think about that hike and how it is similar to sobriety.

You see, taking that first step was the hardest because that meant I was committing. The first few miles was uncomfortable because I was carrying a lot of weight in my pack. I began to hurt, but i was still eager to push on. After 10 miles, I thought about turning back, I wasn’t too far in, it wasn’t too late, but I pushed on.

The next day, the pain I was in sucked the joy out of the experience, I was not having the fun I thought I would. I was thinking of the end goal, and how far away it was, how can I make it that far if I can barely make it now? And yet, I pushed on.

The following day, my pack was becoming lighter, the pain melted away and I was finally able to take in the beauty that was before me the whole time. I was no longer counting steps or miles, I was enjoying where I was, every moment, and I pushed on indeed.

On the final day, I finished. I looked around at the mountains that I conquered; I did it.


day 62. Im 26 years old today, feeling like im running out of time to do the things i want to do in life before i get too old to do them…

Hope everyone has a safe and sober start to your week.


26? Dude you are far from ready for the rocking-chair. I’m 52, pursuing a black-belt in Krav Maga, and finishing up licensing to start my 3rd career.


Day 300! Thanks for the early congrats @Buts! Sharing my first step with my new home group tomorrow night. Feeling more nervous about that all the time. I’ve never experienced or witnessed it, but I fear that I will be rejected because I’m too terrible to be a part of the group.


Congrats on fitty…