Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Sorry to hear that. Hugs! Hope you’re doing ok.


I’ll be fine. I don’t like the idea of her being hurt, and all that, but, when you’re unhappy, you’re unhappy, and if it can’t be fixed, there’s no point in carrying on.


Day 365 - I woke up knowing this was my one year date, but then spent the majority of the day basically having forgot. Haha I think that’s a good sign. Just another 24 hours. Although the Indians shit the bed, it’s been a pretty good day. This app says 366 days, that confuses me, regardless…ONE YEAR BAM! Get to have my meeting applaud me, that’ll be fun. No way can I say it’s been easy, but it’s been made possible by viewers like you. Stay with it friends.


Congrats on 150! I’m proud of you friend!! Keep up the good work!


Congratulations on your year!!! That’s huge! What’s your favorite change?


Thank you. You keep it up toooooooooooo​:grin::metal::green_heart:


228 days. Life has been sooo stressful lately and there have been days where I have thought about having a drink. My mind made me feel as though even a sip would be enough to bring me instant relief, and we all know that isn’t true. ⊙_⊙

My AA group has been a real savior for me–even the dusty coffee smell of the room where we meet brings me comfort (I know that’s kinda weird, but it does). This community has brought me comfort as well, and some life long friends. It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting on my couch with the shakes downloading this app.

Anyway, happy Monday y’all. Hope everyone is doing wonderful.

Love, MissMetal (灬♥ω♥灬)


Day 18… the Houston Astros won today! Everyone is out celebrating, except for me… which got me down for about an hour. First time I’ve missed it this much.


Congrats on the YEAR… that’s huge!!! :+1:


@Anarchy Jody, you always have a smile on your face but that is the picture of one content man! Enjoy the family time!!!


@_Luke Happy birthday! Woo hoo!
One year is huge! Congrats!


Thanks so much! And thank you for asking me that…I have been reflecting on the thought for couple hours since you asked. I think my favorite and maybe the most encompassing and important change is perspective. About things and people in my life, about life and about people, about feelings and emotions, about addiction and recovery, about time and money. Basically how I thought everything was a certain way and not only that it was not quite the way I thought but that it definitely didn’t have to be. Again thanks for asking, I’m glad I exercised my brain to come to that conclusion.


I know I checked in earlier today but I just need to say that I feel so great. I don’t know if I got over my 7 day hurdle and have a burst of positivity but I feel great. I hope everyone is having a good evening and know that I am here for you!! We can do this!!


33 days sober! Checking in :kissing_heart:


Congrats on one year. That is truly amazing. Not many make it to one year. And like you said. It’s just another day at the office…keep it up. While only few make it to a year…even fewer make it to two…Let’s try and be the ones who make it :slight_smile:


Thanks I appreciate it! I’ll tackle tomorrow first and then worry about the following 364 as they come. :sunglasses:


Hey…I know that feeling and have been wondering if anyone else has it. When I feel really good and strong…and upbeat… that’s when I give in and drink. Most people say it’s when they have a hard time. We should try to use the good feeling as ammo to stay sober…not to lie to ourselves…now I can have just a little bit…right?


One Day at a time


Checking in: Day 13


Day 36

Some major urges blew up in me today. Every other time like this the last 10 months I reset… today I goto bed sober… pissed off​:laughing: but sober :pray: