Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 22, pffff…having a headache again, hate it.


Day 121…checking in friends :slight_smile:



Day 71.Tuesday.
Still going strong…checking in friends. I missed yesterday but I’m here now. All is going well. Started a new painting today. Going to visit my son tomorrow. Sober. I’m happy!


Good morning friends. Still hanging in there. Have a great day!


Day 14. Lots of changes happening in my life and that is a good thing. Quit my job and took another, this is my last week working for my current employer. Mom was in town all weekend and we had some very open and honest communication which has never happened before (thanks therapy!)
Our dog passing away sucks ass, but it has helped my wife and I to start bonding again and we can communicate without dredging up all our past failings. I slipped up two weeks ago to kill the pain of losing our most animated and happy doggo. Not something I want to happen again. Happy Tuesday!


Day 20 - Almost 3 weeks! Had a long talk with hubby yesterday. I figured that if we are going to make it, honesty has to be first on the list. So even if we don’t agree, we know what the other is thinking. Letting go of old addict behaviors is scary, like throwing away your security blanket. Meth made us so paranoid about other people’s motives. I’m trying to not have expectations from others. Being at peace with myself is the only thing I can control. Lots of business stuff today, creating a new LLC for a new partner we have. I’m a new business owner so all of this is still very exciting and great motivation. So glad that we cleared the air yesterday and came to , at least, an understanding of each other’s feelings. I don’t have to agree or concede. We are all entitled to our feelings and I don’t have to try and make everyone happy. That’s their own responsibility. Feeling empowered and strong today! Hope everyone has a great day!


Day 2 down, and good morning Day 3! I forgot to check in last night, I was so tired. Spent all yesterday fighting to not drink. I see that when I am stressed, I want to drink more. I need to find another stress release as my job is stressful, and since I cannot change that, I need to change how I deal with the pressure. I don’t day drink and I don’t drink and drive, but my priority on getting home, is to pour a glass of wine. And another, and another. So, yesterday, I joined a new gym with a sober friend. I can barely move this morning :grin:, but, it was better than drinking!


Congratulations on a full year… yeahhhh . This really inspires me! Thanks for sharing it with us!


Day 20 Sober.
Back from gym, dropping my son off at school then cleaning up the Garage.
Not the most exciting day i know but a sober one at least.

Stay strong everyone, add another sober day for yourself!


Checking in on day 33. Feeling strong. Nervous about telling my kids about “my secret” this weekend. But once done, there will be no more secrets! Total accountability! Have a great sober day.


Day 73. Waking up earlier, which is a blessing. Feels like I haven’t been able to properly get up in years… Never waking up hungover though is heaven on Earth. :relieved:


Day 13: Had my first heart to heart with my best friend about my goals with alcohol.
I admit that it’s been years but no one ever called me on it, so I never saw it a problem until 13 days ago.

“No one said anything because we’re all bad off as you, we’re just not ready to admit it.”

Continuing with how proud of me she is.
This made me feel more human less addict.


Day 7 sober.
A little sick with flu. Happy because I reached one week. Meanwhile I am finding a meeting I am trying to speak often with all those who know my problem.
I love you all sober tribe


All my support and love. That’s hard. But you have showed to all of us that you know how to fight​:facepunch::facepunch::muscle::pray:


I’m a Rays fan, so I’m right there with you. My daughter lives in Denver, so I then swung my allegiance that way… oh well - we’ll get 'em next year.


Day 213.

Feeling awful today, woke up feeling like a bus hit me at 2 am. Blech! Been in a bit of a funk these last few days but been working on my projects and plugging away anyway hoping I’ll kick out of it. Been off coffee a week now though, yay! But I feel like I could use some today, tea it is instead to soothe my throat.

Happy sober Tuedsay all! And happy birthday to my brother, he’s 49 today!!


Man, I’m so glad you found a meeting! I’ve seen you reference a meeting back in New York that you loved. Hopefully this one will be just as amazing.


Day 153, Happy Tuesday everyone. Keep on pushing today. One day at a time we’ll get there.


Same for me