Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Why would anyone rejected you? Turn the story around: will you reject a newcomer when you were part of that group?
I don’t think so :wink:


Dude I’m 38 and Just started school.only thing that matters is that you start working on those dreams today and not tomorrow cause tomorrow doesn’t exist


Happy birthday!


Omg noooo … you’re same age as my little baby boy :wink: believe me life’s just about to start yet. It’s a wonderful time to start your life right now , sober, curious and energetic. You’ll have it all in front of you. Create it, build it, dream it, work it!!! You can do it!!!


Oh, I know it doesn’t make sense, it’s a lie my addict brain tells me to get me to isolate myself.


Day 175🌺 another new week, another chance to make the most of it.


Happy birthday man!!


But you know it’s a lie and you have overruled your addicted brain for 300 days. So you can beat this time too! :weight_lifting_man:


Yes I will!


Day 69. Tired I am. Nap I will.


Day 7 holy crap! I’m happy to see that number again!! Have a great day everyone!!! :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


Day 27. Feeling Like a granny going to bed at 9:30 pm each evening. But I feel like I need this much sleep currently. Feeling good to give my Body the Rest it needs.

Have a good day everyone!


First day at the construction site was great, but also took out my energy…Was installing some sound proof doors…had to carry those from second floor to first…they weighed about 220 pounds each…me and one other dude carried those for the first half of the day…after work…I did my gym routines…now it’s ten a clock in the evening and I’m DONE…sleep well little angels…see you in seven hours…cause that’s how long it’s until I gotta wake up :frowning:


Big 15 for me tonight… yesss. Did a great long walk today, felt great on my way home and suddenly had the feeling i need to treat myself with a drink. I had to fight this thought for about 5 mins only but it was scary. Glad I didn’t give in.


Going to bed and wake up with 533 days alcohol free​:rose: drinking is not the issue anymore, even if i feel a lot of trauma related old stuff (called feelings​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::woman_facepalming:). Not any urge or craving, thank God​:pray:. Started EMDR which is heavy but i’m motivated to get all that addiction-food finally out of my system. Keep it up dear fellows​:raised_hands::turtle:


Steve, Steve, Steve… you’re not even 1/3 of the way thru this life. There is not one single thing you cant accomplish. Just gotta get up and do it!!!

P.S. You’re literally HALF my age (I got married when u were 1) and my wife constantly tells me what a child I am! :rofl:


Congratulations in the sober week!:+1::+1::+1::raised_hands::muscle:


One week down. Feeling good. No real withdrawal symptoms this go round except cravings and constantly thinking about alcohol. They are a bitch. The constant thinking about it sucks more than the cravings. Ug.


Day 128. I think my relationship ended today. I know I have the clarity and strength to not fall into my old ways, though, so, at least there’s that.

Have a strong day.


26? Too old? What I wouldn’t give to be 26 or even 36. You’re fine. Just find something you’re passionate about and go for it.